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20 Dec 2022



Is Cleanliness On Your List Of Priorities? 

As a business owner, you know that you need to prioritize in order to succeed. In particular, you need to prioritize your limited resources to generate maximum profits. For most businesses, money is the most limited resource and it must be spent in ways that maximize income.

Generally speaking, most companies prioritize their expenditures based on a perceived return on investment. Things like marketing, productivity enhancing tools and technology, recruitment, training, and retention of employees, and customer service initiatives are often where the bulk of the money is spent.

While these are all tried and true methods for generating business income, there is another list item that many companies overlook – and it is costing them in more ways than they realize. Interestingly, the missing item invariably contributes to the return on investment realized from nearly every other priority on the list.

What Is Missing From Your List Of Business Priorities?

In a word – cleanliness. 

Good old-fashioned cleanliness is the one item that most businesses do not place on their list of priorities and it is the one item that directly impacts nearly every other item on their list of priorities. Let’s take a look at how cleanliness impacts the other priorities on your list:

How Cleanliness Impacts Marketing

Even before the pandemic of recent years came into play, studies showed that cleanliness was an important consideration for consumers. A new awareness and higher standards of cleanliness emerged from the pandemic and businesses that failed to make cleanliness a priority began losing customers.

By making cleanliness a priority businesses can add another arrow to their marketing quiver. Smart businesses are using upgraded cleaning protocols to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Employing on-site day porters or asking employees to clean high-touch surfaces throughout the business day allows customers to see your business’s commitment to providing a clean and safe environment.

How Cleanliness Impacts Recruitment And Retention Of Staff

Like the customers that your business serves, the staff that your business employs are hyper-aware of cleanliness. They want to work in a safe and clean environment. In fact, studies show that 72% of employees are reluctant to recommend a business with poor office hygiene to job seekers and 70% of employees feel that poor office hygiene genuinely affects their overall job satisfaction. As many as 71% of employees expect their employer to provide extra cleaning to ensure hygiene.

How Cleanliness Enhances Productivity

Businesses spend a lot of money on tools and technology in an effort to enhance productivity. In general, this is money well spent as these tools and technologies often make employees more efficient. Research shows that adding cleanliness to this equation promotes even greater productivity.

In a clean and organized work environment employees are healthier, less stressed, and better able to focus on their work. According to data collected by the International Data Corporation, untidy workplaces lose an estimated $2.5 million dollars per year due to lost productivity.

It should also be noted that unclean conditions promote the spread of harmful bacteria, resulting in increased sick days for employees. One study found that employees missing work due to illness or injury cost employers $225 billion annually. 

Cleaning Is Customer Service

Believe it or not, customers equate cleanliness with your level of customer service. Providing a visibly clean and safe environment for your customers is a service that you must provide if you are serious about customer service. 99% of U.S. customers recently surveyed said they would not return to a business if it had poor hygiene and levels of cleanliness. Ninety-nine percent!

Providing a clean and safe environment with visible cleaning and sanitizing protocols shows customers that you take their heath and safety seriously. It shows that you are conscientious of your employees health and safety as well and ensures a good first impression for your business.

Make Cleaning A Priority In 2023

It is rather amazing how a simple thing like cleanliness can impact almost every aspect of your business. When you are making a list of priorities for the new year, or setting your annual budget, be sure to add cleaning and sanitation to the top of your list. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to take your cleaning to the next level. After all, it will impact every other line item on the list.

10 Dec 2022
end of lease cleaning


end of lease cleaning

Moving your business operations to a new commercial space can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you are moving to a larger space to accommodate your growing business or a smaller space to reduce overhead costs, clearing out and cleaning your current space is a top priority. Unfortunately, this aspect of your move is likely not one that you are looking forward to.

On top of all the logistics involved with packing and moving your office equipment, furniture, and files, you also need to make time for cleaning your current rental space. That is where it pays to hire a professional cleaning service.

