medical facility cleaning

Not every commercial cleaning company is qualified to manage the cleaning requirements of a medical facility. Medical facilities must meet stringent standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Cleaning companies that engage in medical facility cleaning require specialized training in infection control, blood-borne pathogens, sharps handling, and management of biological waste.  In

multi-tenant office cleaning

Managing a multi-tenant office complex comes with a lot of responsibilities. First and foremost among those responsibilities is ensuring that your tenants are happy. As a property manager, you understand the value of retaining tenants. Tenant retention is much less expensive than tenant acquisition and existing tenants come with fewer

medical facility cleaning

Like any office environment, medical offices need to be kept clean and sanitary.  Unlike the typical office environment, medical offices are regularly visited by individuals who are already sick. This coupled with the fact that medical facilities are held to a higher standard of cleanliness means that these facilities need

office cleaning

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Lockdowns forced companies to adopt work-from-home policies and remote work became the norm. Stand-up morning meetings were replaced by Zoom calls and morning commutes were nothing more than a short walk from the bedroom to the home office. Now, even with

restroom cleaning

Large commercial restrooms can be challenging spaces to clean. These facilities often include multiple stalls, urinals, and sinks. They typically have large expanses of hard flooring, multiple mirrors, dispensers, and sanitary bins. Not to mention, in large commercial buildings there is typically more than one restroom. There is the men’s

doctor's office

    Trips to the doctor’s office are a part of life and generally, they are intended to keep us well and in good health. But is your doctor’s office really clean? Aside from all of the coughing and sneezing that goes on in the typical waiting room, there are

floor cleaning

Your floors are one of your largest and most expensive assets. They are also one of the first things people see when entering your establishment. Keeping your floors clean and well-maintained creates a great first impression and helps mitigate the costs of repair or replacement. Whether your flooring is polished

commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies require a diverse skill set because they serve a huge variety of industries. Not only is every industry unique but every business within that those industries is unique. Each requires different cleaning protocols, knowledge, and equipment. A hospital or medical facility, for instance, requires an entirely different