09 May 2017

Reasons to Contract Out Medical Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning a medical office and maintaining it is not an easy task. This should not be done as if you are cleaning a residential house. A lot of care and hard work is needed in order to meet the expectations of a medical office. There are the right detergents and procedures of cleaning. This is the reason you should consider hiring medical office cleaning services for the task that complies with HIPPA regulations.



What to Look for in a Medical Cleaning Company

There are a variety of things that you should consider when engaging these services. One of the most important things to consider is the health and safety regulations set by different entities.


Guaranteed Safety for All Parties

Red medical waste liners and sharps are common in medical offices. Cleaners should never come into contact with them. These are items that doctors and nurses will always dispose of during the day to day operations. Cleaning personnel are trained to keep an eye out for any missteps that may occur since this is a serious safety concern which can also lead to health issues. The medical cleaning services staff must observe all the regulations that have been imposed by HIPPA. During the medical office cleaning services, all employees also observe the necessary safety rules and wear gloves for their own wellbeing.


Employees Should Get Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Before cleaning your office, it is important that the cleaning staff have already been vaccinated or at the very least are offered Hepatitis B vaccinations. This is done either before coming to your facility or in advance of any work being performed.


Right to Know

Cleaning medical offices requires knowledge and professionalism. You are guaranteed this with medical office cleaning services as all employees must go through a Right-to-Know course which occurs twice a year, that they must pass. They also undergo X-ray and MRI cleaning training to ensure both hygienic areas and safety.


Quality of Service

Hiring a competent commercial cleaning company to clean your medical office guarantees a quality thorough cleaning of your facility. With the staff dedicated to the job and working with integrity, your expectations will be met. This ensures that your patients and staff will be comfortable in your facility which is what you absolutely require for the success of the medical practice.



Cleaning Products Meet All Labeling Requirements

You may think that the cleaning products are kept everywhere during the cleaning. Well, this is not the case with a professional medical cleaning services. They use the approved label products that are kept in a designated area during cleaning. The SDS sheets are usually kept in a yellow binder that lists all cleaning solutions that are used or maintained online. These cleaning solutions must be labeled accordingly.


If you own a medical office or you are the administrator of one, you will absolutely need professional cleaning. The one advantage of hiring medical office cleaning services is that they are not only well equipped, but they are also professionally trained to handle the complex requirements of the ongoing cleaning challenges that invariably come up. A good medical cleaning service provider follows the regulations of HIPPA, Right to Know and ensures that all the employees observe all the safety rules such as wearing gloves. This means that no one will get an infection or an injury when in your facility.




09 May 2017

The Five Conveniences of Hiring Professional Floor Cleaning Services

There are many commercial cleaning services that you can hire for your business and home needs. Professional floor cleaning services are important and are offered by many cleaning companies. Professional floor cleaning services have many benefits for both businesses and homeowners. Here are just five quick conveniences of hiring floor cleaning services for your property.


  1. Avoid the Labor

When you clean the floor yourself, you will need to move furniture and other belongings around the room. This can take a lot of time and strength. And depending on the floor type and traffic, this may need to be done at least once a day, or even more, depending on the building, and the floor location.


Professional floor cleaning services can save you time because they know how to carefully move items, and how to clean various floor types quickly. They also have the correct cleaning equipment to clean your floors, even high end specialty floors.


  1. Efficient and Fast

There are do-it-yourself floor cleaning kits that you can use to clean your floors, but most of these tools are time-consuming and inefficient. Professional floor cleaning services will save time because they use professional tools and cleaning solutions. These companies know how to use their tools and make sure that they are using right products for your flooring.


  1. Prolong the Life of the Flooring

Flooring can be very expensive and is a huge investment for many businesses. However, flooring needs to be replaced every few years. Professional floor cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of the flooring because the right cleaning products and methods are being used on the flooring. This can save you money in the long run because the flooring is not damaged from the professional cleaning.


  1. Improved Air Quality

No matter if you are running a business, or if you are at home, you want to have the best air quality possible. Dust on the floor can easily be moved around a room by someone walking, which means that you, your family, or employees are breathing in that dust and bacteria every day. This can only make allergies worse and can cause other breathing problems. Regular professional floor cleaning can help reduce the amount dust and bacteria that is both on the floor and in the air.


  1. Improves Productivity

A major benefit of floor cleaning services for a business is that it can improve employee productivity because most people feel more comfortable working in a clean environment. This does not only include their desks because people many times look at the floor while they work. This can be to make sure that there is nothing to tip over or to avoid eye contact with other employees. Dirty floors make it look like the business does not care, so the employees stop caring and slow down their work.

