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10 Dec 2021
green cleaning


green cleaning

Green cleaning means more than using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Environmentally sound cleaning processes involve the use of proper chemicals, materials, equipment, and procedures designed to reduce negative impacts on the environment. 

Green Seal cleaning products, HEPA filter vacuums, microfiber cleaning cloths, and eco-friendly plastics and paper products all contribute to the success of a green cleaning program. In fact, even the way we clean can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of green cleaning.

While switching to a green cleaning program may require a little forethought and some upfront expense, the benefits are many. Here are four great reasons to go green:

1) Protecting The Environment

The number one reason to switch to a green cleaning program is the environment. Using eco-friendly cleaning procedures not only improves your immediate environment (i.e. your office, home, or commercial building), but eco-friendly cleaning is better for the natural environment as well.

Green cleaning practices help to reduce waste, avoid chemical pollutants, encourage recycling, and reduce water usage. In addition, going green when cleaning can lessen water pollution, air pollution, climate change, and ozone depletion. All of these impacts are beneficial to our natural environment and all the living things that rely upon it. 

2) Green Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Traditional cleaning chemicals often contain chemicals that can negatively impact indoor air quality. Chief among these are what are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can cause headaches, respiratory irritation, and other symptoms that affect health and productivity. In addition, traditional cleaning equipment and procedures also contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Green cleaning chemicals are intended to be low-VOC, contain no known carcinogens, are non-toxic, and are biodegradable. They are also fragrance-free. These attributes help reduce the number of pollutants released into the air. In addition, the use of microfiber cleaning cloths and HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners helps reduce the amount of dust and other pollutants in your indoor space.

3) Reducing Cross-Contamination

Green cleaning procedures involve the use of microfiber cleaning cloths, dust cloths, and mops. Microfiber is proven to trap more dirt than traditional cleaning materials. This helps to reduce cross-contamination by ensuring that dirt and bacteria are being trapped in the microfiber as opposed to simply being pushed to other areas of the facility.

4) Green Cleaning Promotes Recycling

A proper green cleaning program promotes recycling. Green cleaning solutions are often packaged with recycled materials and are also refillable, reducing waste. Microfiber cloths and mop heads can be cleaned and reused. Your green cleaning program should also utilize recycled paper products for kitchens and restrooms as well as mop buckets and trash cans produced from recycled materials.

Is Your Facility Ready To Go Green?

Complete Care Maintenance can help your facility go green with green cleaning programs customized for your business. Call or contact us today to learn how we can help. 

01 Dec 2021
carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid


carpet cleaning

The carpet in your home, office or workplace represents a significant investment, and failure to properly care for your carpet can lead to reduced lifespan and costly replacement. On the other hand, if you take good care of your carpet it can last for years. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Dirty carpets are not only unsightly, but they harbor a lot of dirt, dust, and pollutants which can break down carpet fibers. A recent study by Dr. Philip Tierno of NYU Langone Medical Center found that a single square inch of carpet can contain as many as 200,000 bacteria. The pollutants and bacteria in your carpets can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers and those with respiratory illnesses.

Obviously, it is important to clean and maintain your carpets both at home and in the workplace. The key is to do it properly and avoid these common carpet cleaning mistakes:


Neglecting Regular Vacuuming

Aside from periodic professional cleanings, the best way to maintain your carpets is with regular vacuuming. A high-quality vacuum can remove more than 80% of dry soil and pollutants from your carpet. Vacuuming should be done at least twice a week and more often in high-traffic areas. Vacuuming lifts out dirt and dust that breaks down carpet fibers and also lifts the carpet fibers to provide a much fuller look and feel.

Many people fail to vacuum regularly or vacuum their carpets too quickly. Vacuuming should be done slowly with a smooth back and forth motion to allow for deeper, fuller cleaning.

Using Rented Carpet Cleaning Machines

While it may seem like a cost-effective option when your carpets are due for a deep cleaning, rental carpet cleaning machines are nowhere near as effective as the high-pressure cleaning provided by professional carpet cleaners.

