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20 Aug 2022
multi-tenant office cleaning


multi-tenant office cleaning

Managing a multi-tenant office complex comes with a lot of responsibilities. First and foremost among those responsibilities is ensuring that your tenants are happy. As a property manager, you understand the value of retaining tenants. Tenant retention is much less expensive than tenant acquisition and existing tenants come with fewer surprises.

One key to tenant satisfaction is a clean and inviting property and satisfied tenants are less likely to move on to another facility. There are many approaches to multi-tenant office building cleaning. Some property management firms choose to leave the responsibility for the cleaning of individual office spaces to the tenants themselves, while others offer professional cleaning services that include individual offices. Regardless of your approach, having a plan for managing the cleaning of your facility is key to your success.

Here are a few tips for maintaining a clean and inviting multi-tenant complex that will help will help with tenant retention and make acquiring new tenants easier should the need arise:


Managing the cleaning requirements of a multi-tenant facility in-house is an enormous responsibility. It is not a one-person job which means you will need to hire a cleaning staff and someone to train and manage that staff. You will then be responsible for payroll, benefits, uniforms, and equipment costs – not to mention the costs associated with recruitment and hiring the staff in the first place.

Outsourcing your facility’s cleaning requirements to a qualified commercial cleaning company relieves you of most, if not all of these responsibilities. In addition, a qualified commercial cleaning company will have trained staff, processes, and protocols already in place so that they can hit the ground running without the inevitable pitfalls of on-the-job training. 

A professional cleaning provider will bring many additional benefits to the table. They will provide their own cleaning chemicals and equipment, they are bonded and insured, they manage and pay their staff, they provide well-trained cleaning personnel, and they are obligated and motivated to perform well.


You will need to decide if your tenants will be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of their individual office spaces or if you will provide cleaning services for the entire property. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

Providing professional cleaning services as a perk for your tenants is an appealing amenity that many will appreciate. In addition, having one company manage all of the cleaning responsibilities throughout your office complex ensures consistency and quality. It also means that you can set the standards of cleanliness for your facility rather than leaving it up to individual tenants.

On the other hand, this perk comes at a cost. You will pay more for commercial cleaning services and will likely accommodate the added cost through higher rental rates. This may make tenant acquisition more challenging. It may be worth it to speak with your commercial cleaning provider about discounted rates for your tenants and leave the decision up to them. 

Either way, making every effort to utilize the same provider for your entire office complex will make everyone’s life easier and ensure quality services, consistent standards, and more effective communications among you, your tenants, and your provider.


Whether you decide to manage the cleaning for the entire complex or allow tenants to manage their cleaning requirements, you will want to set a schedule with your cleaning provider. This is particularly important if your cleaning provider will be managing your entire complex. It is also a vital step for large Muti-tenant complexes as these may require multiple days to thoroughly clean.

For most office environments after-hours cleaning is most appropriate. This allows cleaning crews to work without distractions and does not interfere with day-to-day office operations. Large complexes and office buildings may require a cleaning service to work every evening to accommodate the number of tenants being serviced.

A commercial cleaning service with experience in multi-tenant office complexes will be very helpful in setting up a cleaning schedule, will make every effort to accommodate the needs of individual tenants, and will even establish individual points of contact for every tenant in your building. This ensures that every tenant gets what they require from your commercial cleaning provider without you having to manage every individual request.


Many commercial cleaning providers offer day porter services that can be of great benefit to large office complexes. Unlike the cleaning crews that work after hours, day porters work to maintain your facility throughout the workday. They provide essential cleaning and maintenance services during business hours and can become an integral part of your staff.

In addition, day porters can often manage day-to-day tasks that would typically interrupt your workflow. Signing for and receiving packages, facilitating third-party contract workers, or replacing a burned-out lightbulb are just a few of the tasks a day porter can help with.

Day porters also provide a visible cleaning presence throughout the workday. This helps reassure customers and tenants that you take their health and safety seriously and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a clean and sanitary environment.


