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Complete Care’s warehouse cleaning services are the perfect fit for distribution centers, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, and large retail operations. Our warehouse cleaning teams use state of the art equipment and techniques designed for cleaning large spaces. We work within all OSHA guidelines and always provide highly qualified and supervised crews.

Free Evaluation

At Complete Care Maintenance we begin every warehouse cleaning contract with a free evaluation of your building or facility. The evaluation is intended to determine your overall goals and cleaning requirements. From there we are able to develop a customized warehouse cleaning program tailored to your specific requirements, and provide you with a guaranteed written quote for services. Call or contact us today to get started!

OSHA Compliant

All Complete Care warehouse cleaning teams are thoroughly versed on OSHA standards and always comply with OSHA best practices when working within your facility. They are also fully informed with regard to any facility-specific safety protocols determined in the initial consultation. Everyone benefits from a safer workplace and we do our best to help keep your facility safe. Call or contact us today to experience the Complete Care difference!

State of the Art Equipment

Warehouse and industrial spaces have unique needs with regard to equipment and cleaning processes. Complete Care uses state of the art equipment and proven cleaning methods to clean your warehouse, industrial, or manufacturing facility from top to bottom. From maintaining floors to high-dusting requirements, Complete Care has the skills and equipment to get the job done.

Flexible Solutions

At Complete Care Maintenance we understand that every facility’s janitorial cleaning needs are unique. Whether it is specific cleaning and sanitization requirement, green cleaning requirements, security, or scheduling requirements, Complete Care will ensure that your customized janitorial services program meets all of your unique needs. Our flexible solutions make us the perfect fit for any company, large or small.

Fully Insured and Bonded



JanitorialGeneral Janitorial
Complete Care Maintenance’s general janitorial services help ensure that your facility is always clean and presentable with dusting of all surfaces, sweeping and mopping of hard floors, HEPA vacuuming, emptying of trash bins, cleaning and sanitization of restrooms, and other general cleaning services.

Floor CleaningFloors (Stripping & Waxing)
Warehouse floors can begin to look constantly dirty as wax and dirt buildup produces a dull and lifeless shine. Complete Care’s floor stripping and waxing services are designed to bring your floors back to life. We first identify floor type, traffic patterns, and problem areas before providing any floor care service. Our floor stripping procedure will remove all excess wax and grime. We will then apply multiple coats of fresh wax and use our high-speed buffers to maintain a beautiful and lasting shine.

Floor PolishingFloors (Buffing & Polishing)
Floor buffing, burnishing and polishing requires a great deal of experience and training. Different types of floors require different methods and Complete Care floor technicians know their floors. From VCT flooring to hardwood and stone, we have the equipment and experience to bring your floors back to a near new shine. Even your floors in that high traffic area that you decided not to carpet.

Floor ScrubbingFloor Scrubbing
The Complete Care floor scrubbing process extracts all the dirt and grime from your floors, removing it from deep within the pores of the grout. This process is designed to help protect and preserve your tired-looking tiles, eliminating the expense that comes with total replacement. We use only state of the art scrubbers, commercial grade cleaning solutions, and proven techniques to ensure that your floors are exceptionally clean.

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning
Warehouse office area carpets absolutely take a beating unlike any other business. Even if you have decided to lay a dark colored carpet in your warehouse administrative, shipping or receiving areas, its very important to have your carpets cleaned on a regular frequency. We understand what a magnet your carpeted areas are to warehouse dust and dirt but we can set up a carpet shampooing service schedule to combat this.

Restroom CleaningRestroom Cleaning and Sanitizing
Warehouse restrooms are another high traffic area that requires constant attention. Our warehouse cleaning crews and porters/matrons will keep your restrooms clean and sanitary. We will restock all the necessities like toilet paper, c-fold or paper towels, hand soap and deodorizers.

Window CleaningWindow Cleaning
Regular window and glass cleaning has many benefits. Not only will you enjoy looking out a spotless window but they will last longer as the buildup of harmful substances that cause frame deterioration will be prevented. Acid rain and other marks that would go on to stain the glass permanently, if left for too long, will be removed before this can become an issue.

DustingHigh Surface Dusting
The accumulation of dust on high surface areas can be problematic for warehouses, industrial plants, and manufacturing facilities. Dust can adversely affect indoor air quality, damage expensive equipment, impact product integrity, and even pose a fire hazard. CCM can help to mitigate high surface dust in your facility.

The Complete Care Difference

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