Professional floor cleaning services are important for commercial properties. These services can help make sure that your floors are completely clean, which will help your floors last longer. Floor cleaning services are offered by many cleaning companies, so you should make sure that you are hiring a professional cleaning company.

09 Feb 2017

What to Look For When Hiring Professional Warehouse Cleaning Services

Professional warehouse cleaning services  require skill, knowledge and the correct equipment.  If you are in the market for this type of service you will need to understand what to look for as well as some of the services that you can expect from a professional company.

Finding a good commercial cleaning service is challenging enough when you are talking about cleaning your office. But warehouse cleaning is an entirely different ball game.  You want a company that provides a service that is professional and has the necessary equipment and experience to tackle a small facility as well as large ones too. A warehouse cleaning service that addresses health and safety concerns is an absolute must.

The cleaning company will be sure to keep the floors clear of garbage and debris at all times. This is a critical function to maintain employee safety in any warehouse environment. Dusting, general cleaning and the removal of debris is just part of the job.  You can be sure that you will get a custom plan based on the cleaning requirements. The cleaning crew with the assistance of the onsite supervisor will follow the plan to ensure that you have someone out there doing the cleaning as promised to keep the facility absolutely clean.

Warehouse cleaning services need to be experienced in this specialized area. The cleaning company will need to confirm that it does the following.

  • The cleaning plan must ensure that it involves the services that you specifically ask for and require.
  • The cleaning schedule should be in line with your requirements. It can be once a week or daily, if needed.
  • The commercial cleaning company needs to be fully insured and bonded.
  • The cleaning crew also needs to be thoroughly trained in warehouse cleaning.
  • It is a good idea to ensure that the cleaning company has good customer references.

Several services are available when it comes to cleaning a warehouse. You can also ask for warehouse floor cleaning services if the flooring surface is greasy, dusty and just outright dirty. Floor scrubbing services include the following:


  • Sweeping compound applied (if needed)
  • Complete sweeping of entire warehouse floor
  • Degrease stubborn oil and grease stains where required
  • The use of walk behind floor scrubbers – for smaller areas
  • The use of ride on floor scrubbers – for large warehouses
  • Request that you’re cleaning contractor use only Tennant machines, which are the absolute best.




It is important that the commercial cleaning company knows how to work around the equipment and products that are stored in the warehouse and they must be able to perform all the above job functions without damaging anything. This is where you will see the true difference between an established janitorial services contractor and a fly by night operator.



09 Feb 2017

Medical Office Cleaning Services and It’s Benefits

When you work in a medical office environment, there needs to be a sharp focus on the cleanliness of the workplace and exam rooms. Simply emptying the garbage cans and sweeping the floors is not enough. By hiring a professional medical office cleaning service, you gain a team of individuals who are trained and highly skilled in the proper cleaning of medical facilities. The use of medical office cleaning services may seem like a costly expense, but their knowledge of proper cleaning and sanitizing of medical offices is worth every penny.


Clean and Healthy Environment

When you contract with medical cleaning services, they will provide a clean and healthy environment for your patient and medical staff. Your new patients will have a great first impression of the clean environment; while your returning patients and staff will know you care about their health by continually providing a clean and sanitized medical office. It does not matter what type of medical specialty is involved. The need for a sterile and uncontaminated environment is one of the most important elements to your practice.


No Internal Staff Cleaning

By hiring medical office cleaning services that understand the strict regulations and proper techniques to keep medical offices hygienic and healthy your staff can focus on other office needs. Your staff also does not have the knowledge base to provide the level of cleanliness and sanitizing needs of a medical office. They may not sanitize or sterilize things properly, and bacteria and germs will continue to spread. Let the professionals from the medical cleaning service take care of that and you and your staff can focus on your patient’s health and recuperation.


Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfaces

Medical cleaning services understand that the health and safety of your patients and staff are the most important element in your practice. The deep cleaning and sterilization of all equipment and implements are performed by highly trained professionals and will keep your medical office environment one that is germ and bacteria free, and it will be sanitary and healthy.


With so many medical office cleaning services available today, one needs to take a cautionary approach when hiring them. A simple office cleaning service will not understand all the regulations and strict guidelines of a medical office. Having a safe and healthy practice is what is important so dig deep into the company’s background and success rates to make sure they meet your standards. After all, your patients and staffs health and safety is on the line, so getting the best medical office cleaning services is a key to running a successful and healthy practice.

