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15 Jul 2019

Why Choosing Parking Lot Sweeping Services in NJ is a Smart Investment For Your Business

They say that the outside is often a good indication of the inside. This is inherently true, especially in your place of business. If the building exterior of your office in New Jersey looks disorderly, your local customers and vendors will assume that your business is equally disorganized.

Parking lot cleaning services

They may even be wary of doing business with you. Conversely, if your exteriors look neat and happy, this will seem more inviting to the rest of your community. (Thus the term: “curb appeal”).


Here, your parking lot is considered a natural extension of your office space, and hence needs to be equally well-maintained.


In fact, an unkempt parking lot creates a bad first-impression. Hiring a reputable cleaning company can help improve your curb appeal and keep things tidy.


When you sign up with professional parking lot sweeping services in NJ, they can help maximize your curb appeal with the following:


  •      Provide high-quality upkeep of your entire parking lot: This includes regular cleaning services like sweeping, removal of hazardous debris, clearing of dirt and garbage, etc.
  •      Sustain the life span of your parking lot: concrete and asphalt parking lots have a longer lifespan when they are frequently cleaned and maintained.


Together, they can help you significantly extend the lifespan of your parking lot materials and surrounding property.


Regular Inspection and Repairs


A professional parking lot sweeping service can also schedule inspection and repairs at regular intervals. This includes determining and fixing any wear and tear to the parking lot and its surrounding areas.


Here are some of the extended services on offer from reputable parking lot sweeping services in NJ:


  •      Inspect/Report/Fix damage to:

o  Surface area, including cracks, potholes and other problem areas detected on the lot.

o  Painted areas, including parking stripes, markers, speed bumps, and other signage.

o  Supporting structures, including bollards, bumpers, drains, gutters, posts and walls.

o  Lighting equipment spread across the lot.

  •      Report vandalism threats or misuse of your property. In fact, they may spot this faster than your security, as their team inspects every inch of your lot at regular intervals.


Manage Employee Responsibilities &Benefits beyond Your area of Expertise


As we have discovered, there is a long list of tasks required for the upkeep of your parking lot. It is hence worthwhile putting together an exclusive team, just for this purpose.


However, if you were to assemble this team in-house, you’ll also need to be responsible for any special training required to handle toxic materials. This includes training on regular collection and disposal of hazardous waste.


Your company can become vulnerable to high insurance premiums, medical bills and even potential lawsuits due to the working conditions of this team.


You will also be required to manage other financial elements of their employment:


  • compensation and benefits
  • work insurance
  • performance reviews

The risk here is that you may not have the required knowledge or expertise to manage an in-house cleaning service.


A professional cleaning service is committed to developing the knowledge, technology, skills, personnel, and resources required to clean and maintain your parking lot.


For this reason, it’s more cost-effective for your business to sign up with a reputed service, than to take on this job in-house.


15 Jul 2019

What You Should Look for When Evaluating Property Management Cleaning Services

Finding the right cleaning service for your property management firm can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of different companies competing for your business. But, you can’t afford to do business with someone who is unreliable or inexperienced.


When you are evaluating your options, you need to consider the reputation of the cleaning service, what types of services they offer, and you need to know how they hire their employees.

HOA Property Management

Find a Property Management Janitorial Service with a Good Reputation


The best indication that a property management janitorial service will do an excellent job for your company and the properties you manage is that they have done a great job for other property management firms.


When evaluating a janitorial service, ask for references. References demonstrate that not only does the janitorial service have experience, but that they are confident in the quality of their work.


You can also try and look at online reviews. However, there are several problems with this approach. Business to business cleaning services often don’t have as many reviews as businesses are much less likely to leave reviews than consumers. Another issue is that it is easy for competitors to leave false reviews.


References and client testimonials are a stronger indication of the reputation of a cleaning service than online reviews.


Hire a Full-Service Property Management Cleaning Service


Running a property management company often means doing everything you can to keep the costs down to protect your profit margins. The more vendors you hire, the harder it is to keep a lid on your costs. Juggling multiple cleaning services for carpets, windows, and common areas will increase your administrative costs and leaves you more vulnerable to vendor price hikes.


A full-service property management cleaning service will have the resource to take care of any cleaning job you need done. It will save you time and money.