In some cases, a rented carpet cleaning machine will actually do more harm than good. These machines are often ineffective at extracting the water and shampoo used to clean your carpets. This leaves the carpet wet for an extended period of time which can encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Using The Wrong Stain Removal Product

Carpet fibers are made from a variety of different materials and stain removers will react differently to different carpets. Just read the label on any carpet stain removal product. You are bound to see a disclaimer instructing you to test the product on a small inconspicuous area before using it.

It is important that you follow this recommendation as some chemicals will react poorly with some carpets and can lighten or darken your carpet. It may even cause the stain to bleed making it even more unsightly.

Using Cheap Carpet Deodorizers

Powder carpet deodorizers can result in the buildup of gunk in your carpets. These powders are difficult to remove even with a quality vacuum and can even make a mess of your vacuum. Over time the leftover powder gets ground into your Capet fiber and causes the fibers to break down.

We should note that powder deodorizers do not remove odors from your carpets, they simply mask them. This can lead to a false sense of cleanliness that may delay a needed professional cleaning.

Not Using A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The best way to maintain your carpets and extend their useful life is by having them regularly cleaned by a professional. Most carpet manufacturers recommend regular steam cleaning and some carpet warranties are contingent upon regular professional cleanings.

At Complete Care Maintenance, we utilize a high PSI steam injection process that deep cleans your carpets. This is followed up with a high PSI extraction that removes almost every ounce of dirt, grime, bacteria, and moisture leaving your carpets looking and feeling like new.

15 Nov 2021
disinfecting retail space

Ways Your Small Business Can Compete Against Big-Box Stores

disinfecting retail space

The retail world is a cutthroat industry, and business owners are constantly looking for new ways to get a leg up on their competitors. It’s hard enough competing against major brands like Amazon and Walmart. While it may seem impossible, your small business has a few significant advantages over these retail giants. Here are some tips to help you compete, presented by Complete Care Maintenance.


Make the Right Real Estate Decisions


If you operate out of a brick-and-mortar store, the location of your storefront will play a crucial role in your ability to attract customers. The perfect location for your business includes a good balance of visibility and affordability. Try not to give up one for the other! Evaluating an area for retail space is a complex process, so if you’re not sure where to start, it’s best to seek advice from a professional who’s done this before, whether you’re looking to lease, buy, or build your store.


Streamline Order Fulfillment


Big-box companies have so many customers that they can afford to lose a few to service issues and shipping delays. You can’t. Keeping your customers happy should be your top priority! You might even be able to attract some dissatisfied customers from those major retailers by offering a better shopping experience and faster order fulfillment.


Ensure your customers receive their orders quickly by developing an effective order fulfillment system. Your fulfillment strategy should include the use of collaborative tools to stay in touch with your suppliers and a good inventory management system to ensure you have the right products when and where you need them.


Streamline Payroll


Payroll is another major operational task that must be taken early on. It’s one of the most time-consuming items to check off on a frequent basis. A smart move is to automate with time tracking software, which allows for employees to check their schedules and clock in and out with a click. This software may also allow you to create, change and approve scheduling and track employee times from your smartphone, laptop or desktop. Last but not least, payroll software can help you file your payroll taxes, which is something all business owners need to pay close attention to (if you’re new to the world of payroll and payroll taxes, Zenbusiness offers a comprehensive guide for new business owners).


Delegate to Free Up Time


There’s only so much time in the day, and as a small business owner, you have to make the most of it. As Crowdspring points out, delegating mundane and specialty tasks to freelancers is a great way to free up time so you can work on bigger projects — including those that will help you compete against big brands. You can hire freelancers or agencies to handle all kinds of tasks, from data entry to bookkeeping to administrative tasks. For example, you can find virtual receptionist agencies through online job boards and vet candidates based on their experience and qualifications and how much they charge.