You might feel that end-of-lease cleaning is a job that you and your staff can manage but the reality is that you are much better off hiring a qualified commercial cleaner. Here are just a few reasons why hiring professional cleaners can make your move easier and less stressful:

You’ll Get A Thorough Cleaning

While you and your staff may be able to manage the day-to-day cleaning of your commercial space, end-of-lease cleaning is a much bigger task. Once all of your company belongings are gone, there will be years of accumulated dust, dirt, and grime. If your commercial rental included furniture, appliances, and other amenities, these will require cleaning as well. When was the last time someone cleaned behind the refrigerator or copy machine?

Professional end-of-lease cleaning crews understand the importance of leaving a leased space thoroughly clean. They will bring all the necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals, and knowledge necessary to ensure that your leased space looks as good or better than the day you moved in.

It Will Save You Time

Relocating your business operations takes time, and time is money when it comes to business operations. The longer it takes you to complete your move the less downtime your business will incur. Professional cleaning crews have procedures and processes in place that make end-of-lease cleaning much more efficient, saving you time.

That is time that you can spend, moving, unpacking, and setting up your new commercial space. This allows you to get the new space up and running sooner, reducing downtime and making the entire transition smoother.

It Will Make Your Move Less Stressful

Moving is stressful. There is so much preparation involved when moving your business to a new address. Organizing, packing, inventory, address changes, updating of marketing materials, unpacking, reorganizing – the list goes on and on. Taking end-of-lease cleaning out of the equation will lighten your workload and reduce the stress placed on you and your staff.

You Are More Likely To Receive Your Full Deposit

Most, if not all landlords require tenants to pay a security deposit. In order to get that deposit back your commercial space needs to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of your lease and any damages need to be addressed. Vacuuming your office carpets will not remove coffee stains and wet mopping your hard-surface floors will not make them look new again. Professional cleaning services will address these issues with high-pressure carpet cleaning and floor polishing to ensure your commercial space looks its best.

In addition, once your space is thoroughly cleaned, it will be much easier to assess the property for any residual damage like chipped paint or torn carpets. This way you will be better prepared and able to make any necessary repairs.

It Makes You A Better Candidate For Future Leases

Nobody knows what the future holds and you never know when you might need to relocate your business again. It may seem unlikely while in the midst of your current relocation but it is always a possibility. Leaving your current leased property in pristine condition will make leasing a new property much easier down the road. Just like a good reference from a former employer makes you a better job candidate, a great reference from a former landlord makes your a better lease candidate.

The Bottom-Line

The bottom-line is that hiring professional end-of-lease cleaning services will save you time, money, and stress when the time comes to move your business operations to a new location. It will allow you to focus on all the many other things that come with relocating and be one less thing that you will need to worry about. 

30 Nov 2022
business goals


business goals

If you own or manage a business you have undoubtedly seen the recent shifts in employee and consumer expectations. Consumers are much more conscious of cleanliness and sanitation protocols and employees

have become much more willing to seek greener pastures.

The ‘Great Resignation’ saw employees leaving workplaces at unprecedented rates in 2022 and employers struggling to staff their organizations. The COVID scare that began early in 2021 continues to this day and has shifted consumer expectations with regard to where and with whom they will do business.

While these economic shifts have caused some hardships for businesses and organizations, they also present opportunities. With the new year right around the corner now is the time to consider what policies and procedures you can implement to ensure success in 2023. Here are a few suggestions:


Take a serious look around your place of business. Is it optimizing your workflow or inhibiting your workflow? If the design of your workspace promotes chaos it is likely hurting your bottom line and aggravating your staff. 

Consider holding a staff meeting to brainstorm ideas on how to make your workplace more efficient. You may find that your employees are a great source of inspiration. They work within the environment every day and are sure to have suggestions that will make their jobs easier.

Consider all suggestions and implement new policies and procedures that help promote efficiency and reduce chaos. Your staff will appreciate the fact that you value their opinions and you will likely realize greater efficiency.


Over the last couple of years, consumers’ expectations for cleanliness have grown exponentially. The same is true of employees. Both groups expect to see visible cleaning and sanitizing efforts as well as personal hygiene practices.

Establish a cleaning and disinfecting protocol that addresses these expectations. Whether you decide to utilize in-house staff or hire a commercial cleaning provider, establishing and enforcing cleaning protocols in the workplace is a win-win-win situation. It provides a safe place for you and your staff, is proven to increase productivity, and assures your customers that you take their health and safety seriously.

