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28 Feb 2023
property management


property management

As a property manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the buildings under your management are safe, well-maintained, and presentable. This includes everything from routine maintenance to cleaning, which can be a time-consuming and challenging task. That’s where commercial cleaners come in. Here are some reasons why property managers should hire commercial cleaners.

Improved Cleanliness

Commercial cleaners are professionals with the expertise and equipment necessary to clean your property thoroughly. They are trained to use the right cleaning products and techniques for each surface and area, ensuring that everything is spotless and hygienic. With commercial cleaners, you can be sure that your property is clean and fresh-smelling, which can improve the overall atmosphere and make it more appealing to tenants and visitors.

Increased Productivity

As a property manager, you have many responsibilities to juggle, and cleaning is just one of them. By hiring commercial cleaners, you can free up your time and focus on other important tasks. This can increase your productivity and help you get more done in less time. Additionally, commercial cleaners can work around your schedule, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your tenants’ daily routine.


Hiring commercial cleaners may seem like an additional expense, but it can actually save you money in the long run. Professional cleaners can help you maintain your property’s value by keeping it in top condition. They can identify potential issues early on, such as mold or water damage, which can be costly to repair if left unchecked. Moreover, commercial cleaners can help you avoid fines or penalties for not complying with health and safety regulations. By investing in commercial cleaning services, you can protect your property and avoid unexpected expenses.

Better Health and Safety

A clean property is not only more visually appealing but also safer and healthier for tenants and visitors. Commercial cleaners can help reduce the risk of accidents by keeping floors and surfaces free of debris and spills. They can also prevent the spread of germs and bacteria by disinfecting frequently touched areas, such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. With regular cleaning, you can create a healthier and safer environment for everyone in the building.

Higher Tenant Satisfaction

Tenants expect a clean and well-maintained building, and hiring commercial cleaners can help you meet that expectation. A clean property can improve tenant satisfaction and retention rates, as it shows that you care about their well-being and comfort. Moreover, a clean and presentable building can attract new tenants, which can increase your occupancy rate and revenue. By investing in commercial cleaning services, you can enhance the tenant experience and build a positive reputation in the market.

In conclusion

Hiring commercial cleaners can bring many benefits to property managers. It can improve cleanliness, increase productivity, be cost-effective, promote better health and safety, and enhance tenant satisfaction. If you’re looking to outsource your cleaning tasks, make sure to hire a reputable and experienced commercial cleaning company that can meet your specific needs and requirements. With the right cleaning partner, you can keep your property in top condition and achieve your business goals.

Need a Commercial Cleaner For Your Managed Properties?

Complete Care Maintenance has been providing property management cleaning services for more than two decades. We have the training and experience to clean and maintain managed properties of all shapes and sizes. Call or contact us today to get you free evaluation.

20 Feb 2023
warehouse dust


warehouse dust

Warehouses are busy environments where goods are stored and distributed on a daily basis. With constant movement of goods and people, dust is a common occurrence in warehouse environments. Although it may seem harmless, dust can cause health problems for employees and damage to inventory. It is essential to implement dust control measures to ensure a safe and efficient work environment.

The Problem With Warehouse and Distribution Center Dust

Dust is comprised of tiny particles that can be inhaled by warehouse employees, leading to respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and even lung cancer. Additionally, when dust settles on inventory, it can damage products and reduce their value. Furthermore, dust buildup can create a hazardous environment by increasing the risk of fires or explosions. Implementing dust control measures is crucial for protecting employees’ health and inventory and reducing the risk of accidents.

How To Mitigate Warehouse and Distribution Center Dust

Use The Right Equipment

The first step is to regularly clean floors, walls, and surfaces with specialized cleaning equipment designed to pick up dust particles. This can be done using vacuums, sweepers, or even high-pressure air. Implementing a regular cleaning schedule will ensure that dust does not accumulate and create health hazards and damage inventory.

Air Filtration

Another effective way to control dust is by installing air filtration systems that remove dust particles from the air. These systems work by circulating air through filters that trap dust particles, preventing them from being released back into the environment. Air filtration systems are particularly useful in warehouses that deal with fine dust particles, such as those produced by wood or metalworking processes.


Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the warehouse is well ventilated. Proper ventilation allows for air to circulate and helps prevent the buildup of dust and other harmful particles. When designing a new warehouse or renovating an existing one, it is important to consider ventilation requirements and incorporate features such as windows, fans, and ventilation systems to ensure proper airflow.

Proper Material Storage

One often overlooked aspect of dust control is the importance of properly storing materials. If materials are not stored correctly, they can become a source of dust in the warehouse. It is essential to store materials in sealed containers or on pallets that are covered with plastic sheets. This will prevent dust particles from escaping into the warehouse environment and reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

Employee Education

In addition to the methods mentioned above, it is also important to educate employees on the importance of dust control and provide training on safe handling practices. By training employees on proper handling and storage techniques, you can reduce the amount of dust generated in the warehouse and minimize the risk of accidents.

Need Help Controlling Dust In Your Warehouse or Distribution Center?

Dust control is an essential part of maintaining a safe and efficient warehouse environment. Dust can pose serious health risks to employees and damage inventory, leading to financial losses. Complete Care Maintenance has been providing warehouse and distribution center cleaning services since 2001. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to help you reduce the amount of dust in your warehouse. Call or contact us today to learn more.

31 Jan 2023
distribution center cleaning


distribution center cleaning

There are many benefits to hiring professional distribution center cleaning services. If you manage a distribution center, warehouse, or logistics operation you may already be taking advantage of these services. If you are not, you should be.

A clean warehouse or distribution center not only makes for a more pleasant work environment but also provides a safer workplace, reduces maintenance costs, and promotes more accurate inventory tracking. All of these benefits directly impact your bottom line.


Distribution centers and warehouses can be dangerous places. In the span of just two years (2015-2017) warehouse fatalities jumped from 11 to 22 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. It is estimated that five percent of all warehouse workers will experience a workplace injury in any given year. While 5 percent may not seem like much, serious, non-fatal injuries cost the transportation and warehousing industry an estimated $84 million per week.

Logistics and distribution centers are required to comply with OSHA regulations within their warehouse space. This includes keeping your warehouse clean, organized, and free of clutter. Studies have shown that clean, well-organized warehouses experience fewer workplace injuries and achieve higher safety ratings. This means fewer sick days, fewer workman compensation claims, and a more productive workforce.


A lot of machinery is required to keep a warehouse or distribution center humming along; conveyors, stretch wrapping machines, and lifting equipment are some of the most common.  These machines require constant maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation.

Dust, dirt, and grime are enemies of your warehouse machinery, building up between moving parts and causing machinery to operate at higher temperatures. Over time this build-up can cause mechanical failures that can seriously impact your productivity and sharply increase your maintenance costs.

Having your distribution center professionally cleaned on a regular basis reduces the amount of dust and debris throughout your facility and keeps your machinery running smoothly.


Let’s face it, one of the primary goals of a distribution center is efficient and accurate inventory management, and a dirty and disorganized facility can lead to costly mistakes and inefficiencies.

Aside from the safety hazards presented by a poorly maintained distribution center, dusty inventory and aisles filled with debris can impede employee efficiency. When it comes to storing, accessing, and tracking inventory every second wasted navigating debris or dusting off an RFID tag adds up to decreased efficiency.

Maintaining a clean and organized distribution center allows your staff to work unimpeded and reduces picking, stocking, and tracking times. This equates to more efficient inventory management and reduced costs.


In a world of internet commerce distribution centers, warehouses, and logistics operations have become the backbone of economies across the globe. Gone are the days of dark, dank, spaces filled with dusty boxes.

Today’s distribution centers are often the center of business operations with hundreds or thousands of employees, customers, and stakeholders interacting within their walls. This means that the cleanliness of your facility directly impacts your company image.

Employee morale, customer perceptions, and stakeholder confidence are all impacted by how well your warehouse or distribution center presents itself and cleanliness is the key to good impressions.


Distribution center cleaning and maintenance is no easy task. It is best to leave these tasks to professionals that have experience with distribution center cleaning. When it comes to hiring a professional distribution center cleaning company you will find there are many services available, the trick is hiring the right one.

