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30 Mar 2020
office cleaning

5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Company

Wondering if hiring a professional office cleaning service is worth it? Is it just another expense, or is it an investment with tangible returns? Keeping up appearances is important to any company that values productivity and employee health and many office managers opt for professional office cleaning  Are these individuals just suckers, or do they know something that you do not?

Here are five reasons why smart companies are hiring commercial cleaning companies to manage their office cleaning needs:

1) You Did Not Hire Your Staff To Clean

Even if your staff is just a handful of people, expecting your staff to maintain a clean office environment is a hit or miss solution at best. Every member of your office team is trained to manage specific tasks for your company, likely none of which involve proper cleaning. When you include cleaning as part of their job duties you are reducing their productivity with regard to the tasks they are trained to do.

Having a commercial cleaning company manage your office cleaning allows your employees to dedicate their time to the tasks they were hired to do. This increases their productivity and the productivity of your office overall.

2) Professionals Use The Best And Safest Cleaning Products And Equipment

If you’ve never done janitorial work before, you may be unaware of just how far cleaning products and services have come. Cleaning products have gotten safer and more effective. Professional office cleaning companies are often the first to take advantage of the advances in cleaning products and equipment.

These companies have their hand on the pulse of the cleaning industry and like any business, they strive to find ways to be more efficient and more effective. This means that they can accomplish a more thorough clean in a more efficient manner than the typical office staff.

3) Office Cleaning Companies Are Trained To Clean

Unlike your office staff, office cleaning crews are trained in the most effective and efficient cleaning practices. They know to pay particular attention to high-touch areas, how to limit cross-contamination, and how best to clean floors, office equipment, and other surfaces to avoid damage and enhance longevity.

It is almost a certainty that a quality commercial cleaning company will leave your office cleaner and more sanitary than your office staff will on their best day.

4) Reliable Source Of Cleaning Supplies

Many commercial cleaning companies will restock essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soaps, and other cleaning supplies at substantial savings to you. Most of these companies buy supplies in bulk and at near wholesale prices. These savings are often passed on to you in the form of flat-rate supply refills and sub-retail pricing.

In addition, your commercial cleaning company will ensure that these necessities are always readily available, meaning you never run out of hand soap, toilet paper or paper towels.

5) Saving You Money

In the long-run, hiring a quality office cleaning company can actually save you money. When you add up the savings on supplies, the reduced sick days and healthcare costs, increased productivity, and proper care of your tangible assets (equipment, flooring, etc.), hiring a commercial office cleaning service is an investment that reduces long-term costs and p[rotects the health and well-being of your clients and staff.


05 Mar 2020
commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning and Coronavirus

The recent spread of the Coronavirus has proactive facility managers seeking commercial cleaning companies to help protect their staff and clients from infection. With confirmed cases of the virus in nearly every state, many businesses recognize the importance of keeping their facilities clean and sanitized.

According to the CDC, evidence suggests that the virus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. This means that without regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces in your facility, you may be putting your clients and staff at risk.

The CDC recommends routine cleaning and disinfecting of all frequently touched surfaces. Doorknobs and handles, light switches, elevator buttons, desks, tables, faucets, sinks, and toilets are all areas that require regular cleaning and disinfecting. In addition to these surfaces, there are many other areas that can harbor bacteria and viruses. A professional commercial cleaning company can ensure that your facility is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Complete Care Maintenance can help to ensure that your facility remains clean and virus free and we can do it after hours so as to limit interaction with your staff and customers. Of course, there are other things that you can do to keep your customers and staff safe.

The CDC has issued guidelines to help keep you safe and to help stem the spread of the virus. Regular hand washing is essential. If you have hand sanitizer, make it available to your customers and staff and encourage them to use it regularly.

Discourage close personal interactions and make efforts to keep your distance (6-foot minimum) from others. And insist that those who are not feeling well stay home and self-quarantine for at least 14 days.

Encourage your staff to avoid sharing coffee cups, using communal water coolers, borrowing pens and pencils, etc. Provide disinfecting wipes in break areas and other common areas and encourage your staff to wipe down surfaces before and after use. Microwaves, coffee pots, doorknobs and handles, and of course food prep areas.

It is also important that people keep their desks and workspaces clean. They should be wiped down before and after use, as should computer keyboards, external pointing devices and office printers, copiers, and shredders. Any equipment that is used by multiple staff members should be equipped with disinfecting wipes and staff should be encouraged to wipe the equipment down before and after use.

Finally, having a professional cleaning staff thoroughly clean and disinfect your place of business after hours will help ensure that your staff will start each workday in a safe environment.

While this pandemic represents a trying time for all of us, we can all do our part to reduce its impact by maintaining clean and sanitary commercial spaces.