Boost Your Online Presence


The online visibility of your business is just as important as the location of your brick-and-mortar store. If customers can’t find your business online, there’s a good chance they’ll buy from one of your bigger competitors instead. Work on boosting your web presence so your company appears at the top of local search results. Most importantly, make sure your customers can find the information they’re looking for online, including your store hours, product availability, location, and contact information.


Include attractive images on your site that tell a story about what your business is about. Use an online remove background tool that allows you to place your images into a completely new design or environment.


Look Professional and Provide Great Service


Major retailers fall victim to common customer service issues that cost them many customers every day. For example, big companies often take too long to respond to customers, offer cookie-cutter answers to inquiries, or transfer customers from rep to rep without providing a clear solution to their issues. Due to your smaller size, you can spend more time catering to your customers’ needs, offering a stellar customer service approach that goes above and beyond that of your competitors. Research cited by Help Scout shows that the number one reason customers switch brands is feeling underappreciated.


Of course, customer service also extends to the way your business looks to the public. If your business is dirty or disorganized, customers won’t walk away feeling very good about your products or services. To ensure your business stays clean, work with a commercial cleaning company like Complete Care Maintenance that can keep you looking professional.


Small business owners often feel like their growth is limited by the presence of big box stores and e-commerce giants, but this is far from true. There are several ways to thrive as a small business owner, even if those major brands seem to be getting bigger every day. Take advantage of your small business strengths — as well as the digital tools and services available to you — and you’ll have more than a fighting chance!

10 Nov 2021
help wanted

Commercial Cleaning Helps Businesses Through Labor Shortage


commercial cleaning

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt seen the effects of the current labor shortage. With businesses across the country navigating the troubled waters of reopening amidst an ongoing pandemic, the lack of qualified workers is a menacing problem. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer expectations and business owners know that they need to provide a visibly clean and sanitary environment if they are to survive. Upgrading cleaning and disinfecting protocols are imperative, but finding the staff to manage these additional duties is proving difficult. In response, many businesses are turning to commercial cleaning services to fill the gap.

With the continuing impact of the COVID pandemic, changing consumer expectations, and a looming labor shortage, hiring a commercial cleaning company makes a lot of sense. It helps ensure a safe environment for customers and staff, reduces absenteeism, and builds consumer confidence. All while eliminating the need for in-house cleaning staff and the added expense of cleaning equipment, chemicals, and supplies.



Reduces The Need To Hire

When a business outsources it cleaning and disinfecting duties to a commercial cleaning company it no longer has to hire additional in-house staff to manage the increased workload new cleaning protocols require. 

Let’s face it, hiring staff is expensive. There are ads to run, interviews to conduct, background checks, training, and other onboarding expenses of both time and money. Outsourcing your cleaning and disinfecting needs to a facilities management company shifts this burden to the contractor. 

Eliminates The Need Train

While most businesses recognize the increased need for cleaning and disinfecting, few business owners truly understand the underlying processes that accomplish these goals. They not only need to educate themselves about proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols, but they must then pass that knowledge onto their staff. Hiring a commercial cleaning company puts knowledgeable staff at your fingertips right from the start.

Reduces The Cost Of Supplies 

Cleaning equipment, chemicals, and supplies are costly. Especially if you are buying in small quantities from your local; supply store. In addition, the cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive cleaning equipment adds an additional financial burden. We are not talking about mops and buckets. We are talking about commercial-grade vacuums, industrial floor scrubbers, and other cleaning equipment that most businesses do not consider.

A quality commercial cleaning service provider will have quality equipment, will provide all of the necessary chemicals and supplies, and will store and maintain it. In addition, a commercial cleaning service provider may have access to chemicals and equipment that would be difficult for an average business to obtain. Think electrostatic sprayers or cold-fogging machines.

Improves Employee Satisfaction

In the midst of a labor shortage, the last thing you need is to begin losing staff. Ensuring employee satisfaction helps to reduce turnover rates and absenteeism. Studies show that employee satisfaction also impacts productivity and motivation.