When selecting a distribution center cleaning service, it is important that you vet your options; the cheapest option is often not the best option. You are far better off getting it done right than getting it done twice. A qualified distribution center cleaning service will provide all the aforementioned benefits and more.




31 Jan 2023
rental property

5 Tips to Make Your Rental Property More Appealing

rental property

Owning an investment property can be a lucrative business. But to make the most of your rental property, it’s important to make sure that your rental appears inviting and attractive to potential renters. Here are five tips from Complete Care Maintenance for making your rental more appealing so you can attract the best possible tenants, along with some next steps to help you pursue your real estate dreams.

1. Add Popular Amenities

Adding popular amenities such as in-unit washers/dryers, modern appliances, and hardwood floors will help make a rental more attractive. Installing these features can also increase the value of the property significantly.

2. Update Outdated Fixtures

Updating outdated fixtures and finishes is a great way to add value to an investment property while also increasing its appeal. This may include replacing old carpets with modern hardwood flooring or updating kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops. Westpark Loans explains that by making their rental more modern, landlords can attract better tenants and increase their returns on investment.

3. Deep Clean The Property

It’s important for landlords to deep clean their rentals before showing them off to potential tenants. Deep cleaning involves going beyond regular cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and dusting by sanitizing surfaces, steam cleaning carpets, and scrubbing tile grout in bathrooms and kitchens. Doing this will ensure that the rental looks spotless before prospective renters view it. Complete Care Maintenance can manage the deep cleaning of your flooring and grout so it will shine for your new tenants.

4. Install Home Security System

Installing home security systems like motion sensors, video cameras, alarm systems, window locks, etc., is a great way to both protect your investment property from break-ins and make it more appealing to potential tenants. Renters want peace of mind knowing that their home is safe from intruders or burglars; having a security system installed at the rental will give them that peace of mind they desire.

5. Upgrade your Home with Curb Appeal

Making sure that the outside of your investment property looks attractive is essential when trying to attract quality tenants. Investing in landscaping services or adding outdoor lighting can instantly make a rental look more appealing from the outside while also increasing its value significantly over time.

Secure Your Investment With An LLC Designation

At this point, you have put a lot of work into your property, which means it’s time to make an important decision: will you continue on your path to rent out the home or consider it a house flip that you will sell for a profit? Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Selling puts money into your pocket more immediately and, depending on the market and the cost of your upgrades, can yield a tidy profit. But renting the property will give you a steady stream of income for a longer period of time. Both are good options, so you should weigh them carefully before you proceed.

Regardless of which option you choose, you should protect your investment by choosing an LLC (Limited Liability Company ) designation for your business. This type of business entity protects personal assets from being used in case there are any legal disputes involving their investments. This type of protection shields investors from any financial losses due to lawsuits or other claims made against them.

Choose If You Want To Hire A Property Manager

If you’ve decided to continue on your rental property path, hiring a property manager may be beneficial, especially if you have – or plan to have – multiple properties. A property manager will handle all tenant inquiries, maintenance issues, rent collection, etc. for you, but for a fee. Property managers are knowledgeable about all aspects of running a successful rental business, so having one on board could help take some stress off of landlords.

Advertise Your Rental

According to Avail, advertising your rental online through sites like Zillow is one of the best ways to get qualified prospects into your unit quickly. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc . are also great places to advertise rentals since they have large user bases which allow landlords access to wide ranges of audiences.

In addition, print advertising via newspapers or magazines might also be useful depending on where you live. An infographic is a great way to advertise in both print and digital media. Plus, you can use free templates to design an attractive and informative visual aid to show potential tenants the upgrades you’ve made and the positives you want to highlight about the property. Just decide on your content, choose a template, make your changes, and it’s ready to share!

Prioritize Your Property’s Appeal

Making sure that your investment property looks appealing should be one of your top priorities as a landlord if you want quality tenants who pay their rent on time every month without any problems arising during the tenancy period. Make some strategic improvements and hire Complete Care Maintenance to detail your restrooms, kitchen and floors before taking pictures and showing the property. In no time, you’ll have great tenants knocking on your door to rent.