Complete Care Maintenance provides professional multi-tenant office building cleaning services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. With over five decades of industry experience, we can manage office and facility cleaning at scale. Let us help you build stronger relationships with your tenants through professional cleaning services.

31 Jul 2022
office cleaning


office cleaning

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Lockdowns forced companies to adopt work-from-home policies and remote work became the norm. Stand-up morning meetings were replaced by Zoom calls and morning commutes were nothing more than a short walk from the bedroom to the home office.

Now, even with restrictions lifted, many companies and employees have found that remote work is more appealing. For employees, working remotely has improved work-life balance, provides a more flexible work environment, and reduces their overall working hours by eliminating commutes to and from the office.

Many companies have embraced remote work as well, finding that it reduces expenses, improves employee morale, and increases productivity. A recent survey conducted by ConnectSolution found that 77% of those who work remotely at least a few times per month show increased productivity with 30% doing producing work in less time and 24% producing more work in the same amount of time. 

This is why remote work models have persisted long after the lockdowns caused by the pandemic. For many companies, a fully remote work model is not feasible. These companies often adopt a hybrid work model that allows employees to work from home part of the week and spend the remainder of the work week in the office.


This model has worked well and more and more organizations are promoting a hybrid work model. This leads us to the question of office cleaning. With less foot traffic in the office, does the office still require the same amount of cleaning?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES!

While it seems counterintuitive, less activity in the office does not necessarily mean less dirt. In fact, in vacant spaces dust and dirt tend to settle on surfaces due to the lack of activity. It is not that there is more dust in empty spaces, but the lack of activity means the dust is never disturbed.

While there may not be more dust accumulating in your empty office, there is as much dust. Believe it or not, dust is always being produced in the environment. Tiny microscopic organisms, pollen, book and paper fibers, loosened carpet fibers, tiny particles, and pollution suspended in the air outside -all of this stuff works its way into your office. All day, all night.

Because of the lack of activity, the dust is allowed to settle on desks, chairs, office equipment, and other surfaces throughout the office space. This makes for a very dusty office for those returning to work after three days of working from home.

If your office embraces a hybrid work model, you will want to have your office professionally cleaned while your staff is working from home. Otherwise, all of that increased productivity gained from the hybrid work model might get erased due to decreased productivity on in-office work days.

Of course, on the days that your staff is working in the office, they are bringing in dirt and debris from the outside world, and the potential for the spread of germs and bacteria increases with the amount of staff present in the office.

Bear in mind, that these workers are also using the restrooms, office equipment, break rooms, and office kitchen. All potential hot spots for the spread of germs.


Unfortunately, while a hybrid work model has been shown to reduce many business expenses in the typical office environment, the cost of cleaning is not one of them. Your office space will still require regular cleaning and disinfecting.


Complete Care Maintenance has been a trusted provider of office cleaning services for more than two decades. We can help ensure that your office space is always clean and presentable. Call or contact us today for a free quote.

20 May 2022
Dust Mites


Dust Mites

You can not see dust mites. They are microscopic, insect-like pests that are responsible for some of the most common indoor allergens. Dust mites are not parasites; they do not sting, bite, or feed on our bodies. Instead, dust mites lurk unnoticed in bedding, upholstery, carpets, and ductwork silently triggering allergic reactions and reducing the quality of the air we breathe.

Up to 2000 dust mites can live in one ounce of carpet and the average office can harbor hundreds of thousands or even millions of these microscopic pests. Because dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and generally non-intrusive, it is very difficult to determine if you have a dust mite problem. The only real sign of dust mites is the allergic reactions that they cause.

This is why it is important to try and prevent dust mites and to assume that they are there. 


Preventing dust mites is no easy task but there are steps that you can take to make your home or office less appealing to them. Dust mites thrive in carpets, upholstery, bedding, and other fabrics so reducing the number of soft fabrics in your home or office is a good place to start. Removing or limiting the amount of carpet and rugs in your office, selecting leather or fake leather furniture as opposed to cloth, and replacing curtains with hard-surface blinds will make your office less appealing to dust mites.