09 Feb 2017

Outsource Your Office Cleaning Services for Better Productivity

Most business owners that are just starting out tend to do the majority of their office tasks on their own as a way of saving money. However, as the business begins to grow and they have more jobs to handle, mundane tasks such as cleaning are often neglected. It is at such times that many are encouraged to engage the capabilities of a reliable cleaning service so that they concentrate on the administration of their company affairs. For many business owners, outsourced cleaning services come with a cost that they may not be willing to take up at the moment. However, the benefits attached to hiring a janitorial company to clean the office space far outweigh any costs attached to the services offered to the business owner. Other reasons that make outsourcing of cleaning services ideal include:

  • Clean premises – Working in a clean space has a way of uplifting one’s mood and making them enjoy their work better. When your office is cleaned on a regular basis after everyone “quitting” time, you can get to work and begin working on tasks immediately resulting in a more productive day. Furthermore, professional business cleaning services ensure that both the interior and exterior areas of the office are always neat and presentable.


  • Saves Time – Office cleaning may look simple at the onset but over time it may eat into the productive rime assigned for other tasks of the day. It is also common for many business owners to overlook many areas and details that a professional office cleaning company will pay attention too. Plus the business owner might be bad at cleaning! However, the professional cleaning staff will ensure that that every inch of the office is cleaned in a fraction of the time!


  • Reduced expenses – To ensure that the office is cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, you will definitely have to invest in professional cleaning equipment. The equipment is often expensive especially if you have to engage in tile and grout cleaning which also is labor intensive and time consuming. However, when the cleaning is done by a professional cleaning company, they are responsible for providing all of the equipment and maintaining them.


  • Increased sales – Majority of clients appreciate a clean and well maintained office space and its overall appearance may very well seal the deal on a potential project. If you are looking to impress clients that you do business with, hire a cleaning service to keep your office clean.


Overall, outsourcing your cleaning services is one of the best ways to ensure that your business is maintained at its optimum level, both in terms of appearance and productivity. There is no doubt that it will greatly enhance the image of your business and profits will soon follow.

01 Feb 2017

Improve The Look of your Floor – Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Floor tile and grout cleaning services can be messy and ineffective, because of the porous nature that will always absorb and trap dirt. This will remain in this unsanitary state  no matter how often you mop the surface. This is when professional help is required. If you are interested in making your tile floor spotless and exactly like it was when you first bought your home or installed it, you must turn to the experts and ask them to work their magic. You will see that with the proper equipment and cleaning products, the results will be outstanding.


What Do Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Offer?


Floor tile and grout cleaning services provides the best possible solution to tackle  the dirt, grime and discoloration of any hard surface and grout seams. They boast state-of-the-art equipment and special cleaning products that can deliver the highest quality standards of cleanliness under any circumstances. They reach the deepest layers of the floor, and they are able to remove the dirt, even the most persistent stains, and other residue. The end result, the floor is spotless, hygenic and safe enough for the baby and your beloved pet!


In addition, these tile and grout scrubbing services assist in the maintenance of your flooring. With the removal of embedded dirt, debris and general buildup, you can prolong the longevity of the floor and minimize expensive replacement costs . This is especially true in those high traffic areas such as kitchens, restrooms and hallways.   With help from the experts, you will realize that cleanliness is not so hard to achieve.

They will come equipped with the correct equipment and cleaning supplies to get the job done.


Floor tile and grout cleaning services cover both residential and commercial demands. This means that there is significant flexibility in the provided services, in order to meet the different requirements. The hidden luster is almost always restored on each floor, no matter if it is at home, work or at a large shopping mall.


For a reasonable price, you can reap the benefits of a freshly cleaned floor with sparkling tile and grout. The maintenance involved after this process is completed is relatively simple. The professionals involved with the floor cleaning process you will advise you on how to care for the floor and keep it in great condition for as long as possible. You will be given instructions on how to keep those pesky grout seams clean longer, as well as which products you should never use on the floor.


Trust the insured and bonded experts in floor tile and grout cleaning services to enjoy clean flooring. It will save you the time and trouble of trying to do this yourself and it is definitely worth it!





01 Feb 2017

The Major Benefits of Business Cleaning Services


All business owners have the option to either clean their facilities on their own or hire a company that provides professional business cleaning services. Most companies realize that hiring a commercial cleaning firm provides a myriad of benefits.  But you need to remember first that there are certain qualities that the professional cleaning company needs to possess to guarantee that you will be receiving a professional and reliable service.  Some of the qualities you need to consider are their experience, expertise, reputation, reliability and convenience.  You will be able to learn about their business by talking to their past clients and reading online reviews.