20 Jan 2023
medical facility cleaning


medical facility cleaning

Hiring medical facility cleaning specialists to manage the cleaning and disinfecting of your facility has many benefits. Companies that specialize in medical facility cleaning understand the strict cleaning and disinfecting requirements of the medical profession. They will ensure that your facility is cleaned to the standards expected by patients, staff, and regulating agencies.


One of the greatest concerns for a medical facility is the spread of germs. Patients, staff, and regulating bodies like CMS and HHS have high expectations when it comes to infection control. A professional cleaning crew that specializes in medical facility cleaning understands the importance of infection control and the pivotal role their cleaning and disinfecting procedures play.

Cleaning specialists are well versed in infection control protocols and procedures, understand the dangers of cross-contamination, and have policies and procedures in place to mitigate the spread of germs. They know how to clean, disinfect, sanitize, and even terminally clean any space in your facility.


Medical facilities are ripe with hazards not found in most other environments. Biological waste, hazardous materials, sharps, etc. are all hazards with which specialized medical facility cleaning crews are familiar. They understand and follow the procedures and protocols prescribed for the handling of these items.

In addition to the hazards specific to the medical profession, trained medical facility cleaning crews are also taught to mitigate hazards caused by the work they do. They follow OSHA safety guidelines, know how to handle cleaning chemicals and solutions safely, and are hyperaware of any safety hazard that their work may inadvertantly cause.


The privacy and dignity of patients in your medical facility is a major concern and cleaning contractors that specialize in medical facility cleaning train their staff in this important area. They understand patient dignity and privacy concerns and are discreet, respectful, compassionate, and professional when working within patient populations.

While not medical professionals, medical facility cleaning crews should be familiar with HIPPA and FERPA regulations and how they relate to the privacy and dignity of patient populations.


Medical facility cleaning providers must be able to work well in an environment made up of patients, visitors, and providers and must act with respect and professionalism toward all. Well-trained healthcare cleaning staff know how to do their work quickly, safely, and respectfully with minimal disruption to those around them. 

Not everyone is cut out for these types of interactions and responsible healthcare cleaning services proactively train their staff to hone excellent interpersonal communication skills. A well-trained cleaning crew will have positive impacts on patients, visitors, and staff both through their cleaning expertise and their daily interactions.


Qualified medical facility cleaning providers have consistent and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols that are specific to medical facilities. They provide regular training and education to medical facility cleaning staff and regularly evaluate their performance.

This ensures that your facility is cleaned to the highest standards each and every time.


Complete Care Maintenance has cleaning crews specifically trained to work within medical facilities. Call or contact us today to learn how we can help.

10 Jan 2023
green cleaning


traditional cleaning and the environment

Traditional cleaning products and practices cause harm to the environment in many ways. It is one of the reasons why businesses and individuals are looking for more sustainable cleaning solutions. As a result, green cleaning solutions are growing in popularity and those who adopt green cleaning practices are reaping the benefits. If you are on the fence with regard to green cleaning, knowing how traditional cleaning solutions impact the environment may help you to make a more informed decision.

Here are just a few of the negative impacts of traditional cleaning practices:


Many traditional cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compound are released into the air and can cause respiratory distress for many individuals, particularly those with an existing respiratory disease like asthma.

Even individuals without preexisting conditions may experience eye, nose, or throat irritation and in some cases VOCs can cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness.


Toxic chemicals contained in many traditional cleaning products eventually make their way into the bodies of water that we humans rely on. Ammonia, Ammonium compounds, Chlorine, Sodium Hydroxide, and Butoxyethanol are just a few of the toxic chemical food in common cleaning products.

Many of the chemicals found in traditional cleaning products biodegrade slowly or biodegrade into more toxic and persistent chemicals. Once they enter the fresh water system these chemicals eventually enter the food chain, impacting marine life and those that consume marine life.


Many traditional cleaning products are made from, or contained in, non-recyclable materials that typically end up in a landfill. Many landfills are poorly managed and many solid wastes take decades to decompose. This can result in increased air pollution and water and soil contamination.


