Understanding What Full-Service Warehouse Cleaning Services Should Include

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Understanding What Full-Service Warehouse Cleaning Services Should Include

You already understand how important it is to keep your warehouse clean and well-maintained. But, what should you look for in a warehouse cleaning service? What services should you expect? Many warehouse janitorial services claim to be full-service companies, but they actually only clean part of your facility.

A true full-service warehouse cleaning service will clean all of these areas:

  • Warehouse and distribution area
  • Warehouse floor
  • Offices
  • Cafeteria
  • Restrooms
  • Locker areas

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You should never settle for a cleaning service that isn’t able to clean every part of your building.

Warehouse and Distribution Area

From a health and safety standpoint, the most important areas to keep clean are the main warehouse and distribution area. This includes keeping the area free from litter and obstructions.

Cleaning the warehouse and distribution area also means keeping the shelves and other surfaces clear of anything that doesn’t belong. The best warehouse cleaning services also have a thorough safety plan so that their employees know what areas they should not enter and what to do when they see a possible hazard.

A full-service warehouse janitorial service does more than keep your facility clean. They also help you keep your facility safe.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Did you know that some warehouse cleaning services don’t include cleaning the warehouse floor? A true full-service cleaning service will also regularly clean the warehouse floor. This requires the operation of specialized equipment.

The best cleaning services will have employees who are qualified and certified to operate the Zamboni-like floor cleaning equipment that is needed to keep your warehouse clean and safe.

When your floor is regularly cleaned, you increase the lifespan of your warehouse floor, and you also improve the safety of your facility. When evaluating cleaning services make sure and ask if they have experience with warehouse floor cleaning.

Warehouse Office Cleaning

You know that there is a lot more to running a warehouse than just the actual warehouse and distribution area. Any full-service warehouse janitorial service should also be ready to clean the office areas of your building.

Warehouse office cleaning should include:

  • Emptying trash cans and replacing garbage bags
  • Cleaning floors
  • Cleaning blinds
  • Litter removal
  • Making sure hallways are clear of obstructions

Office floor cleaning services

Having a clean warehouse office area improves employee morale and helps reinforce the overall importance of cleanliness and safety in your facility.

Warehouse Cafeteria, Restrooms, and Locker Area Cleaning

Three other areas that a full-service warehouse cleaning service should be prepared to handle are the cafeteria, the restrooms, and the locker area. Because these are all such high-traffic areas, they need to be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Again, keeping these areas clean reinforces the importance of cleanliness and safety for the entire building. It also helps show your employees that you value them and want them to enjoy a clean workspace.

The best warehouse cleaning services and equipment use green cleaning products, especially in common areas such as the cafeteria, the restrooms, and the locker area. Even the floor scrubbers are able to clean the most high traffic areas in the warehouse using water!

Before you hire a warehouse cleaning service, make sure that they are actually a full-service cleaning service. Ask them for a list of their services. The last thing you want is to find out your full-service vendor only cleans part of your facility.

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