Why You Can’t Skimp on Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Healthcare cleaning services

Why You Can’t Skimp on Medical Facility Cleaning Services

In a country where some of the world’s best healthcare is offered, facility cleaning rules and regulations are as tight as too-small skinny jeans. The CDC spares no line item on the list of necessary standards for cleanliness of healthcare and medical facilities, as should be the case—in a place where patients and their immune systems are often at their most vulnerable state, there is no wiggle room for an unkempt physician office or a larger “medical group practice” facility.

There’s clean. And then there’s medical facility clean. The spectrum’s differ entirely, and medical facilities require the utmost diligence in sterilization. Here are some details about the importance of prime medical cleaning services in NJ and why Complete Care Maintenance LLC is the right company for your institution.

Healthcare cleaning services

Cleanliness For Patient Comfort

Healthcare cleaning services serve the purpose of sterilization, but they are also important for another vital area—aesthetic. The look, feel, smell, and cleanliness factor of your facility is all immediately noticeable to your patients, and facilities are often quickly judged on how clean they are. While hospitals are often visited in the event of an emergency, patients can select which dental office they frequent, which OB they visit, or where they want to have their outpatient services performed. The quality of the provider is a crucial factor, but many overlook just how important a squeaky-clean facility is. Patients that encounter untidy, grimy offices are apt to find a more suitable provider.

Many medical office cleaning services aren’t up to par with keeping offices and healthcare facilities spotless and aesthetically appealing. And it’s a big turn-off for patients that expect a germ-free environment. If you’ve noticed anything out of place or too much dust piling up in the corner of your facility, it’s time to re-evaluate your cleaning professionals.

Healthcare-Associated Infections Are Out of Control

The Center For Disease control estimates the one out of every 20 visitors in a medical facility will contract a healthcare-associated illness. This doesn’t mean just the patient is at risk. Family members, friends, and staff entering the bounds of a healthcare facility are all stepping into exposure. A simple hand on the wrong surface—one that wasn’t sanitized properly—can be a costly mistake, potentially requiring thousands of dollars in treatment down the line.

Healthcare-associated illnesses are damaging to the economy and to the livelihood of those contracting unwanted illnesses. Hospitals and medical facilities are held to the highest degree of sanitation standards, but many are failing to mitigate rates of infections acquired behind the doors of medical facilities. Patients get sicker and visitors continue to get plagued by illnesses they never should have had. These illnesses are likely preventable by vigilant, knowledgeable cleaning services such as Complete Care.

Focus Areas of Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are not treated like garden-variety home tidying. There is a long list of musts when cleaning a healthcare facility, as what is the dirtiest is often microscopic, crawling unassuming and unseen across an otherwise grime-free floor.

A few special areas of attention include:

  • Disinfecting the entirety of touchable surfaces, including countertops, bed arm grips light switches, doorknobs, sink knobs, and much more
  • Using appropriate cleaning products to disinfect procedure rooms
  • Use of odor-free cleaning products
  • Strict CDC, OSHA, and HIPPA regulation compliance
  • Surface care and sanitation of floors and windows
  • Continuous cleaning of high-traffic areas such as restrooms

What Types of Medical Facilities Can Complete Care Maintenance Clean?

All healthcare cleaning services provided by Complete Care Maintenance is OSHA compliant and each of our cleaning professionals are educated vigorously on stringent OSHA standards. Regarding patient privacy, staff is fully educated on HIPPA standards and sensitive information. Members of Complete Care’s elite healthcare cleaning staff are required to wear gloves, are trained in OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, and are offered Hepatitis B Vaccinations.

Experienced cleaning crews highly trained in the appropriate use of cleaners and disinfectants to prevent pathogen exposure that could transmit illnesses or worsen the state of sensitive patients are of the utmost importance. There is no room for shortcuts in medical facility cleaning.

Complete Care can service nearly any healthcare facility in all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Some types of facilities that Complete Care can service are:

  • Medical Office Cleaning Services
  • Group Practices
  • Outpatient/Day Surgery Centers
  • Veterinarian Offices

Call us today for medical cleaning services in NJ—because your medical facility deserves the best.