As the environmental impacts of traditional cleaning solutions are better understood, many are opting for green cleaning solutions. This demand for green cleaning solutions has created an entire industry dedicated to providing more sustainable cleaning products.

There are many options now available for both individuals and organizations and for many the only thing standing in the way of more sustainable cleaning practices is making the decision to switch.

Today, most reputable commercial cleaning service providers offer green cleaning solutions and for organizations looking to reduce their environmental footprint, professional cleaning can be a very good option.

For those who choose to manage their own green cleaning program the best place to start is with the chemicals you use to clean. Simply switching to non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products can significantly reduce your environmental impact. Just be sure that you are choosing products that are genuinely green.


Despite the increased popularity of green cleaning products, they can be difficult to identify. Many cleaning product manufacturers use labels that imply environmentally conscious ingredients, but may still contain harmful chemicals. To ensure that you are buying green cleaning products you should look for the seal of approval from one of the following third-party certification authorities.

Green Seal –  Green Seal is a non-profit, green cleaning certification authority that has been around since 1989. They evaluate the entire life-cycle of cleaning products to ensure that they meet both independent and international standards.

Safer Choice – Safer Choice is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (E.P.A.) certification program for green products and is designed to help individuals and businesses find products that are safer for human health and the environment.

ECOLOGO – ECOLOGO certifications are provided by Underwriters Laboratories, a company that has been developing safety standards for more than a century. ECOLOGO certifies products, services, and packaging for reduced environmental impact.


Complete Care Maintenance has years of experience developing and utilizing green cleaning programs for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Call or contact us today to learn how we can help you go green!

20 Dec 2022



Is Cleanliness On Your List Of Priorities? 

As a business owner, you know that you need to prioritize in order to succeed. In particular, you need to prioritize your limited resources to generate maximum profits. For most businesses, money is the most limited resource and it must be spent in ways that maximize income.

Generally speaking, most companies prioritize their expenditures based on a perceived return on investment. Things like marketing, productivity enhancing tools and technology, recruitment, training, and retention of employees, and customer service initiatives are often where the bulk of the money is spent.

While these are all tried and true methods for generating business income, there is another list item that many companies overlook – and it is costing them in more ways than they realize. Interestingly, the missing item invariably contributes to the return on investment realized from nearly every other priority on the list.

What Is Missing From Your List Of Business Priorities?

In a word – cleanliness. 

Good old-fashioned cleanliness is the one item that most businesses do not place on their list of priorities and it is the one item that directly impacts nearly every other item on their list of priorities. Let’s take a look at how cleanliness impacts the other priorities on your list:

How Cleanliness Impacts Marketing

Even before the pandemic of recent years came into play, studies showed that cleanliness was an important consideration for consumers. A new awareness and higher standards of cleanliness emerged from the pandemic and businesses that failed to make cleanliness a priority began losing customers.

By making cleanliness a priority businesses can add another arrow to their marketing quiver. Smart businesses are using upgraded cleaning protocols to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Employing on-site day porters or asking employees to clean high-touch surfaces throughout the business day allows customers to see your business’s commitment to providing a clean and safe environment.

How Cleanliness Impacts Recruitment And Retention Of Staff

Like the customers that your business serves, the staff that your business employs are hyper-aware of cleanliness. They want to work in a safe and clean environment. In fact, studies show that 72% of employees are reluctant to recommend a business with poor office hygiene to job seekers and 70% of employees feel that poor office hygiene genuinely affects their overall job satisfaction. As many as 71% of employees expect their employer to provide extra cleaning to ensure hygiene.

How Cleanliness Enhances Productivity

Businesses spend a lot of money on tools and technology in an effort to enhance productivity. In general, this is money well spent as these tools and technologies often make employees more efficient. Research shows that adding cleanliness to this equation promotes even greater productivity.

In a clean and organized work environment employees are healthier, less stressed, and better able to focus on their work. According to data collected by the International Data Corporation, untidy workplaces lose an estimated $2.5 million dollars per year due to lost productivity.

It should also be noted that unclean conditions promote the spread of harmful bacteria, resulting in increased sick days for employees. One study found that employees missing work due to illness or injury cost employers $225 billion annually. 

