What You Should Look for When Evaluating Property Management Cleaning Services

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What You Should Look for When Evaluating Property Management Cleaning Services

Finding the right cleaning service for your property management firm can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of different companies competing for your business. But, you can’t afford to do business with someone who is unreliable or inexperienced.

When you are evaluating your options, you need to consider the reputation of the cleaning service, what types of services they offer, and you need to know how they hire their employees.

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Find a Property Management Janitorial Service with a Good Reputation

The best indication that a property management janitorial service will do an excellent job for your company and the properties you manage is that they have done a great job for other property management firms.

When evaluating a janitorial service, ask for references. References demonstrate that not only does the janitorial service have experience, but that they are confident in the quality of their work.

You can also try and look at online reviews. However, there are several problems with this approach. Business to business cleaning services often don’t have as many reviews as businesses are much less likely to leave reviews than consumers. Another issue is that it is easy for competitors to leave false reviews.

References and client testimonials are a stronger indication of the reputation of a cleaning service than online reviews.

Hire a Full-Service Property Management Cleaning Service

Running a property management company often means doing everything you can to keep the costs down to protect your profit margins. The more vendors you hire, the harder it is to keep a lid on your costs. Juggling multiple cleaning services for carpets, windows, and common areas will increase your administrative costs and leaves you more vulnerable to vendor price hikes.

A full-service property management cleaning service will have the resource to take care of any cleaning job you need done. It will save you time and money.

Some of the services a full-service property management cleaning service should offer include:

  • Common area cleaning
  • General cleaning of offices, hallways, lobbies, and other public areas
  • Floor cleaning, buffing, and waxing
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Window cleaning
  • Parking lot cleaning services
  • Exterior grounds litter removal
  • Mini-blind cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Event clean up

Porter and matron services

The best property management companies won’t hesitate to give you a full list of the cleaning services they offer.

Use a Property Management Janitorial Service Who Hires the Best People

When you hire a property management cleaning service you are trusting them to not only keep your properties clean and looking great, you are also trusting that their employees will conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully on the properties you manage.

You need to understand what their hiring practices are like.

You want to work with a property management janitorial service that conducts background checks on employees, that has a zero-tolerance policy for dangerous behaviors, and that has a strong training program.

Experienced janitorial services know that they are only as good as their employees and they have invested in bringing in the best people. While the turnover rate is always high in the janitorial industry, the more experienced employees a janitorial service has, the more likely they are to be a reliable partner for your property management business.

Floor cleaning

When you hire the right property management cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about the physical appearance of the properties you manage. You will know everything will be expertly cleaned on time without any issues.

It’s up to you to take the time and find the right cleaning service.