27 Feb 2020
office cleaning

The Germiest Places In Your Office

Germs are everywhere in your office! That is why it is so important to perform regular, thorough office cleaning, but there are some areas in your office building that are germier than others. Whether you manage your office cleaning in-house or hire a professional office cleaning company, make sure that these 10 areas get the attention they require.

1) Elevator Buttons

If you have an elevator in your office building, you have one of the germiest places on our list. Imagine how many times these buttons are touched on a daily basis. Make sure that your elevator buttons get a thorough cleaning each day to help combat these bacteria and consider placing hand sanitizers outside the elevator on every floor.

2) Door Handles

Like elevator buttons, door handles get touched many times per day and by many people, each leaving their signature on the door handle in the form of germs. Professional office cleaning staff are trained to pay particular attention to door handles. Be sure that whoever is cleaning your office space cleans and disinfects the door handles.

3) Desktops

Your desktop is a germ mecca! In fact, the average desktop has 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat! You might want to rethink that eating at your desk habit of yours. With over 20000 bacteria, viruses, and fungi per square inch, your lunch party is much larger than you might have thought.

4) Keyboards

Yeah, that’s right. The one thing in your office that you likely touch more than any other. It is also likely the thing that you sneeze on, eat over, and spill things on, and it is one of those items that rarely gets cleaned. A quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth is not going to do the trick on this germ-fest; that keyboard needs to be disinfected daily.

5) The Office Phone

You thought your desktop was germy? Your office telephone is even worse with an estimated 25000 bacteria per square inch! And these are not just finger germs, these are breathe-in-your-face kind of germs. If others use the phone as well, you should sanitize it several times throughout the day.

6) Other Office Equipment

Copiers, fax machines, printers, etc. are used by multiple people in your office and like keyboards, this equipment rarely gets cleaned. Make sure that your office cleaning company, or in-house staff clean and disinfect your office equipment.

7) Water Coolers

Water coolers are another place where germs gather in your office. People touch, lean on and hang out near these dispensers and when they leave, they leave germs behind.  Water bubblers and coolers should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a day paying particular attention to the dispensed trigger or button.

8) Pens and Pencils

Ever see a coworker deep in thought with his pen resting thoughtfully on his lips? Sure you have. Don’t borrow pens from coworkers if you can avoid it. a recent study found that 14 percent of pens tested positive for staphylococcus aureus, or staph.

9) Breakrooms

Your office breakroom is a perfect place for bacteria to thrive. Coffee pots, vending machines, microwaves, sinks, counters and tabletops in these common areas are used by everyone in your office. And believe it or not, some people in your office may not be as hygienic as you think. This is an area to which your office cleaning staff should pay particular attention.

10) Restrooms

This one is a no brainer and one that most people believe is the germiest, but as we’ve seen your desktop is a hot contender for that title. Nonetheless, the restroom is a haven for all types of bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is also the one room that nobody wants to clean. Restrooms are quite possibly the number one reason you should hire a professional office cleaning service.

Need help with your office cleaning? Call Complete Care Maintenance for all of your office cleaning needs.


26 Jan 2020
commercial cleaning

How To Tell If You Hired An Efficient Cleaning Company

Efficiency is something that every business values. After all, greater efficiency equals greater productivity. If your commercial cleaning service provider is not efficient, they could be costing you more money than you thought. So, how can you tell if your commercial cleaning company is efficient? Here are a few tips:

Proper Equipment

Proper equipment is essential to efficient cleaning. Well-maintained equipment designed for the task at hand helps ensure that the job gets done quickly and correctly. Poorly maintainer or outdated equipment is not only less capable of doing the job but is potentially less energy-efficient and this directly impacts your bottom-line.

You should take the time to ask your commercial cleaning service about their cleaning equipment. Is it energy efficient, well-maintained, and are the staff trained in its proper operation?

Proper Cleaning Solutions

Using the appropriate cleaning solutions for various surfaces in your facility ensures proper cleaning and standardizing the chemicals used by the cleaning staff makes them more efficient. Standardizing the range of cleaning products allows your cleaning service to achieve savings through simplified training, elimination of waste, and a reduction in administrative costs. Commercial cleaning companies that realize these savings often pass those savings on to their clients.

Recognizable Processes And Procedures

If when observing the cleaning crews at work you see that they all perform their tasks with very similar patterns, you can chalk that up to efficiency. For instance, they always dust and clean higher surfaces first and work their way down, they change chemicals and/or cloths when moving on to different surface types. These are recognizable procedures and processes and indicate that the staff is well-trained and that the training is uniform. Companies that practice uniform training and enforce policies and procedures are creating more efficient employees.