Business Cleaning Services Increase Staff Productivity


A clean office contributes in the productivity of your business.  But with more than 40 hours spent inside the office, it can be quite challenging to address the cleanliness of your business.  Fortunately, by outsourcing the help and expertise of the commercial cleaning service, you will be able to keep your company clean at a schedule that fits your needs and budget.  Here are the other benefits that you can have once you choose to hire the experts that provide business cleaning services.


Reduce Your Already High Stress Level


By contracting with business cleaning services, you will be able to reduce the headaches that an unsanitary or unkempt environment can cause. Your people will never have to be distracted from their job in order to handle a janitorial task.  It gives the worker the chance to focus entirely on their task and be more productive.  It also gives them a cleaner working environment which will improve their motivation and efficiency. And last but not least, it will prevent any ill feeling that may harvest between management and staff by being asked to clean. After all, it really isn’t their job – is it?


Save a Lot of Time and Money


As mentioned above, by hiring the help of  business cleaning services, your employee can focus on their jobs. Office tasks are generally time-consuming and it is always a time crunch to finish the task on time.  In addition, you will no longer have to hire an in-house team to complete the cleaning services which can save you a considerable amount of money.

Safeguard the Health of Your Workers


The surface in your working environment can be a haven for bacteria and microorganisms that can lead to allergies, sickness and even various diseases.  Hiring the expertise of business cleaning services will safeguard the orderly cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces by using only the proper cleaning solutions and industry accepted equipment that can eliminate all germs and bacteria.  This will benefit the company from call outs and absences due to sickness.


Corporate Image


Finally, you need to create a lasting impression to your clients and even your vendors.  The look of your office environment can speak volumes about the way you do business.  Maintaining the cleanliness of your company has a solid and lasting impact on the reputation of your company.  This will be a lot easier to achieve when you hire professional business cleaning services.


It is imperative to keep your company clean and free from any bacteria and germs.  Hire the business cleaning services that can provide you with top-quality results with a team of expert cleaning professionals.

01 Feb 2017
Parking lot cleaning services

Four Tips for Practical Maintenance of Your Parking Lot

Taking care of your parking lot is vital for maintaining the exterior look of your business, but many times it is overlooked. A parking lot needs to be clean, debris free, and smooth to drive on. This means that scheduling parking lot cleaning services is a necessity. To help you keep your parking lot in good condition, here are practical maintenance tips.


  1. Start with the Basics


When you start taking care of your parking lot, you should have regular parking lot sweeping services. Having your parking lot swept on a regular schedule helps reduce overall wear and tear resulting in less repairs. It also helps with the overall look of the parking lot since there is no garbage or other debris lying around.


  1. Prevent Cracks and Potholes


Over time, pavement oxidizes and asphalt shrinks which causes small cracks to form. These cracks allow water into the pavement, which will freeze and expand creating more damage. Having cracks and potholes in your parking lot does not only cause cosmetic damage to your parking lot, they can also lead to damage to customer’s cars. To help prevent potholes, you can use rubberized crack sealer. The sealer will stop the water from entering the crack and you can pave over it in the future.


  1. Protect the Pavement


Glass, rocks and other debris that is left on the pavement will grind into the lot surface unless it is swept regularly. Snow plows also damage pavement, which creates fragments that can break down the pavement over time. This can cause cracks, and other damage to the pavement. Parking lot sweeping services will help tremendously to remove this debris and help extend the lifetime of the pavement.


  1. Use a Sealant


Using a sealant every year can extend the lifetime of your pavement because it protects against water and debris. While you could save money in the short term by just patching the pavement, you will pay much more as time goes on. In most cases, it would have been cheaper to have a coat of sealant applied to the pavement, instead of patching it. Depending on your parking lot, you can save up to 50 percent on maintenance by using a sealant.


  1. Control the Runoff


High amounts of rain can collect debris and contaminants, and place them on your parking lot. This can also damage your parking lot and create a hazard to your customers. Parking lot sweeping services can remove the debris that prevents the stagnant water from sitting on the surface for a prolonged period of time and which also blocks the drains.


By taking care of your parking lot, you can save time and money on repairs. So, if you use professional parking lot sweeping services, your parking lot will be a clean place to park and a welcome sight for your customers.