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Property management cleaning services are very important to property managers since it reflects the image of the overall asset. If it is an office building, condo complex, warehouse/distribution, or a shopping center, cleanliness is critical. The quality and consistency of the services need to be performed by a reliable property cleaning company with the know-how and experience to meet any challenge. Our aim is to eliminate any complaints and maintain a strong rapport with both the tenant and the property manager. It is incumbent for a property management company to hire a qualified and established cleaning service vendor. In the end, it will ultimately be a mutually beneficial association for all parties concerned.

Consistent And Timely Cleaning

Property managers and landlords need to make sure that they have hired reliable property management cleaning services in order to keep their property attractive to potential clients. It is important to keep a vacant space clean and presentable at all times since you never know when there will be a last-minute walk through with a potential tenant. Complete Care understands the value of an ‘always clean’ property and can help ensure that your managed property is always presented in its best possible light. Call us today to learn how we can help keep your managed property clean and inviting!

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

At Complete Care Maintenance, we understand that property management cleaning involves more than just clean rental spaces. There are management offices, grounds, and parking lots, clubhouses, and common areas; all of which reflect on the perceived value of the overall asset. Our comprehensive property management cleaning services are designed to ensure that your entire property is always clean and inviting, not just for tenants but for all members of your community. Call or contact us today to learn more!

Friendly and Professional Staff

Complete Care Maintenance has been providing property management cleaning services for many, many years and we recognize the value of establishing and maintaining professional and friendly relationships with staff, tenants, and property managers at all times. This ensures open communication among all parties concerned and makes the job that much easier, effective, and enjoyable. Employing friendly, professional cleaning teams and customer-centric supervisors allow us to build and maintain those relationships.

Safe and Sustainable Cleaning Services

At Complete Care Maintenance, we understand that the safety of the environment is everybody’s concern and we do our part with environmentally safe and sustainable cleaning products and disposables. From ‘green’ cleaning solutions to recycled towels and consumables, we can help your managed property stay green. These products are safe for people, the environment, and all of the surfaces that are cleaned. Call or contact us today to learn more about sustainable cleaning solutions.

Fully Insured and Bonded

Bonded and Insured


Office CleaningOffice Buildings and Suites
Whether they are management offices, maintenance offices, or rental office space, all office areas should be properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. A clean and sanitary workspace is essential to both worker health and productivity. Complete Care has the tools and experience to ensure a clean and healthy office space.

Restroom CleaningRestroom Cleaning and Consumables
Public restrooms on your managed property and those shared by property management staff are a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. If there was ever an area that required professional cleaning and sanitizing, the restrooms are it. Complete care can not only keep your restrooms clean but can also keep them stocked with soaps. towels. and other consumables.

Parking Lot CleaningParking Lots
While often overlooked, parking areas are typically a prospective tenant’s first indication of your rental property’s overall cleanliness, and a clean and tidy parking lot can make a lasting first impression. Complete Care Maintenance can help ensure that your parking garages and lots are free of litter and debris!

Event CleaningSpecial Event Clean-up
As a property management firm, you have undoubtedly dealt with the aftermath of special events that were held at your clubhouse, swimming pool, or elsewhere on your grounds. Complete Care Maintenance can help get your common areas back in shape and ready for your next daily use, or the next big event. Call us today to learn more!

Construction CleaningPost Construction Cleaning
If your managed property is newly constructed or recently renovated, call on Complete Care Maintenance for post-construction cleaning services. We can quickly and efficiently have your new or renovated property clean, safe, and ready for new occupants! Call or contact us today to learn more about our post-construction cleaning services.

Common Area CleaningCommon Areas and Grounds
Clubhouses, swimming pool areas, courtyards, gyms, and other common areas on your managed properties can be difficult to keep clean. These areas tend to get a lot of use and it is important to maintain their cleanliness for both tenants and guests. Complete Care Maintenance can help ensure that all common areas on your property remain clean and inviting!

Clubhouse CleaningClubhouses And Reception Areas
If you manage an apartment complex, condominiums, or homeowner’s association you recognize that your clubhouse, rental offices, and reception areas are a valuable asset for attracting new tenants. Keeping these areas clean and inviting is essential to your success. Complete Care can help ensure that your clubhouses and reception areas are alway clean and inviting!

Move In/ Move Out CleaningMove-In | Move Out Cleanings
Whenever a tenant leaves your managed property it is essential that the newly unoccupied space be filled as soon as possible, and ensuring that space is clean for showings is critical. Complete Care can work with you to get recently vacated spaces up to spec quickly and efficiently, allowing you to fill vacant space fast!

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