In addition, ensuring that your air ducts are cleaned regularly and using high-quality air filters in your ventilation system can go a long way toward eliminating dust mites. Be sure to change your air filters regularly. Dust mites thrive in humid environments so keeping the humidity levels in your office below fifty percent will help as well.


If your office does have carpeting and/or fabric upholstery, there are still steps that you can take to eliminate dust mites. The most effective weapon against dust mites is regular cleaning and dusting. Carpets are one of the most likely places where dust mites will thrive. Daily vacuuming of carpets will help reduce the number of dust mites. Be sure to pay particular attention to the edges and corners of your carpet as these are the areas most likely to accumulate dust. It is also a great idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice per year.

Upholstered furniture is also a place where dust mites will hide. Vacuuming your upholstered furniture every day will help to control the dust mite population. As with carpets, having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice per year can have a huge impact.

Curtains and draperies harbor dust mites as well. The best course of action is to replace these fabrics with hard-surface blinds. However, if that is not an option, be sure to launder your curtains on a regular basis.

Cubicle walls in some offices are covered with a carpet-like fabric. If that is the case in your office building be sure that these are vacuumed every day.

Finally, you can utilize a dust mite spray on carpets, upholsteries, and other fabrics throughout your office space. To reduce or eliminate the potential for dust mite infestation.


If you need help in the prevention or removal of dust mites in your office, Complete Care Maintenance can help. Call or contact us today to learn how we can manage your dust mite problems and help your staff to breathe easier.

10 Apr 2022
office cleaning

Office Cleaning – 4 Overlooked Areas That Professionals Never Miss

office cleaning


Office Cleaning Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Office cleaning seems like an easy task and many office managers don’t see a need for professional office cleaning. After all, in-house staff can manage a simple thing like cleaning. Right?

It is true that in-house staff can manage your office cleaning, but are they getting your office really clean? Are they getting into all the little nooks and crannies to ensure a thorough clean? Probably not.

With years of office cleaning experience under their belts, Complete Care Maintenance has learned that most in-house cleaning staff tend to make the same mistakes when cleaning and there are four areas that are often overlooked.

Thorough Vacuuming 

While your in-house staff may be running the vacuum every day, they are likely missing a significant portion of your carpeting. There is a good chance that they are not moving office equipment and tangled cords to reach the edges of the carpet. Getting under and behind desks is difficult and time-consuming, but it is important.

Dust and dirt are attracted to electronics and cords have a tendency to capture dust bunnies and debris. Failure to remove this accumulated dust can lead to poor indoor air quality and lost productivity. Over time it can even cause office equipment to fail prematurely.

Professional cleaning staff recognizes that dust accumulates in these areas and they take the time to move machinery and cords. They use high-quality vacuums to remove dust and dirt from every inch of your carpet.

Window Blinds

It seems that everyone forgets about the window blinds. Window blinds are another area where dust can accumulate and they are often overlooked by in-house cleaning staff. Like the dust accumulating behind your desks and office machines, dust from the window blinds can lead to poor air quality and lost productivity. In addition, dust window blinds are much more noticeable to clients and other visitors to your office.

Professional office cleaners will take the time to dust and wipe down the window blinds helping your office staff breathe easier and helping you make a good impression on your visitors. 

Cleaning Office Furniture

Office furniture is another area that is commonly overlooked. Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed regularly and hard-surface furniture needs to be wiped down with appropriate cleaning solutions. Cushions should be removed when possible to remove any dust or debris that has accumulated behind and beneath them.

A competent and thorough office cleaning company will ensure that your office furniture is thoroughly cleaned on every visit.

Cleaning Office Equipment

Office equipment like printers, computer keyboards, and computer monitors are another area that is often overlooked. These items are high-tech surfaces that are often shared by multiple staff members throughout the day. It is important that these items get cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis to prevent the spread of germs.

Cleaning sensitive office equipment requires the right cleaning solutions and supplies so as not to damage the equipment. Professional office cleaning staff will come equipped with the appropriate cleaning supplies and the knowledge to clean your office equipment safely and thoroughly.