Cleaning Is Customer Service

Believe it or not, customers equate cleanliness with your level of customer service. Providing a visibly clean and safe environment for your customers is a service that you must provide if you are serious about customer service. 99% of U.S. customers recently surveyed said they would not return to a business if it had poor hygiene and levels of cleanliness. Ninety-nine percent!

Providing a clean and safe environment with visible cleaning and sanitizing protocols shows customers that you take their heath and safety seriously. It shows that you are conscientious of your employees health and safety as well and ensures a good first impression for your business.

Make Cleaning A Priority In 2023

It is rather amazing how a simple thing like cleanliness can impact almost every aspect of your business. When you are making a list of priorities for the new year, or setting your annual budget, be sure to add cleaning and sanitation to the top of your list. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to take your cleaning to the next level. After all, it will impact every other line item on the list.

10 Dec 2022
end of lease cleaning


end of lease cleaning

Moving your business operations to a new commercial space can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you are moving to a larger space to accommodate your growing business or a smaller space to reduce overhead costs, clearing out and cleaning your current space is a top priority. Unfortunately, this aspect of your move is likely not one that you are looking forward to.

On top of all the logistics involved with packing and moving your office equipment, furniture, and files, you also need to make time for cleaning your current rental space. That is where it pays to hire a professional cleaning service.

You might feel that end-of-lease cleaning is a job that you and your staff can manage but the reality is that you are much better off hiring a qualified commercial cleaner. Here are just a few reasons why hiring professional cleaners can make your move easier and less stressful:

You’ll Get A Thorough Cleaning

While you and your staff may be able to manage the day-to-day cleaning of your commercial space, end-of-lease cleaning is a much bigger task. Once all of your company belongings are gone, there will be years of accumulated dust, dirt, and grime. If your commercial rental included furniture, appliances, and other amenities, these will require cleaning as well. When was the last time someone cleaned behind the refrigerator or copy machine?

Professional end-of-lease cleaning crews understand the importance of leaving a leased space thoroughly clean. They will bring all the necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals, and knowledge necessary to ensure that your leased space looks as good or better than the day you moved in.

It Will Save You Time

Relocating your business operations takes time, and time is money when it comes to business operations. The longer it takes you to complete your move the less downtime your business will incur. Professional cleaning crews have procedures and processes in place that make end-of-lease cleaning much more efficient, saving you time.

That is time that you can spend, moving, unpacking, and setting up your new commercial space. This allows you to get the new space up and running sooner, reducing downtime and making the entire transition smoother.

It Will Make Your Move Less Stressful

Moving is stressful. There is so much preparation involved when moving your business to a new address. Organizing, packing, inventory, address changes, updating of marketing materials, unpacking, reorganizing – the list goes on and on. Taking end-of-lease cleaning out of the equation will lighten your workload and reduce the stress placed on you and your staff.

You Are More Likely To Receive Your Full Deposit

Most, if not all landlords require tenants to pay a security deposit. In order to get that deposit back your commercial space needs to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of your lease and any damages need to be addressed. Vacuuming your office carpets will not remove coffee stains and wet mopping your hard-surface floors will not make them look new again. Professional cleaning services will address these issues with high-pressure carpet cleaning and floor polishing to ensure your commercial space looks its best.

In addition, once your space is thoroughly cleaned, it will be much easier to assess the property for any residual damage like chipped paint or torn carpets. This way you will be better prepared and able to make any necessary repairs.

It Makes You A Better Candidate For Future Leases

Nobody knows what the future holds and you never know when you might need to relocate your business again. It may seem unlikely while in the midst of your current relocation but it is always a possibility. Leaving your current leased property in pristine condition will make leasing a new property much easier down the road. Just like a good reference from a former employer makes you a better job candidate, a great reference from a former landlord makes your a better lease candidate.

The Bottom-Line

The bottom-line is that hiring professional end-of-lease cleaning services will save you time, money, and stress when the time comes to move your business operations to a new location. It will allow you to focus on all the many other things that come with relocating and be one less thing that you will need to worry about.