office cleaning

  Office Cleaning Is Not As Easy As It Seems Office cleaning seems like an easy task and many office managers don’t see a need for professional office cleaning. After all, in-house staff can manage a simple thing like cleaning. Right? It is true that in-house staff can manage your

spring cleaning

Spring is here! It is a time for renewal, fresh air, and cleaning!  Most of us look forward to the longer days of Spring and the warmer weather, but very few of us look forward to Spring cleaning. The whole idea of it can seem overwhelming and for commercial businesses,

medical facility cleaning

Medical facility cleaning is not something that can be delegated to an office cleaning staff. Medical facility environments require a much more focused and procedural approach to cleaning and disinfecting. Commercial cleaning companies that offer medical facility cleaning services are held to much higher standards than your typical commercial cleaning

warehouse cleaning

  Finding the right warehouse cleaning service can be challenging. Every facility has unique needs specific to its particular business. Choosing a cleaning service that can meet the needs of your facility requires an extensive vetting process. To ensure that your facility gets the services it needs at a price

warehouse dust

Think warehouse dust is just a nuisance? Think again. Warehouse dust is not only a nuisance, it could be costing you and your employees dearly. Dust is a major cause of respiratory illness, can contribute to slip and fall hazards, and can damage machinery and heavy equipment. All of these

dental office

The dental office administrator is responsible for keeping the practice running smoothly and ensuring that the facility is clean and sanitary – no easy task in a healthcare environment. Patient safety is a primary concern, especially amid an ongoing pandemic. Beyond patient safety, there are concerns for staff and a

urgent care cleaning

There are many things to consider when it comes to urgent care cleaning services and some are more obvious than others. For instance, ensuring that your provider has urgent care experience may be a no-brainer, but planning for high patient traffic and building size may not be on your radar.

healthcare facility cleaning

Finding a professional healthcare facility cleaning service can be challenging. Healthcare facility cleaning requires an experienced team with a unique skill set to understand the nuances of working in a healthcare environment. They must be well trained in current cleaning best practices, be knowledgeable about current healthcare regulations, and be