Hidden Costs of In-House Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Hidden Costs of In-House Commercial Cleaning

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Maintaining a clean and organized facility can be a monumental task and utilizing in-house commercial cleaning staff can be costly. In fact, there are many costs associated with in-house commercial cleaning that may not even be on your radar. In this post, we will take a look at some of the costs associated with keeping your commercial cleaning in-house.

Human Resources

When you manage an in-house commercial cleaning crew there are significant costs in human resources. There are recruitment, hiring, training, and management costs as well as the costs associated with employee benefits. These costs can be substantial and ongoing.

Outsourcing your facility cleaning to a reputable commercial cleaning company eliminates these costs and shifts human resource responsibilities to the commercial cleaning provider.

Commercial Cleaning Products

Utilizing in-house commercial cleaning requires you to purchase and store your own commercial cleaning products. Not to mention training your staff on the safe handling of commercial cleaning chemicals, what chemicals to use on which surfaces, and how to properly store them. Of course, you will also require storage space that could be better utilized for more productive activities.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to manage your facility’s cleaning eliminates these costs as well. A professional cleaning crew will bring all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to your facility and have the training and experience to use them safely and efficiently.

Asset Protection

An in-house commercial cleaning crew may not have the training and experience to know how certain chemicals can damage particular surfaces. Using too harsh a chemical on wood floors or granite can be a costly mistake that damages or reduces the lifespan of these surfaces.

Professional commercial cleaning companies are well-versed in the proper care of a variety of common surface materials and will help to extend the useful lifespan of your facility’s assets.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Does your facility own a floor polishing machine or scrubber? Probably not. While you may have a vacuum and a mop on hand, chances are you do not have commercial-grade cleaning equipment. Commercial-grade vacuums, floor scrubbers, polishers, carpet cleaning machines, and other heavy-duty equipment are expensive to purchase and maintain.

A qualified commercial cleaning company will have this equipment on hand and will have trained staff that knows how to operate and maintain it.

Higher Quality Cleaning

Regardless of how well you train your in-house staff, it is unlikely they will be as good at cleaning as a professionally trained and experienced commercial cleaning company. Poorly trained cleaning staff may not provide the level of cleaning and sanitation that you and your customers expect. And a ‘less than clean’ facility can hurt your bottom line.

Not only does an unclean facility make a bad impression on your customers, but it can also impact employee morale, productivity, and absenteeism.

Hiring an established commercial cleaning company will ensure that your facility is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly, improving your reputation and protecting employee health.

Complete Care Maintenance Can Help

If you would like help evaluating the costs associated with in-house cleaning vs. outsourced commercial cleaning, Complete Care Maintenance can help! Call or contact us today for a free, onsite evaluation.