Be sure to offer and encourage the use of personal hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizers, face masks, and tissues. Also, be sure that soap dispensers, paper towels, and hand dryers are regularly stocked and operational.


Implementing environmental policies in the workplace can be as easy as adding recycle bins and utilizing green cleaning products. If you have the resources you might consider reducing paper waste by bringing your entire workflow online. Either way, going green not only benefits the environment but can benefit your bottom line as well.

Environmental friendliness is something that is almost universally appreciated. Your customers will respect the fact that you are doing your part to protect the environment and your employees will take pride in doing their part.


You should promote your cleaning and disinfecting protocols so that your customers feel safe in your establishment. Let them know with signage, flyers, and visible cleaning and disinfecting practices. Consider hiring a day porter or janitorial staff to maintain your facility during business hours.

You should also continue to promote the sharing of ideas among staff members with regard to optimizing your organization’s workflow. Consider asking employees to evaluate the changes that were made to see if they need tweaking and to ask for additional suggestions on how you can help them work smarter.

Keep your recycling bins clean and visible so that they get used and be sure to offer recycling options to your clients. Use recycled receipt paper and other green initiatives that consumers will take notice of.


While the business landscape has changed in recent years, there are steps that you can take to turn these changes into opportunities. Making small changes like those suggested here can help you to retain and attract staff, impress clients, and improve productivity.

If you would like to learn more about cleaning and sanitation protocols and the options that are available to you, feel free to contact Complete Care Maintenance.

30 Oct 2022
holiday shopping


holiday shopping



The holiday season is fast approaching and retailers are gearing up for the inevitable rush of consumers. It is estimated that U.S. consumers will spend nearly 1.5 trillion dollars this holiday season. That accounts for 20% of total annual retail spending. It is no wonder that retailers are making every effort to claim a slice of the pie.

With more and more customers choosing to spend their dollars online, twenty-first-century brick-and-mortar retailers will need to plan ahead to take advantage of any and all in-store foot traffic. In order to make your retail operation stand out you will need to meet the needs and expectations of the ever-fickle U.S. consumer.

Providing exceptional customer service and offering holiday promotions are tried and true approaches to increased holiday sales. But in a post-pandemic world, cleanliness is still high on the list of consumer expectations. In fact, a whopping 93% of U.S. consumers state that they would not return to a dirty store.

So, how can you meet consumer expectations for store cleanliness? We are glad you asked! Here are a few tips for maintaining a clean and sanitary retail environment for your staff and customers this holiday season:


Ensuring that the entryway to your retail store is clean and inviting is the best way to draw consumers into your establishment. Make sure that sidewalks and parking lots are cleared of snow and debris and consider pressure washing your storefront prior to the holidays.

Display windows are often the consumer’s first impression of your storefront. They are a tried and true method of highlighting your wares and can often make a passerby a customer. Windows and doors on your storefront should be cleaned thoroughly every day and spot-cleaned regularly during business hours. Be sure that displays featured at the storefront are always stocked and clean.


If you operate in a northern or mountain state the holiday season is sure to bring rain, leaves, snow, and slush. These elements – along with deicing agents and salt – can wreak havoc on your floors and create potential hazards for your staff and customers.

Utilizing high-quality entry mats reduces the potential for slip-and-fall accidents and protects your floors from the dirt, grime, and salt being tracked in from the outdoors. According to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) six feet of matting at a facility’s entrance will remove 40% of tracked-in soil, 12 feet of matting will remove 80% of tracked-in soil, and 36 feet of matting will remove almost all of it.


It is important to ensure that entry mats are vacuumed at least once per day and that they are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Likewise, carpets and hard-surface floors should be regularly vacuumed throughout the day. 

Keep additional floor cleaning equipment like mops, dust brooms, and wet floor signage at the ready to address wet floors, spills, and any tracked-in debris. Also, consider keeping a commercial cleaning company on retainer to regularly buff your hard-surface flooring and deep clean your carpets to help minimize damage from tracked-in soils. 


In a post-pandemic world, after-hours cleaning is no longer enough. Customers want to see that you are committed to their health and safety. This means regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces, restrooms, and flooring. Consider hiring a day porter or matron service to manage these tasks for you or add additional staff.

