Getting An Accurate Quote For Office Cleaning Services

office cleaning

Getting An Accurate Quote For Office Cleaning Services

office cleaning

So, you have finally decided to outsource your office cleaning chores to a professional office cleaning service. The big question now is, how much will it cost? And the answer to that question may seem a little elusive. Not all commercial cleaning companies are the same and office cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all kind of service. You will want to talk with at least a few providers and request an onsite estimate for office cleaning services.

Most reputable providers will want to perform a walk-through of your office space to take measurements and evaluate your needs. They should ask about any specific wants and needs, problem areas, frequency of cleaning desired, security requirements, and scheduling. The goal of the walkthrough is to tailor a cleaning program specific to your office and provide an accurate quote.

You should be prepared to define what services you require, how often you want the services performed, and describe any special requirements or pain points. The walk-through is the perfect time for you to ask some key questions as well. Here are five tips for getting the most out of the walkthrough:

Ask for References

An established office cleaning company should be able to provide you with a variety of references from companies they have worked for and they should be happy to do so. When confirming these references be sure to ask how long they have had a relationship with the cleaning company and if there are any issues that they would like resolved.

Do They Have Liability Insurance

All office cleaning companies should be able to provide you with proof of insurance and a verifiable business license. You should also ask to see their general and workers’ compensation certificates. Any office cleaning company that can not provide these documents should not be hired.

Do They Maintain Experienced Staff

Be sure that your office cleaning company hires, trains, and maintains experienced staff.  You want to ensure that the crews they are sending to clean your offices are professional and understand how to perform their job. You do not want a company that uses cash-paid day workers to fill gaps in their employee roster. These workers are typically not on the company payroll and are not covered by the company’s insurance.

Do They Have Established Cleaning Procedures

Experienced commercial office cleaning companies put processes and procedures in place to ensure consistency and to promote a more efficient workforce. A company that fails to do this is likely inexperienced and less efficient. Many professional companies will produce customized checklists for their cleaning crews that are specific to each client’s needs. You should ask if this is the case.

Do They Have MSDS Lists

Material Data Safety Sheets are an important part of a commercial cleaning company’s safety protocols. Any business that handles chemicals, even if they’re not considered dangerous, should keep an MSDS for each substance. The MSDS informs workers about chemical reactivity with other chemicals, whether it is flammable, exposure risks, and other characteristics that are essential to handling chemicals safely and responsibly.