Asking your staff to take on additional duties like cleaning the restrooms, or scrubbing the floors is not likely to improve their level of job satisfaction. In many cases, employees site increased workload as a reason for leaving their jobs, and right now, they are quitting in droves.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service means your staff will not be responsible for the cleaning of your facility. It also means that they will be working in a clean and safe environment – another major aspect of employee satisfaction.


Call or contact Complete Care Maintenance to learn how we can help your business survive in these uncertain times.

08 Nov 2021
Property management cleaning

5 Tips for Tracking Rental Property Expenses

If you own and oversee multiple investment properties, you are responsible for managing several income streams and allocating funds for various necessities. For instance, you might pay for cleaning services from Complete Care Maintenance, hire a handyman to handle repairs, and cover the costs to install new appliances. Failing to track your expenses properly can result in financial hardship down the road. Here’s how to stay on top of your investment property expenses to make the right financial decisions for your business.


Form an LLC


Forming a limited liability company for your rental property business will make it easier to manage your finances. Plus, this business structure will grant you all kinds of benefits. For instance, you can protect your personal assets from litigation with this status. In order to file for an LLC in New Jersey, you can work with a lawyer, but this requires considerable fees. Instead, you can file through an affordable online formation service in order to save money.


Expenses to Track


Which expenses should you be tracking? Naturally, you’ll need to keep track of expenditures for maintenance, repairs, landscaping, and property management cleaning services. Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep your tenants happy! You will also need to record fixed costs, such as your mortgage, property taxes, and any insurance policies you have taken out on the property. Finally, if you pay for web hosting for your rental business or pay to place online ads for your properties, don’t forget to include figures for these costs. In real estate, even minor expenses can add up over time.


Helpful Software


You don’t need to track your expenses by jotting notes down with pen and paper. Instead, you can use different software programs to automatically record your income and expenses. For instance, you can purchase comprehensive property management software. Rentrax suggests looking for property management software that offers features like profit and expense tracking, document management support, tenant screenings, and maintenance scheduling. In addition, bookkeeping software that includes an invoicing function makes it easier to pay your contractors and prepare tax statements.


Financial Documents


Ideally, you’ll be able to find a software program that allows you to automatically create various financial statements. This can be very useful when it’s time to report your income and pay your taxes. Bigger Pockets recommends creating documents like rental owner statements, income expense reports, cash flow statements, and balance sheets.


Creating clear financial documents will help you determine how much money you’re actually making off of your investment properties. You’ll be able to see areas where you should reduce costs, and you can also figure out whether or not you have the funds available to renovate your current properties in order to increase rent or even invest in additional properties.


Paying Taxes


Filing your taxes on your own can be complicated. While it might be tempting to use software that allows you to file taxes by yourself, you might have complex questions that only a specialist will be able to answer. Therefore, it’s a good idea to work with an accountant who specializes in real estate businesses. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re working with an industry expert. You will need to report all of the income you received from your investment properties, and you may also be able to deduct certain expenses.


Real estate income from investment properties is anything but passive! In order to maximize the return on your investment, you need to be financially savvy. With these tips, you’ll be able to track every penny of your expenses so that you can budget accurately and maintain a sustainable source of income for years to come.


Need a cleaning service for your commercial or residential properties? Complete Care Maintenance can get the job done! Call us today at 609-275-8227 to book our services.


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30 Oct 2021
commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services to Make Your Business Stand Out

As states throughout the U.S. ease Covid-19 restrictions, business owners are navigating the reopening process. While getting back to the workplace is a welcome change for many people, it presents many unique challenges. Hiring a commercial cleaning service may help your business overcome some of these challenges.

About 80% of small businesses in the U.S. have partially or fully reopened. Still, many expect the impacts of the pandemic to linger. According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll, 55% of business owners believe it will be six to 12 months before the economic climate returns to normal.