If you want to see and feel the difference that professional office cleaning can make for your office, Complete Care Maintenance can help. We have decades of experience cleaning offices of all shapes and sizes. Our professional staff are thoroughly trained in office cleaning protocols and will leave your office space spotless. The difference will amaze you!

09 Jan 2022
Office germs


Office germs

All it takes is one employee to show up to work sick and by lunchtime more than half of all commonly touched surfaces in your office will be infected. What is more alarming is that those office germs are then transferred to other staff and customers who can carry them to the restaurant, convenience store, bank, or any other establishment they visit.

Those were the conclusions reached in a study at the University of Arizona. Researchers applied droplets to the hands of 10 participants in an office environment at the beginning of the workday. Most of the droplets were plain water, but one participant received droplets containing artificial viruses designed to mimic the common cold, the flu, and a stomach bug. Within four hours more than 50% of surfaces and 50% of employees were infected with at least one of the viruses. By day’s end, up to 70% of surfaces were infected.

That is how fast germs can spread in a typical office environment. What is interesting is that the spread of those germs is not necessarily through airborne contaminates or direct contact with an infected individual. The germs are more readily spread when they are transferred to a surface by an individual. The germs can remain active on that surface for hours or even days. When another individual touches the infected surface they pick up the germs and transfer them to the next surface they touch. It is a vicious cycle.


The fact that office germs are spread via common surfaces means that regular cleaning and disinfecting of these surfaces can help to break the cycle. High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, elevator buttons, keyboards, and phones, as well as common areas like break rooms, water coolers, restrooms, and kitchens, are all areas to target with regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Of course, regular hand washing can also help mitigate the spread of office germs. Office employees should be encouraged to regularly wash their hands throughout the day and providing hand sanitizers is a relatively inexpensive way to encourage more frequent hand hygiene.

In fact, at the University of Arizona, a follow-up study was conducted by researchers to see how effective these interventions are in a similar setting. In the follow-up, study participants were provided with tissues to discourage coughing and sneezing into one’s hands. Hand sanitizers were placed at every desk and participants were encouraged to use them. And every individual was provided disinfecting wipes to use on high-touch surfaces like keyboards, desktops, phones, and computer mice.

With these interventions in place, the exact same experiment was conducted. The follow-up study concluded that with these interventions in place the risk of infection from contaminated surfaces was reduced by up to 90%.

In addition to the aforementioned interventions, daily cleaning and disinfecting protocols can ensure that office germs do not linger into the next business day. Many germs and viruses can survive on surfaces for three or more days. A nightly cleaning and disinfecting program can ensure a safe return to the office for you and your staff.


Complete Care Maintenance provides office cleaning and disinfecting services throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We can help ensure that your workday starts in a thoroughly clean and germ-free environment. We also can help with the provisioning of hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and other janitorial supplies. Call or contact us today to learn more.

20 Dec 2021
office cleaning


office cleaning

The start of the new year is the perfect time to consider hiring a professional office cleaning service. With the health concerns of 2021 lingering into the coming year, maintaining a clean and healthy office should be a top priority. Celebrate the new year with a trusted office cleaning company

Commercial office cleaning will help to keep your workplace clean and sanitary. It will also alleviate the workload and headaches of coordinating your facility’s cleaning regimen. Complete Care Maintenance can help with all of your office cleaning needs with custom cleaning solutions at affordable prices.

Office Cleaning Services Customized Your Unique Needs

Every office environment is different. While most offices have a break-room, bathrooms, designated work areas, and communal areas, others may include reception areas, elevators, and even onsite fitness facilities. 

Complete Care Maintenance performs an onsite evaluation of your facility that considers the size of your office space, the number of employees, high-traffic areas, and more. Using this information, we develop a custom cleaning plan for your business. We take into account your privacy and security protocols, business hours, and workflow to recommend the right office cleaning services and schedule to meet your unique needs.

We will not recommend a service that does not make sense for your business and we will not overlook services that are essential.

