Medical and Healthcare Cleaning Service Tips

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Medical and Healthcare Cleaning Service Tips

Medical office cleaning is not the same as conventional office cleaning services. While both of these will require desks, tables and restroom cleaning services to name but a few commonalities.

Healthcare facilities are different in that they may have exam rooms, labs, pharmacies, surgical rooms and infusion areas. These are areas with surfaces that absolutely require disinfection and sanitizing at the end of each day and before patients can be treated the next day. Listed below are a few tips to help ensure safe housekeeping.

Tip 1: Declutter before sanitizing! Remove all stacks of papers, files, employee belongings and office paraphernalia. These items not only attract germs and dust but they look unclean and unsightly to patients. Your visitors will feel more confident in your skills and staff if the surroundings look and smell clean. Also make sure that there is no stained carpeting or rips in the waiting room chairs. This will give patients an untrusting attitude.

Tip 2: Be sure cleaning supplies aren’t toxic! Watch the ingredients in your cleaning and sanitation products. The germs may be gone after using these cleaning products but may leave toxins in the air. Many visitors to your medical office may have respiratory sensitivities. It is also unhealthy for the staff to breathe unhealthy chemicals on a daily basis.

Tip 3: Be sure that anyone you hire to clean your medical office has a clean background check as well as had their shots! Only hire cleaning companies that are experienced in medical office cleaning procedures. Make sure they are HIPPA compliant and have the right equipment, procedures and cleaning supplies to do the job. Every janitorial service employee should have a thorough background check as there may be medications, cash or other valuables in the office. Janitorial employees should also be up-to-date with immunizations required to work in medical offices.

At Complete Care Maintenance, our employees are trained in healthcare cleaning requirements.  Our employees must pass a course regarding Right-To-Know twice per year as well as MRI and X-ray room cleaning and compliance training. We can help our clients declutter and perform janitorial duties as well as deep cleaning and sanitation.

We use sustainable and environmentally friendly products as well as procedures to protect the safety and health of staff, patients and vendors in any type of medical office or facility. We only use proven, private label products that meet all labeling requirements that will match up with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) describing the cleaning solutions that we use in your facility.

When you trust your medical cleaning services to Complete Care Maintenance, you can relax when you go home at night knowing that the professionals will make sure everything is spic and span when you return the following morning. All employees must wear gloves and follow all safety rules. Our employees do not come into contact with any sharps containers or red medical waste liners that are marked. All employees are offered Hepatitis B vaccinations prior to cleaning your facility or have already been vaccinated.

If you own or manage a healthcare facility and would be interested in learning more important tips, please contact us today.