Some of the services a full-service property management cleaning service should offer include:


  • Common area cleaning
  • General cleaning of offices, hallways, lobbies, and other public areas
  • Floor cleaning, buffing, and waxing
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Window cleaning
  • Parking lot cleaning services
  • Exterior grounds litter removal
  • Mini-blind cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Event clean up

Porter and matron services

The best property management companies won’t hesitate to give you a full list of the cleaning services they offer.


Use a Property Management Janitorial Service Who Hires the Best People


When you hire a property management cleaning service you are trusting them to not only keep your properties clean and looking great, you are also trusting that their employees will conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully on the properties you manage.


You need to understand what their hiring practices are like.


You want to work with a property management janitorial service that conducts background checks on employees, that has a zero-tolerance policy for dangerous behaviors, and that has a strong training program.


Experienced janitorial services know that they are only as good as their employees and they have invested in bringing in the best people. While the turnover rate is always high in the janitorial industry, the more experienced employees a janitorial service has, the more likely they are to be a reliable partner for your property management business.

Floor cleaning

When you hire the right property management cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about the physical appearance of the properties you manage. You will know everything will be expertly cleaned on time without any issues.


It’s up to you to take the time and find the right cleaning service.


15 Jul 2019

Tips For Safe And Thorough Medical Office Cleaning in NJ

If you run a medical office in the New Jersey area, here is a curious quote for you. “Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died!” This was famously spoken by the American humorist Erma Bombeck, and she was probably right.

A community tends to view their local medical center as a hub for all things “pro-life”. Unfortunately, it can also be an epicenter for other undesirable life forms to thrive – like disease-causing bacteria, germs, and even parasites. For this reason, it is vital to have your center frequently cleaned and sanitized.

Clean medical office

Here are five foolproof cleaning tips, so your place of work is always fresh and hygienic.


  1. Hire a Good Medical Office Cleaning Service in NJ

Your first instinct may be to assign this task of cleaning to an in-house employee. However, they may be inexperienced with cleaning services, and not fully qualified for this critical a job.

For instance, your employee may be unaware of the common parasites that survive in such an environment, and the cleaning supplies needed to eradicate them completely.

This can prove dangerous. Your medical office needs to be disinfected and cleaned, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for sanitary purposes.

On the other hand, a licensed vendor can organize a seamless cleaning routine after factoring all angles. You will always have a professional with both competence and patience to do this crucial job in a way that meets your expectations.


  1. Set Aside a Monthly Budget

A well-defined budget will ensure that you don’t compromise on the quantity and quality of your cleaning supplies. Again, this task is easy when you outsource your cleaning services to a professional vendor. Now they become accountable to estimate, justify, and adhere to a reasonable budget. That means fewer worries about eating into your profit.


  1. Choose Your Cleaning Supplies with Care

Do you know that a large number of cleaning products produce VOC – volatile organic compounds – known to cause air pollution? Some disinfectant products also produce toxic fumes that can be catastrophic for patients suffering from respiratory disorders.

Fortunately, both situations can be avoided by altering both the quality and quantity of the cleaning product used, without minimizing the coverage. You (or your in-house employees) may not be aware of this, but a licensed vendor will have this knowledge and factor it into their services.


  1. Embrace the Magic of Microfiber

A microfiber cleaning cloth has the ability to eliminate almost 99% of the bacteria touched by it. On the other hand, a typical cotton cloth is 50% less effective. For this reason, the professional cleaning industry has actively embraced the magic of microfiber in the past decade.

Note that a microfiber material must be regularly washed and disinfected between uses, and treated with care so it continues to remain undamaged and effective.


  1. Tips for Daily Care

A medical office cleaning service in NJ will put into place an effective cleaning routine and schedule. Here are some additional daily-care tips to keep your entire office safe and sanitary at all times (between cleanings):

  • Restrooms can serve as a breeding ground for germs and parasites. Ensure that your restrooms stay hygienic, by keeping them well stocked with toilet paper, soap, and cleaning supplies.
  • Trash bags may be forgotten between cleanings. Take care to clear them out yourself every single day, so garbage stays firmly out of your workplace.
  • Exam room surfaces must be wiped down with a disinfectant cleaner between patients.

CCM is HIPAA Compliant

On a final note, remember that in a medical center, your hands come in contact with germs regularly. Keep yourself safe by frequently washing your hands with soap and a hand sanitizer.