Established Office Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

After visiting your facility we develop a cleaning plan that takes into account the physical make-up of your office building. We consider what areas need to be cleaned first, the number of cleaning cloths and mop heads required, the number of cleaning staff, etc. This helps to ensure a consistent and efficient office cleaning.

Planning ahead helps us to delegate appropriate resources and define a cleaning process that eliminates cross-contamination, allows for disinfectant dwell time, improves worker efficiency, and ensures a thorough clean.

Environmentally Friendly Products and Practices

Complete Care Maintenance proudly offers environmentally friendly office cleaning services. We use Green Seal Certified cleaning products, micro-fiber technology, HEPA filtered vacuums, and eco-friendly janitorial supplies. We comply with local waste and recycling regulations in an effort to reduce waste and utilize recycled paper and plastics.

Not only is this approach better for the environment, but it also is safer for the people who work in and visit your office. Green cleaning helps eliminate the use of chemicals that produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can negatively affect people’s health, irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. They are especially dangerous for those with asthma or other respiratory diseases. 

Resolve To Keep Your Office Clean And Healthy In 2022

A New Years’ resolution that focuses on a cleaner, safer office is a great way to start the new year. With Complete Care Maintenance managing your office cleaning program, it is a resolution we guarantee will be kept. 

Not only will you feel good about following through on your New Years’ resolution, but you will enjoy all the benefits that professional office cleaning provides.

  • Happier, more productive staff
  • A safer, healthier workplace
  • Improved client perception
  • More time to focus on your business
  • Environmental consciousness

Let Complete Care Maintenance help you to keep your New Years’ resolution this coming year. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and no-hassle office cleaning quote.

01 Dec 2021
carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid


carpet cleaning

The carpet in your home, office or workplace represents a significant investment, and failure to properly care for your carpet can lead to reduced lifespan and costly replacement. On the other hand, if you take good care of your carpet it can last for years. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Dirty carpets are not only unsightly, but they harbor a lot of dirt, dust, and pollutants which can break down carpet fibers. A recent study by Dr. Philip Tierno of NYU Langone Medical Center found that a single square inch of carpet can contain as many as 200,000 bacteria. The pollutants and bacteria in your carpets can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers and those with respiratory illnesses.

Obviously, it is important to clean and maintain your carpets both at home and in the workplace. The key is to do it properly and avoid these common carpet cleaning mistakes:


Neglecting Regular Vacuuming

Aside from periodic professional cleanings, the best way to maintain your carpets is with regular vacuuming. A high-quality vacuum can remove more than 80% of dry soil and pollutants from your carpet. Vacuuming should be done at least twice a week and more often in high-traffic areas. Vacuuming lifts out dirt and dust that breaks down carpet fibers and also lifts the carpet fibers to provide a much fuller look and feel.

Many people fail to vacuum regularly or vacuum their carpets too quickly. Vacuuming should be done slowly with a smooth back and forth motion to allow for deeper, fuller cleaning.

Using Rented Carpet Cleaning Machines

While it may seem like a cost-effective option when your carpets are due for a deep cleaning, rental carpet cleaning machines are nowhere near as effective as the high-pressure cleaning provided by professional carpet cleaners.

In some cases, a rented carpet cleaning machine will actually do more harm than good. These machines are often ineffective at extracting the water and shampoo used to clean your carpets. This leaves the carpet wet for an extended period of time which can encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Using The Wrong Stain Removal Product

Carpet fibers are made from a variety of different materials and stain removers will react differently to different carpets. Just read the label on any carpet stain removal product. You are bound to see a disclaimer instructing you to test the product on a small inconspicuous area before using it.

It is important that you follow this recommendation as some chemicals will react poorly with some carpets and can lighten or darken your carpet. It may even cause the stain to bleed making it even more unsightly.

Using Cheap Carpet Deodorizers

Powder carpet deodorizers can result in the buildup of gunk in your carpets. These powders are difficult to remove even with a quality vacuum and can even make a mess of your vacuum. Over time the leftover powder gets ground into your Capet fiber and causes the fibers to break down.