Managerial Oversight

While rigorous training and enforceable policies and procedures go a long way toward building reliable staff, nothing ensures compliance as well as supervision. Does your commercial cleaning company assign crew leaders? Is there a go-to person that you can reach out to should you have questions or concerns? Does company management visit your facility to ensure satisfaction with the services provided?

Commercial cleaning companies that provide some type of oversight tend to have more efficient staff, greater policy compliance, and more uniform performance.

15 Jan 2020
parking lot cleaning

5 Reasons To Maintain A Clean Parking Lot

As a business owner, you have plenty to worry about and your parking lot is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. After all, it’s just a parking lot. Right?


You need to start viewing your parking lot as an asset just like your office, retail space, or other commercial building. Like these assets, your parking needs to be well-maintained and cared for. Here are five good reasons to keep your commercial parking lot clean:

First Impressions Matter

Your parking lot is likely the first thing prospective customers see when they visit your business. A clean, well-maintained lot is much more inviting than a lot riddled with potholes, oil stains, and debris. Show your customers that you care about their experience with your business by making a good first impression with a clean parking area.

It Shows You Care About The Neighborhood That You Serve

How you view your maintain your property reflects your feelings about the area in which you do business. You do not want a neighboring business to pile trash in the back, or create a hazardous or unpleasant environment. Show respect for your neighbors and the neighborhood you serve by maintaining a clean and presentable outdoor space.

It Keeps The Pests Away

A parking lot full of trash and debris can become a feeding ground for rodents and other animals. Rats, raccoons, and other unwanted animals that frequent your parking lot will eventually start frequenting your place of business. The last thing that any business wants is a rat or rodent infestation and once your business becomes infested, it can be very difficult to eradicate them.

It Extends The Life Of Your Parking Lot

Like any other asset your business owns, it pays to take care of your parking lot. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your parking area can extend the life of the asphalt by reducing wear, preventing standing water, and discouraging vandalism. The buildup of dirt, grime, oils, and chemicals can seriously impact your lot’s longevity, encouraging erosion, cracks, and potholes. In the long-run, maintaining your parking lot is a great deal cheaper than replacing it.

It Reduces Liability

Debris in your parking lot can be an invitation to a lawsuit. Large debris can damage vehicles and tires and may represent a tripping hazard. Oil stains, chemical spills, and standing water are accidents waiting to happen and as the lot owner, you could be held liable. Very few things can destroy a successful business like a successful lawsuit. Keep your parking lot clean and keep the ambulance chasers at bay.



05 Jan 2020
Corporate Cleaning Services

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service for the New Year

It is a brand new year and the perfect time to consider hiring a commercial cleaning service. While this seems like a pretty straight-forward task, there are certain steps you should take to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. After all, your organization is unique and has specific commercial cleaning needs.

Not All Commercial Cleaning Services Are Created Equal

Commercial cleaning companies come in all shapes and sizes and not every commercial cleaning company is suited for every business. It is important that you as a business owner ask the right questions of prospective cleaning companies to ensure you find a good fit. Here are seven key questions to ask all cleaning companies that you are considering for hire.

What Cleaning Services Do They Offer?

Let’s face it if the company you are considering does not provide all of the services that you require, they are not a good fit. For instance, if your business requires parking lot sweeping services or warehouse cleaning services, you may find that many commercial cleaning services fall short in these areas.

Likewise, it is important to consider other essential cleaning services like floor care, window cleaning, and restroom cleaning. These are the areas that your customers will see and you want to make a positive impression.

How Much Do They Charge For Their Services?

As a business owner, you are always mindful of your bottom-line. Because of this, the cost of commercial cleaning services is an important consideration. While we tend to gravitate toward the lowest cost option, it is important to remember that value is not necessarily synonymous with cheap.

A professional cleaning service will want to visit your facility to provide a realistic estimate. This is a good time for you to point out any special needs or areas that require more attention. Onsite evaluations are valuable because they allow you to better understand what factors are being considered when preparing your estimate.

If you are working with a tight budget, the onsite evaluation can be a great time to seek advice with regard to which services are most important and which can be easily managed in-house.

Do They Offer Flexible Scheduling?

This is a very important consideration. For many businesses, commercial cleaning must be done outside of normal business hours. If this is the case for your business you need to ensure that the provider you are considering can meet your scheduling needs.

In conjunction with the scheduling options, it is important to know what type of security protocols the company employs, whether or not they have effective employee screening practices, and whether there we be management staff accompanying the off hours cleaning crews.

Is The Company Bonded And Insured?

The answer to this question is a potential game-changer. If the commercial cleaning service you are considering is not bonded and insured, you should thank them for their time and send them on their way. You do not want to be responsible for damages or injury that occurs due to a contract employee’s negligence.

This is very important, so do not be afraid to ask for verification of insurance policies before signing on the dotted line. Any reputable company will be very well insured and will be proud to show you their coverage details.