Keep in mind that display fixtures and the items that they hold are being touched throughout the day. Be sure to include these in your high-touch cleaning and disinfecting protocol.

Even though most restrictions have been lifted with regard to public gatherings, people still expect to have access to hand sanitizer and face masks. Make certain that you are making these items readily available to your staff and customers.

20 Sep 2022
business cleaning


business cleaning

There are obvious benefits of having your business professionally cleaned. The overall aesthetic, employee satisfaction, and productivity to name a few. However, one of the most important benefits of professional cleaning is the mitigation of germs. Commercial cleaning crews recognize that in this day and age, the removal of germs and pathogens is one of their primary tasks. 

These individuals know that germs are hiding everywhere. It is not just high-touch surfaces and restrooms that need to be cleaned and disinfected. Your entire facility is harboring germs and illness-causing pathogens.

This is why professional cleaners take all cleaning tasks seriously. They realize that every cleaning task contributes to the mitigation of germs and pathogens and creates a healthier environment for their client.

Here are some seemingly mundane cleaning tasks that commercial cleaning crews perform in an effort to remove and reduce germs and pathogens within your facility:


Dusting may not seem an important aspect of germ mitigation, but it is. Dust contains bacteria and germs and removing it from hard surfaces is an important step in the cleaning and disinfecting process. Professional cleaning crews practice a top-down approach to dusting – starting with high surfaces and working their way toward the floor. This ensures that they are not causing dust to accumulate on already dusted surfaces.


This may seem obvious as a germ mitigation practice. Surface cleaning is also an important step in the disinfecting process. Professional cleaners recognize that this is only the second step in the disinfecting process and they are focused on doing it the right way. 

Professionals always wipe in one direction to avoid redistribution of dirt and germs. They use different wipes for different areas of your facility to avoid cross-contamination and they apply CDC and OSHA-compliant disinfectants and procedures after cleaning a surface.


Most people do not think about the germs and bacteria that are hiding in their carpets. The fact of the matter is that your carpets are home to a plethora of nasty organisms. In fact, microbiology research published in 2001 found an average indoor carpet to be about 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with about 200,000 bacteria per square inch.

Regular vacuuming with a commercial grade vacuum along with regular deep cleaning can help keep these nasties in check and help keep your facility germ-free.


If the number of bacteria in your carpets surprises you, you will be shocked to learn how many germs are living in your trash receptacles.

Consider for a moment the types of things that end up in the trash. Leftover foods, drinks, used tissues, chewing gum – the list goes on and on. All of these things are a virtual playground for illness-causing bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria, and E-Coli.

Professional cleaning crews will not only remove the trash but clean and disinfect the receptacle to inhibit the growth of bacteria. They will also line the can with a trash bag to help keep it clean between cleanings.

While you can perform these tasks in-house, you can not be sure that they are being done to professional standards. Hiring a professional, commercial cleaning service ensures that these areas and others are cleaned and disinfected properly.

If you would like help with the cleaning and disinfecting of your facility, call on Complete Care Maintenance for a free, no-obligation quote.

10 Apr 2022
office cleaning

Office Cleaning – 4 Overlooked Areas That Professionals Never Miss

office cleaning


Office Cleaning Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Office cleaning seems like an easy task and many office managers don’t see a need for professional office cleaning. After all, in-house staff can manage a simple thing like cleaning. Right?

It is true that in-house staff can manage your office cleaning, but are they getting your office really clean? Are they getting into all the little nooks and crannies to ensure a thorough clean? Probably not.

With years of office cleaning experience under their belts, Complete Care Maintenance has learned that most in-house cleaning staff tend to make the same mistakes when cleaning and there are four areas that are often overlooked.

Thorough Vacuuming 

While your in-house staff may be running the vacuum every day, they are likely missing a significant portion of your carpeting. There is a good chance that they are not moving office equipment and tangled cords to reach the edges of the carpet. Getting under and behind desks is difficult and time-consuming, but it is important.

Dust and dirt are attracted to electronics and cords have a tendency to capture dust bunnies and debris. Failure to remove this accumulated dust can lead to poor indoor air quality and lost productivity. Over time it can even cause office equipment to fail prematurely.

