4 Reasons You Need to Keep Your Warehouse or Distribution Center Clean

4 Reasons You Need to Keep Your Warehouse or Distribution Center Clean

Warehouses aren’t typically thought of as a place where you can eat off the floors. Dirty shelves and years of dust, rust, and soot often plague the average warehouse or distribution center. And it’s not just the visible grime that is haunting crevices – there are quite a bit of inconspicuous bacteria that are crawling around, waiting to infect an innocent passerby.

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A fundamental part of every single human enjoys being in hygienic spaces, and it’s no different when it comes to working in a warehouse. There are more than a few reasons to re-think the cleanliness of your warehouse – let’s explore a few.

Effectivity and Productivity

A tidy, well-groomed warehouse that employs use of industrial cleaning services not only looks great – it performs better. Studies show that when employees are provided with clean, sanitary working environments, their productivity soars. A clean space is a more enjoyable space to be around, and no matter who you are or what level of cleanliness you’re used to, a worker will take a sanitary job over a dusty one any day.

Crystal-clear distribution centers also mean organized functionality, saving time potentially wasted when workers are searching high and low for items they need. Simple improvements like cleaner light fixtures improve lighting efficiency and reduce the level of light needed to operate, and clutter-free spaces make for smoother operations.

Workplace Health

Germs spread easily through a workplace. And they spread even easier through unkempt spaces that don’t have top-notch janitorial services. The CDC estimates that in the US alone, losses attributed to employee absenteeism cost employers a whopping $225.8 billion every year – that’s $1,685 per employee. Dirty areas don’t quite save you money by curbing cleaning costs – they can actually cost much more down the line in the context of workplace-acquired illnesses.

Dirtier spaces also increase chances for workplace injury. A properly cleaned space can help to mitigate hazards, dangers, and messes that make for costly injuries and the piles of paperwork that come along with them.

Regulatory Compliance’s

If you’re the owner of a warehouse or distribution center, you’ve likely heard of the word OSHA. Even if they’ve never popped by for a visit, small sanitation infractions can incur a hefty fine. They have a long list of expected standards that can easily be swept through by a professional warehouse and distribution center cleaning specialist.

Better Employee Morale

Overall, clean workplaces are good for both owners and employees. A business that holds cleanliness in high regard makes employees feel more taken care of – there’s something about a spotless warehouse or distribution center that will make your employees feel that their needs are being acknowledged and met. And happy, fulfilled employees mean better, more productive workers and higher retention rates.

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