14 Jul 2019

Hiring Corporate Office Cleaning Services in NJ Can Be A Cost Saver For Your Business

Do you know the one simple aspect that can make or break a business, across industries? Budget, budget, budget!

In fact, every business is sure to have seen through its share of financial lows. In those situations, you’re forced to make every penny count.

Your essential services – like your cleaning – are the first victim to fall due to drastic budget cuts. Yet, any savings gained from this kind of reduction could only prove more costly in the long term.

Here are four cost-effective reasons you should hire a professional cleaning service, and retain them even during a financial crunch.

Corporate Office Cleaning NJ

  1. Your Corporate Office Needs the Curb Appeal

Under no circumstance should you consider doing away with a cleaning routine for your place of business. As that old adage goes, “A business that looks filthy, is bound to do filthy work!” This is practically true, as your employees and customers are more likely to fall sick if your office premises are dirty.

This in turn can affect both your bottom and top line. However, an office space that exemplifies cleanliness and purity will automatically seem more inviting to potential customers, while keeping resident employees healthy and happy. This is exactly what your business needs during a challenging period.


  1. A Professional Service is more Cost-Effective

Imagine that you were to take this responsibility of cleaning in-house. Now your already stretched budget will need to accommodate the additional cost of cleaning tools and supplies – like expensive micro-fiber materials, scratch-safe wet mops, non-toxic detergents, and all their refills. (Yes, office cleaning calls for more than a broom!)

You will also need to allocate a monthly budget to refresh these supplies, so your office continues to stay neat and hygienic. Here, the smarter choice would be to outsource this task to a local vendor.

If you operate out of New Jersey, you can explore corporate office cleaning services in NJ.

You’ll be surprised to discover that these companies already have all tools and supplies in place, purchased at a wholesale price, so you don’t have to pay top dollar for it. If that’s not cost-effective, what else is?


  1. The Staff Stays Professional and Happy

When you consider handling your corporate office cleaning in-house, you should also consider the impact this will have on the professionalism of your corporate staff. In a typical scenario, you may have to request a staff member to take on the additional cleaning task.

You may even feel tempted to organize a roster, so no single employee feels singled out. Yet, if this is not the best fit for their area of expertise, it compromises the quality of work.

In addition to financial challenges, you’ll also have employees who may feel disgruntled at having to perform a cleaning task.

Adding cleaning to the schedule will take away time spent on their skilled tasks. Instead, if you were to sign up with a corporate office cleaning services in NJ, your corporate staff stays productive and happy doing what they do best. This in turn will make you and your business remain productive and happy!

  1. Practice Makes Perfect… so Does Expertise

Finally, it all comes down to this – the staff at a cleaning service are committed to their cleaning job, constantly and consistently. They feel pushed to get the job done faster, smarter, cheaper, and yet undeniably better.

This is the only way to stay competitive and thrive in their business. They are bound to beat the rushed, possible uncoordinated job done by your own employees. In the long term, maintaining a clean office environment will always prove to be more cost-effective and profitable for your business.

09 Jul 2019

Understanding What Full-Service Warehouse Cleaning Services Should Include

You already understand how important it is to keep your warehouse clean and well-maintained. But, what should you look for in a warehouse cleaning service? What services should you expect? Many warehouse janitorial services claim to be full-service companies, but they actually only clean part of your facility.

A true full-service warehouse cleaning service will clean all of these areas:

  • Warehouse and distribution area
  • Warehouse floor
  • Offices
  • Cafeteria
  • Restrooms
  • Locker areas

Industrial Cleaning Services

You should never settle for a cleaning service that isn’t able to clean every part of your building.


Warehouse and Distribution Area

From a health and safety standpoint, the most important areas to keep clean are the main warehouse and distribution area. This includes keeping the area free from litter and obstructions.

Cleaning the warehouse and distribution area also means keeping the shelves and other surfaces clear of anything that doesn’t belong. The best warehouse cleaning services also have a thorough safety plan so that their employees know what areas they should not enter and what to do when they see a possible hazard.

A full-service warehouse janitorial service does more than keep your facility clean. They also help you keep your facility safe.


Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Did you know that some warehouse cleaning services don’t include cleaning the warehouse floor? A true full-service cleaning service will also regularly clean the warehouse floor. This requires the operation of specialized equipment.