One of the most notable impacts of the pandemic is customer expectations with regard to cleanliness. Customers today expect businesses to adhere to strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols and many will walk out if their standards are not met. This is why nearly half of small businesses surveyed in the aforementioned U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll said they plan to increase their cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

One way businesses can meet customer expectations for cleanliness is to hire commercial cleaning services to manage their facilitys’ cleaning needs. For most businesses the advantages of hiring professionals are clear.

How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help

  • Trained and Dedicated Staff – Rather than absorbing the cost of hiring, training, and managing in-house cleaning crews, many businesses will hire commercial cleaning professionals. Qualified commercial cleaning companies already have trained staff that knows how to clean and disinfect. Properly trained professional cleaning crews follow strict protocols to ensure that surfaces are both clean and sanitized. Plus, their knowledge and experience allow them to hit the ground running.
  • Tools and Equipment – In order to increase cleaning protocols businesses will need to invest in cleaning chemicals, tools, equipment, and protective gear. By hiring a commercial cleaning company they can avoid the initial and ongoing costs associated with those tools and equipment.
  • A Deeper Clean – Well-organized and professional cleaning crews are very good at their jobs. They clean areas that most people would overlook. In addition, commercial cleaning crews are trained to clean properly. They know how to identify and disinfect high-touch surfaces. They understand the dangers of cross-contamination and are trained to mitigate it and they understand the cleaning and disinfecting process.
  • Consumer Perceptions – Most consumers believe that commercial cleaning crews are better at cleaning than a company’s regular staff and that perception is generally true. Even with a well-defined training program and dedicated staff, it is unlikely that your day-to-day employee will match the cleaning standards of a commercial cleaning crew.

Advertising Your Commitment to Cleanliness

Regardless if you opt to perform cleaning and disinfecting duties in-house or hire a commercial cleaning company, there are costs involved. It is important for businesses to ensure that those costs realize some return on investment. Here are some ways that you can advertise your commitment to cleanliness and help your business stand out:

  • Ask For or Purchase Signage – Many commercial cleaning companies will provide window stickers or signage that can help you promote your cleaning protocols. Adding a simple sign at the entrance to your establishment that reads “Cleaned and Sanitized by Complete Care Maintenance” can help your customers and staff to feel safer.
  • Hire Porter and Matron Services – Ask your commercial cleaning company if they offer porter and matron services. These services provide onsite cleaning staff to maintain your facility’s cleanliness during regular business hours. There is no better way to advertise your commitment to cleanliness than having cleaning staff actively working during business hours.
  • Provide PPE and Hand Sanitizer – Providing disposable face masks and well-marked hand sanitizing stations throughout your establishment lets customers know that you care about their well-being. Encourage your staff to utilize these facilities as well.

Want to Learn More About Commercial Cleaning Services?

Complete Care Maintenance can show you how to make your business stand out with regard to health and cleanliness. Call or contact us today to learn how our commercial cleaning services can help!

10 Oct 2021
Commercial Cleaning

Hidden Costs of In-House Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and organized facility can be a monumental task and utilizing in-house commercial cleaning staff can be costly. In fact, there are many costs associated with in-house commercial cleaning that may not even be on your radar. In this post, we will take a look at some of the costs associated with keeping your commercial cleaning in-house.

Human Resources

When you manage an in-house commercial cleaning crew there are significant costs in human resources. There are recruitment, hiring, training, and management costs as well as the costs associated with employee benefits. These costs can be substantial and ongoing.

Outsourcing your facility cleaning to a reputable commercial cleaning company eliminates these costs and shifts human resource responsibilities to the commercial cleaning provider.

Commercial Cleaning Products

Utilizing in-house commercial cleaning requires you to purchase and store your own commercial cleaning products. Not to mention training your staff on the safe handling of commercial cleaning chemicals, what chemicals to use on which surfaces, and how to properly store them. Of course, you will also require storage space that could be better utilized for more productive activities.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to manage your facility’s cleaning eliminates these costs as well. A professional cleaning crew will bring all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to your facility and have the training and experience to use them safely and efficiently.