We should note that powder deodorizers do not remove odors from your carpets, they simply mask them. This can lead to a false sense of cleanliness that may delay a needed professional cleaning.

Not Using A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The best way to maintain your carpets and extend their useful life is by having them regularly cleaned by a professional. Most carpet manufacturers recommend regular steam cleaning and some carpet warranties are contingent upon regular professional cleanings.

At Complete Care Maintenance, we utilize a high PSI steam injection process that deep cleans your carpets. This is followed up with a high PSI extraction that removes almost every ounce of dirt, grime, bacteria, and moisture leaving your carpets looking and feeling like new.

30 Oct 2021
commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services to Make Your Business Stand Out

As states throughout the U.S. ease Covid-19 restrictions, business owners are navigating the reopening process. While getting back to the workplace is a welcome change for many people, it presents many unique challenges. Hiring a commercial cleaning service may help your business overcome some of these challenges.

About 80% of small businesses in the U.S. have partially or fully reopened. Still, many expect the impacts of the pandemic to linger. According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll, 55% of business owners believe it will be six to 12 months before the economic climate returns to normal.

One of the most notable impacts of the pandemic is customer expectations with regard to cleanliness. Customers today expect businesses to adhere to strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols and many will walk out if their standards are not met. This is why nearly half of small businesses surveyed in the aforementioned U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll said they plan to increase their cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

One way businesses can meet customer expectations for cleanliness is to hire commercial cleaning services to manage their facilitys’ cleaning needs. For most businesses the advantages of hiring professionals are clear.

How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help

  • Trained and Dedicated Staff – Rather than absorbing the cost of hiring, training, and managing in-house cleaning crews, many businesses will hire commercial cleaning professionals. Qualified commercial cleaning companies already have trained staff that knows how to clean and disinfect. Properly trained professional cleaning crews follow strict protocols to ensure that surfaces are both clean and sanitized. Plus, their knowledge and experience allow them to hit the ground running.
  • Tools and Equipment – In order to increase cleaning protocols businesses will need to invest in cleaning chemicals, tools, equipment, and protective gear. By hiring a commercial cleaning company they can avoid the initial and ongoing costs associated with those tools and equipment.
  • A Deeper Clean – Well-organized and professional cleaning crews are very good at their jobs. They clean areas that most people would overlook. In addition, commercial cleaning crews are trained to clean properly. They know how to identify and disinfect high-touch surfaces. They understand the dangers of cross-contamination and are trained to mitigate it and they understand the cleaning and disinfecting process.
  • Consumer Perceptions – Most consumers believe that commercial cleaning crews are better at cleaning than a company’s regular staff and that perception is generally true. Even with a well-defined training program and dedicated staff, it is unlikely that your day-to-day employee will match the cleaning standards of a commercial cleaning crew.

Advertising Your Commitment to Cleanliness

Regardless if you opt to perform cleaning and disinfecting duties in-house or hire a commercial cleaning company, there are costs involved. It is important for businesses to ensure that those costs realize some return on investment. Here are some ways that you can advertise your commitment to cleanliness and help your business stand out:

  • Ask For or Purchase Signage – Many commercial cleaning companies will provide window stickers or signage that can help you promote your cleaning protocols. Adding a simple sign at the entrance to your establishment that reads “Cleaned and Sanitized by Complete Care Maintenance” can help your customers and staff to feel safer.
  • Hire Porter and Matron Services – Ask your commercial cleaning company if they offer porter and matron services. These services provide onsite cleaning staff to maintain your facility’s cleanliness during regular business hours. There is no better way to advertise your commitment to cleanliness than having cleaning staff actively working during business hours.
  • Provide PPE and Hand Sanitizer – Providing disposable face masks and well-marked hand sanitizing stations throughout your establishment lets customers know that you care about their well-being. Encourage your staff to utilize these facilities as well.

Want to Learn More About Commercial Cleaning Services?

Complete Care Maintenance can show you how to make your business stand out with regard to health and cleanliness. Call or contact us today to learn how our commercial cleaning services can help!