The best cleaning services will have employees who are qualified and certified to operate the Zamboni-like floor cleaning equipment that is needed to keep your warehouse clean and safe.

When your floor is regularly cleaned, you increase the lifespan of your warehouse floor, and you also improve the safety of your facility. When evaluating cleaning services make sure and ask if they have experience with warehouse floor cleaning.


Warehouse Office Cleaning

You know that there is a lot more to running a warehouse than just the actual warehouse and distribution area. Any full-service warehouse janitorial service should also be ready to clean the office areas of your building.

Warehouse office cleaning should include:

  • Emptying trash cans and replacing garbage bags
  • Cleaning floors
  • Cleaning blinds
  • Litter removal
  • Making sure hallways are clear of obstructions

Office floor cleaning services

Having a clean warehouse office area improves employee morale and helps reinforce the overall importance of cleanliness and safety in your facility.


Warehouse Cafeteria, Restrooms, and Locker Area Cleaning

Three other areas that a full-service warehouse cleaning service should be prepared to handle are the cafeteria, the restrooms, and the locker area. Because these are all such high-traffic areas, they need to be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Again, keeping these areas clean reinforces the importance of cleanliness and safety for the entire building. It also helps show your employees that you value them and want them to enjoy a clean workspace.

The best warehouse cleaning services and equipment use green cleaning products, especially in common areas such as the cafeteria, the restrooms, and the locker area. Even the floor scrubbers are able to clean the most high traffic areas in the warehouse using water!


Before you hire a warehouse cleaning service, make sure that they are actually a full-service cleaning service. Ask them for a list of their services. The last thing you want is to find out your full-service vendor only cleans part of your facility.


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09 Jul 2019

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Business Cleaning Service

You know that hiring a business cleaning service is important for the health, safety, and reputation of your business. But, how do you know that you’re hiring the right company? Before you get involved with a commercial cleaning service, you need to do your homework. You need to make sure the service you are considering has the expertise and quality of service that you need.

Business Floor Cleaning Services

Here are seven questions you should ask before going hiring a business cleaning service.


  1. What Types of Facilities Do You Have Experience With?

Different types of businesses and facilities have different needs when it comes to commercial cleaning services. You want to want to make sure your cleaning service is experienced with your specific type of business. If you have a warehouse, you want a cleaning service that has the equipment, experience, and expertise to stay safe and do an excellent job.

If you are a medical clinic, dental office, or healthcare facility, you want to make sure your business cleaning service knows how to handle specific issues that are unique to the dental and medical industries.

A reputable commercial cleaning service will be happy to share their experience with you. They won’t want to take on a client unless they are confident they have the people and equipment to do an excellent job.


  1. What is Your Safety Policy? 

A great business cleaning service is just as concerned about safety and security as you are. Before engaging a cleaning service, you want to understand what their safety policy is.

You want to work with a company that has trained their employees on safety issues and follows OSHA regulations.

If a cleaning service isn’t interested in doing a site visit to look for potential safety issues, that’s a red flag. The best business cleaning services want to make sure they know what hazards there are at your facility or building so they can keep their people safe and avoid causing harm to your facility or your employees and customers.

The best business cleaning services all make safety a top priority. They provide safety trainings for their employees, they have a safety policy, and they want to partner with you on safety issues relating to their cleaning services.


  1. How Do You Handle Privacy and Confidentiality Issues?

Privacy and confidentiality should be respected. If you operate a law firm, dental practice, or medical clinic it is critical that any service provider that you bring into your offices and facilities understand the importance of keeping patient and client information private. You could end up being liable for damages created by a vendor violating HIPAA rules or breaking confidentiality.

You want to make sure your commercial cleaning service understands HIPPA rules, has a policy dealing with privacy and confidentiality issues and has trained the employees who will be working in your offices about HIPPA and confidentiality.

Commercial cleaning services with extensive experience will not have a problem answering your questions regarding privacy and confidentiality issues.


  1. How Do You Screen Your Employees?

Before you bring anyone onto your properties in a professional capacity, you want to make sure they have been properly screened. You need to know that the people from your business cleaning service are not going to put your employees, customers, or property at risk.

You want to work with a business cleaning service that conducts background checks and has a thorough hiring process. This will not only help make your business safer, but it is also a sign of how seriously the cleaning service takes their job.