Asset Protection

An in-house commercial cleaning crew may not have the training and experience to know how certain chemicals can damage particular surfaces. Using too harsh a chemical on wood floors or granite can be a costly mistake that damage or reduce the lifespan of these surfaces.

Professional commercial cleaning companies are well versed in the proper care of a variety of common surface materials and will help to extend the useful lifespan of your facility’s assets.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Does your facility own a floor polishing machine or scrubber? Probably not. While you may have a vacuum and a mop on hand, chances are you do not have commercial-grade cleaning equipment. Commercial-grade vacuums, floor scrubbers, polishers, carpet cleaning machines, and other heavy-duty equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain.

A qualified commercial cleaning company will have this equipment on-hand and will have trained staff that knows how to operate and maintain it.

Higher Quality Cleaning

Regardless of how well you train your in-house staff, it is unlikely they will be as good at cleaning as a professionally trained and experienced commercial cleaning company. Poorly trained cleaning staff may not provide the level of cleaning and sanitation that you and your customers expect. And a ‘less than clean’ facility can hurt your bottom line.

Not only does an unclean facility make a bad impression on your customers, but it can also impact employee morale, productivity, and absenteeism.

Hiring an established commercial cleaning company will ensure that your facility is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly, improving your reputation and protecting employee health.

Complete Care Maintenance Can Help

If you would like help evaluating the costs associated with in-house cleaning vs. outsourced commercial cleaning, Complete Care Maintenance can help! Call or contact us today for a free, onsite evaluation.


01 Oct 2021
warehouse dust

Distribution Center Cleaning For A Safer Workplace

A distribution center can be a dangerous place to work. A dirty and disorganized distribution center can be a deadly place to work. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average of 16 fatalities every year in the U.S. warehousing and storage sector and a reported injury and illness rate of 5 out of every 100 warehouse and storage workers. One of the easiest ways to improve worker safety in your distribution center is through professional distribution center cleaning.

How Commercial Distribution Center Cleaning Improves Worker Safety

A Clean Distribution Center Helps Reduce Slips and Falls

Professional distribution center cleaning removes clutter and obstacles that can result in tripping and falling accidents. Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common distribution center accidents. In fact, the HSE reported that in 2018/19, slips, trips, or falls accounted for the greatest amount of non-fatal injuries.

Slips, trips, and falls can often occur in a warehouse or distribution center environment because of the fast-moving nature of this type of work. Hazards such as discarded boxes, box ties, cables, or spilled substances can all cause injury. Failure to remove, identify or make safe a hazard is not only dangerous but also breaches health and safety protocols.

Distribution Center Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air quality and can pose a serious health threat to exposed workers, especially those suffering from asthma and other respiratory illness. Even for workers not affected by respiratory illness, poor indoor air quality can still result in health problems. Poor indoor air quality has been associated with headaches, fatigue, reduced concentration, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Regular professional cleaning can help reduce the amount of dust and allergens within your distribution center, providing cleaner, safer air for workers. This, in turn, can reduce absenteeism and workplace injuries due to a lack of focus. This results in greater worker satisfaction and increased productivity.

A Clean and Sanitary Distribution Center Reduces the Spread Of Illness

Even in a world free of a lingering pandemic, regular distribution center cleaning and sanitizing have proven to be the key to reducing the spread of germs. Professional distribution center cleaning crews understand the importance of cleaning and sanitizing your workplace. They are well versed in cleaning and sanitation protocols, how to mitigate cross-contamination, and the importance of disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

Professional cleaning and sanitation of your distribution center can help to mitigate the spread of disease in your facility. This helps reduce absenteeism and promotes a much healthier work environment for your staff.

Need Help Maintaining A Clean And Safe Distribution Center?

Complete Care Maintenance’s distribution center cleaning services are the perfect fit for distribution centers, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, and large retail operations. Our warehouse cleaning teams use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques designed for cleaning large spaces. We work within all OSHA guidelines and always provide highly qualified and supervised crews. Call or contact us today for a free onsite evaluation and no-obligation quote.