Does The Company Have Their Own Equipment?

A professional commercial cleaning company should have modern, well-maintained equipment to meet all of your facility’s cleaning needs. Even if your facility requires unusual or unique cleaning services, your commercial cleaning provider should have the equipment and supplies required to get the job done.

If your building or facility has large areas of hard flooring, it is important that you ensure that prospective providers have high-quality equipment and the experience to properly care for your flooring. The last thing that you want is to see your cleaning crew dragging in rented stripping, waxing, or polishing machines.

What About Quality Control?

Do not be afraid to ask about quality control policies and practices when interviewing commercial cleaning service providers. Well-managed commercial cleaning companies understand the importance of regular training, procedural cleaning practices, and effective quality control measures.

Ask about procedures for training staff, evaluating performance, onsite inspection, and managerial oversight. You want to ensure that your facility is cleaned thoroughly every time and you want a cleaning company that strives for the same.

What Do Their Other Clients Say?

One of the best ways to vet prospective providers is to ask for references. If they are a regional provider it is quite possible that they service other businesses in your area. This makes it easy for you to reach out to existing customers to get reviews and insights as to how well the cleaning company performs.

While this step can be time-consuming, it is a great way to evaluate a commercial cleaner’s quality of work and determine if they work well with the companies they serve.

In Conclusion

When hiring a commercial cleaning service for your building, office, or facility it is important that you make an informed decision. Take the time to ask questions, verify documents, and reach out to current and past clients. Place more importance on quality and value rather than price and convenience. You want to build a solid, longstanding working relationship that will undoubtedly save you money in the long-run.





16 Dec 2019

Cleaning | Sanitizing | Disinfecting Defined


The terms ‘cleaning’, ‘sanitizing’, and ‘disinfecting’ are often used interchangeably, but the reality is that all of these terms are distinct, and knowing the difference is imperative for maintaining a healthy workplace environment. So, what exactly do these words mean?


Cleaning removes allergens and microorganisms from the environment. When a surface is clean, soap or detergent has been used to remove dirt, germs, and impurities. Cleaning helps reduce the number of germs that can lead to infection, however it does not necessarily kill any germs. In general, it is safe to clean surfaces where the risk of spreading pathogens from the surface is low.


Disinfecting a surface means that chemicals are being used to kill germs. Disinfecting does not necessarily mean that dirt, germs, and impurities are being removed from the surface, but by killing the germs, the risk of spreading infection is lowered.

For a disinfectant to kill germs, its labeled dwell time should always be allowed. A dwell time, or contact time, is the amount of time the manufacturer has determined, through laboratory testing, that the disinfectant should remain wet on a surface. If proper dwell times are not followed, germs and pathogens may survive the application.

Making sure the disinfectant stays wet is crucial. There is an array of factors that play into how long the disinfectant will stay wet including the application method and composition of ingredients in the disinfectant. Type of surface, humidity, air flow, and temperature are all factors that can affect the amount of time it takes the disinfectant to dry on a surface.


Sanitary surfaces can be created either by removing germs (cleaning) or killing germs (disinfecting).There are a few different methods used to achieve a sanitary surface: heat, radiation, and chemicals.

To sanitize through use of heat, steam, hot water, or hot air can be used at the appropriate temperature for the recommended amount of time.

For radiation, sanitation can be achieved through use of ultraviolet radiation.

Chemicals that are effective sanitizers at the proper concentration include chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium. Just as the proper dwell time must be followed for a disinfectant to be effective, a chemical sanitizer must also be allowed to sit for its recommended dwell time.

Other factors that influence the efficacy of a sanitizing chemical include temperature and concentration. Most chemical sanitizers should be kept between 55 degrees F and 120 degrees F. If the concentration of the sanitizing agent is too low, the microorganisms may survive the application. If the concentration is too high, the chemical could be toxic.

In Summary

Being able to understand the differences between these key phrases can help you determine the level of cleanliness necessary for a particular surface. In general, it is safe to clean surfaces where the risk of spreading pathogens from the surface is low. A disinfectant should be used on surfaces where there is a greater likelihood of pathogen transfer such as gym mats. Sanitation is commonly used on food contact surfaces as part of the food code.

10 Dec 2019
retail cleaning

Outsourcing Holiday Cleaning For Your Retail Store

retail cleaning


Let’s face it when it comes to retail sales the holidays represent one of your busiest times of the year. Increased foot traffic in and around your store presents opportunities to gain new customers, and the cleanliness of your retail space is of paramount importance. Research has shown that cleanliness and presentation in a retail environment has a direct influence on a shopper’s decision to make a purchase. A clean retail space is more inviting and encourages shoppers to stay longer. (more…)