You deserve to work with a business cleaning service attracts the best people, not a company that is desperate enough to hire anyone.


  1. What Services Do You Offer? Do You Also Offer Parking Lot Sweeping Services?

Not all cleaning services are the same. You need to make sure that the commercial cleaning service you hire will be able to everything that you need done. One particular service you should ask about is parking lot sweeping services.

Many commercial cleaning services don’t have this capability. However, it is important to your business that your parking lot be swept regularly. A dirty parking lot not only affects your image, but it can also affect the safety of your employees and customers. You cannot assume a company is able to provide parking lot sweeping services. You need to ask.

Other services may want to ask about include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Floor stripping and polishing


  1. Do You Use Sustainable Practices?

Does your cleaning service use sustainable solutions in its work? You want to hire a business cleaning service that uses products and procedures that are designed to protect the health and safety of your staff, visitors, and customers. You also want to make sure they are using environmentally-friendly products and procedures that keep your facility clean and limit negative environmental effects.

Using sustainable cleaning practices can be good for your bottom line. It also reduces the strain on local infrastructure and creates a better work environment for your staff.

You want your business cleaning service to use green cleaning products, where possible. You also want to make sure their employees have been trained in the best ways to dispose of waste that could damage the environment.


  1. Are You Bonded & Insured?

Even if you hire the most careful and conscientious commercial cleaning services company, accidents may still happen. You need to make sure you are working with a company that will step up and take responsibility in the event that one of their employees causes an accident.

You want to make sure that your cleaning service company is bonded and insured. This will help protect your business should something go wrong. You will also want to inquire about their umbrella policy and automotive coverage as well.

Having a bond and complete insurance coverage is also another indication that the cleaning company is a serious business that will be around for a long time. You should never do business with any cleaning service that hasn’t invested enough in their own business to become bonded and insured. Be sure to request a COI (Certificate of Insurance) from the company that you end up choosing to handle your cleaning requirements.



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09 Jul 2019

Why You Can’t Skimp on Medical Facility Cleaning Services

In a country where some of the world’s best healthcare is offered, facility cleaning rules and regulations are as tight as too-small skinny jeans. The CDC spares no line item on the list of necessary standards for cleanliness of healthcare and medical facilities, as should be the case—in a place where patients and their immune systems are often at their most vulnerable state, there is no wiggle room for an unkempt physician office or a larger “medical group practice” facility.

There’s clean. And then there’s medical facility clean. The spectrum’s differ entirely, and medical facilities require the utmost diligence in sterilization. Here are some details about the importance of prime medical cleaning services in NJ and why Complete Care Maintenance LLC is the right company for your institution.

Healthcare cleaning services

Cleanliness For Patient Comfort

Healthcare cleaning services serve the purpose of sterilization, but they are also important for another vital area—aesthetic. The look, feel, smell, and cleanliness factor of your facility is all immediately noticeable to your patients, and facilities are often quickly judged on how clean they are. While hospitals are often visited in the event of an emergency, patients can select which dental office they frequent, which OB they visit, or where they want to have their outpatient services performed. The quality of the provider is a crucial factor, but many overlook just how important a squeaky-clean facility is. Patients that encounter untidy, grimy offices are apt to find a more suitable provider.

Many medical office cleaning services aren’t up to par with keeping offices and healthcare facilities spotless and aesthetically appealing. And it’s a big turn-off for patients that expect a germ-free environment. If you’ve noticed anything out of place or too much dust piling up in the corner of your facility, it’s time to re-evaluate your cleaning professionals.


Healthcare-Associated Infections Are Out of Control

The Center For Disease control estimates the one out of every 20 visitors in a medical facility will contract a healthcare-associated illness. This doesn’t mean just the patient is at risk. Family members, friends, and staff entering the bounds of a healthcare facility are all stepping into exposure. A simple hand on the wrong surface—one that wasn’t sanitized properly—can be a costly mistake, potentially requiring thousands of dollars in treatment down the line.

Healthcare-associated illnesses are damaging to the economy and to the livelihood of those contracting unwanted illnesses. Hospitals and medical facilities are held to the highest degree of sanitation standards, but many are failing to mitigate rates of infections acquired behind the doors of medical facilities. Patients get sicker and visitors continue to get plagued by illnesses they never should have had. These illnesses are likely preventable by vigilant, knowledgeable cleaning services such as Complete Care.