Professional cleaning staff recognizes that dust accumulates in these areas and they take the time to move machinery and cords. They use high-quality vacuums to remove dust and dirt from every inch of your carpet.

Window Blinds

It seems that everyone forgets about the window blinds. Window blinds are another area where dust can accumulate and they are often overlooked by in-house cleaning staff. Like the dust accumulating behind your desks and office machines, dust from the window blinds can lead to poor air quality and lost productivity. In addition, dust window blinds are much more noticeable to clients and other visitors to your office.

Professional office cleaners will take the time to dust and wipe down the window blinds helping your office staff breathe easier and helping you make a good impression on your visitors. 

Cleaning Office Furniture

Office furniture is another area that is commonly overlooked. Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed regularly and hard-surface furniture needs to be wiped down with appropriate cleaning solutions. Cushions should be removed when possible to remove any dust or debris that has accumulated behind and beneath them.

A competent and thorough office cleaning company will ensure that your office furniture is thoroughly cleaned on every visit.

Cleaning Office Equipment

Office equipment like printers, computer keyboards, and computer monitors are another area that is often overlooked. These items are high-tech surfaces that are often shared by multiple staff members throughout the day. It is important that these items get cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis to prevent the spread of germs.

Cleaning sensitive office equipment requires the right cleaning solutions and supplies so as not to damage the equipment. Professional office cleaning staff will come equipped with the appropriate cleaning supplies and the knowledge to clean your office equipment safely and thoroughly.

If you want to see and feel the difference that professional office cleaning can make for your office, Complete Care Maintenance can help. We have decades of experience cleaning offices of all shapes and sizes. Our professional staff are thoroughly trained in office cleaning protocols and will leave your office space spotless. The difference will amaze you!

30 Mar 2022
spring cleaning


spring cleaning

Spring is here! It is a time for renewal, fresh air, and cleaning! 

Most of us look forward to the longer days of Spring and the warmer weather, but very few of us look forward to Spring cleaning. The whole idea of it can seem overwhelming and for commercial businesses, it can be downright intimidating. Where do you even start? Do I have to clean everything? What should I focus on? And where will I find the time?

Spring cleaning your commercial space doesn’t have to be a monumental task. You just need to prioritize, organize, and find a place to start. Here are a few tips to help you get over the hump and get your commercial space ready for Spring.

1) Look Around

Sounds like a step towards procrastination as opposed to getting started, but looking closely at your commercial space can help you prioritize your Spring cleaning needs. Consider a walkthrough with a commercial cleaning company representative. They are skilled at noticing areas of concern and can help you identify problems.

2) Inspect The Outside

Start on the outside paying particular attention to the parking lot, sidewalks, and entryway. These are the areas that your customers see first and you want to ensure that your business is making a good first impression.

You may find that your parking lot could use a good sweeping or that the sidewalks need to be pressure washed. Look for smudges and grime on the windows and doors and cobwebs in the entryway. Making your entryway clean and inviting is a great first step in your Spring cleaning program.

3) Don’t Overlook The Floors

Winter is hard on floors. Road salt, water, dirt, and grime can build up over the winter months and cause your floors to look dull and dingy. In addition, the buildup of dirt and grime can increase wear and tear on floors and carpets which reduces their useful life. Having your carpets and floors professionally cleaned can have a huge impact on your business and Spring is a great time to address this important cleaning task.

4) Clear Out The Dust Bunnies

During the winter months, we naturally use our heating systems on a regular basis. Dust from your ductwork and vents ends up inside your commercial space. Also during the colder months, the air tends to be dry which contributes to dry skin. Believe it or not, dead skin cells are a major contributor to indoor dust. Of course, dust also forms when dirt and debris are brought in from outside and then dries in the artificially heated air.

A thorough dusting of your commercial space should definitely be included in your Spring cleaning program. It will not only make your property look and feel cleaner but can also improve indoor air quality which is good for everyone.

5) Declutter

Spring is the perfect time to declutter desks, closets, warehouse space, and storage areas. Go through these areas and get rid of anything that is not needed or is beyond its expiration date. If it was there the last time you decluttered, you probably do not need it. 