Focus Areas of Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are not treated like garden-variety home tidying. There is a long list of musts when cleaning a healthcare facility, as what is the dirtiest is often microscopic, crawling unassuming and unseen across an otherwise grime-free floor.


A few special areas of attention include:

  • Disinfecting the entirety of touchable surfaces, including countertops, bed arm grips light switches, doorknobs, sink knobs, and much more
  • Using appropriate cleaning products to disinfect procedure rooms
  • Use of odor-free cleaning products
  • Strict CDC, OSHA, and HIPPA regulation compliance
  • Surface care and sanitation of floors and windows
  • Continuous cleaning of high-traffic areas such as restrooms


What Types of Medical Facilities Can Complete Care Maintenance Clean?

All healthcare cleaning services provided by Complete Care Maintenance is OSHA compliant and each of our cleaning professionals are educated vigorously on stringent OSHA standards. Regarding patient privacy, staff is fully educated on HIPPA standards and sensitive information. Members of Complete Care’s elite healthcare cleaning staff are required to wear gloves, are trained in OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, and are offered Hepatitis B Vaccinations.

Experienced cleaning crews highly trained in the appropriate use of cleaners and disinfectants to prevent pathogen exposure that could transmit illnesses or worsen the state of sensitive patients are of the utmost importance. There is no room for shortcuts in medical facility cleaning.

Complete Care can service nearly any healthcare facility in all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Some types of facilities that Complete Care can service are:

  • Medical Office Cleaning Services
  • Group Practices
  • Outpatient/Day Surgery Centers
  • Veterinarian Offices

Call us today for medical cleaning services in NJ—because your medical facility deserves the best.

11 Nov 2018

Pharmaceutical Cleaning: Why Your Facility Needs Better Services

Besides impinging upon sales and spreading germs to employees and customers, dusty pages in bookstores and grimy products lining shelves of retail outlets could go unclean for a few weeks or a month without too much recourse. But when it comes to realms like the pharmaceutical industry, which have the potential to have a significant impact on public health, every last measure must be taken to ensure that every inch of sensitive facilities is sterile. Moreover, these services should always be entrusted to a professionally trained pharmaceutical cleaning operation.


Why Contaminated Pharmaceutical Facilities are a Danger to Your Business: High FDA Standards


The affairs and activities within pharma and biotech operations have the ability to affect many lives. If your pharmaceutical facility is not up to par on stringent standards, you could be facing costly shutdowns. The FDA has an extensive list of cleanliness requirements for facilities as a subset of its CGMP requirements and failing to meet those standards is deadly not only for your business – it’s deadly for patients in great need of medications. Disease and contamination can only be mitigated by sterile facilities, and the FDA spares no expense at cracking down on facilities with sub-par sterilization operations.


What Needs to Be Cleaned in My Pharmaceutical Facility


There should be no surface left un-sponged in a pharma facility. Pharmaceutical and biotech facilities require daily sanitation of all sinks and countertops and important safety equipment such as eyewash stations and emergency showers can amass bacteria if not cleaned regularly, and although these are not utilized often, they need to be tackled with proper protocol. Sensitive lab areas need a strict sanitation process to keep products safe from cross-contamination, and any floors, carpets, mirrors, and electronics cannot be missed. Floors should be regularly scrubbed and polished, and carpets require high-suction HEPA vacuuming.


Also necessary to tackle in pharmaceutical facilities are restrooms, offices, break rooms, and any additional non-sterile areas to curb any possibilities of bacteria transferring from zone to zone.


What Your Business Should Expect from Pharmaceutical Cleaning Services


Each pharmaceutical facility has its own unique layout, needs, and operational practices. Janitorial cleaning companies that your business works with should give you a personalized plan, from free on-site consultations to customized cleaning solutions. Emergency procedures should always be reviewed, and all cleaning technicians within a cleaning company should be thoroughly trained in the specialized area of pharmaceutical cleaning.


Cleaning crews should be fully equipped with caps, gowns, and eye protection, and your cleaning company should be fully bonded and insured for the protection of your business.



Complete Care Maintenance has more than 55 years in the commercial cleaning industry. If you’re in need of pharmaceutical cleaning and janitorial services New Jersey, contact us for a free analysis.