Decluttering often turns up useful items that you had forgotten were there. Decluttering also can provide additional storage space and better organization.

Finally, the easiest way to manage your Spring cleaning is to hire a commercial cleaning company. They can provide a deep cleaning that will check all of your Spring cleaning boxes and you don’t need to lift a finger. If you would like some help with your Spring cleaning this year, call on Complete Care Maintenance for a free consultation.

15 Nov 2021
disinfecting retail space

Ways Your Small Business Can Compete Against Big-Box Stores

disinfecting retail space

The retail world is a cutthroat industry, and business owners are constantly looking for new ways to get a leg up on their competitors. It’s hard enough competing against major brands like Amazon and Walmart. While it may seem impossible, your small business has a few significant advantages over these retail giants. Here are some tips to help you compete, presented by Complete Care Maintenance.


Make the Right Real Estate Decisions


If you operate out of a brick-and-mortar store, the location of your storefront will play a crucial role in your ability to attract customers. The perfect location for your business includes a good balance of visibility and affordability. Try not to give up one for the other! Evaluating an area for retail space is a complex process, so if you’re not sure where to start, it’s best to seek advice from a professional who’s done this before, whether you’re looking to lease, buy, or build your store.


Streamline Order Fulfillment


Big-box companies have so many customers that they can afford to lose a few to service issues and shipping delays. You can’t. Keeping your customers happy should be your top priority! You might even be able to attract some dissatisfied customers from those major retailers by offering a better shopping experience and faster order fulfillment.


Ensure your customers receive their orders quickly by developing an effective order fulfillment system. Your fulfillment strategy should include the use of collaborative tools to stay in touch with your suppliers and a good inventory management system to ensure you have the right products when and where you need them.


Streamline Payroll


Payroll is another major operational task that must be taken early on. It’s one of the most time-consuming items to check off on a frequent basis. A smart move is to automate with time tracking software, which allows for employees to check their schedules and clock in and out with a click. This software may also allow you to create, change and approve scheduling and track employee times from your smartphone, laptop or desktop. Last but not least, payroll software can help you file your payroll taxes, which is something all business owners need to pay close attention to (if you’re new to the world of payroll and payroll taxes, Zenbusiness offers a comprehensive guide for new business owners).


Delegate to Free Up Time


There’s only so much time in the day, and as a small business owner, you have to make the most of it. As Crowdspring points out, delegating mundane and specialty tasks to freelancers is a great way to free up time so you can work on bigger projects — including those that will help you compete against big brands. You can hire freelancers or agencies to handle all kinds of tasks, from data entry to bookkeeping to administrative tasks. For example, you can find virtual receptionist agencies through online job boards and vet candidates based on their experience and qualifications and how much they charge.


Boost Your Online Presence


The online visibility of your business is just as important as the location of your brick-and-mortar store. If customers can’t find your business online, there’s a good chance they’ll buy from one of your bigger competitors instead. Work on boosting your web presence so your company appears at the top of local search results. Most importantly, make sure your customers can find the information they’re looking for online, including your store hours, product availability, location, and contact information.


Include attractive images on your site that tell a story about what your business is about. Use an online remove background tool that allows you to place your images into a completely new design or environment.


Look Professional and Provide Great Service


Major retailers fall victim to common customer service issues that cost them many customers every day. For example, big companies often take too long to respond to customers, offer cookie-cutter answers to inquiries, or transfer customers from rep to rep without providing a clear solution to their issues. Due to your smaller size, you can spend more time catering to your customers’ needs, offering a stellar customer service approach that goes above and beyond that of your competitors. Research cited by Help Scout shows that the number one reason customers switch brands is feeling underappreciated.


Of course, customer service also extends to the way your business looks to the public. If your business is dirty or disorganized, customers won’t walk away feeling very good about your products or services. To ensure your business stays clean, work with a commercial cleaning company like Complete Care Maintenance that can keep you looking professional.


Small business owners often feel like their growth is limited by the presence of big box stores and e-commerce giants, but this is far from true. There are several ways to thrive as a small business owner, even if those major brands seem to be getting bigger every day. Take advantage of your small business strengths — as well as the digital tools and services available to you — and you’ll have more than a fighting chance!