Can Corporate Janitorial Services be Your Secret Competitive Edge?

Can Corporate Janitorial Services be Your Secret Competitive Edge?

In this hyper-competitive, global economy, your businesses needs every edge it can get. Even the smallest details can make the difference between losing an account to a competitor and becoming an industry leader.

Corporate janitorial services

Even though every business is desperately looking for hidden advantages to rise above the competition, one area remains underappreciated in its ability to reduce costs and improve profits.

Corporate janitorial services.

Janitorial services may not be sexy, but they can give your organization a secret competitive edge that will allow you to realize significant cost reductions and increases in customer satisfaction.

A good janitorial service will benefit your business for years to come. A poor janitorial service can set your business on the path to ruin.

Link Between Quality Corporate Janitorial Services and Customer Satisfaction

No matter what industry you are in, it is critical that you make a good impression on your customers. No matter how much we all like to believe we only make rational decisions based on the facts, the truth is, all of us make decisions based also on our emotions.

You can’t afford to have anything on your premises distracting your potential clients from doing business with you. However, small things like a dirty floor, a restroom without towels, or fingerprints on the glass doors exert a subtle psychological influence on your customers.

These things become distractions. They keep your customer from focusing on what you have to offer. They are also micro-irritations. These types of small messes and inconveniences negatively influence your customer’s mood. Even worse, they associate these small negative feelings with your business.

A quality corporate janitorial service makes sure your building and facility are always in top shape. They provide a pleasant, clean environment free of those small irritations and distractions that could hurt your bottom line.

Using the right corporate janitorial service increases your customer’s level of satisfaction. This leads to more sales and higher profits.

Superior Facility Janitorial Services and Employee Morale and Engagement

Every successful business knows that its employees are its most valuable asset. You need a dedicated team to sell your products and services, to perform detailed work, and to take care of the countless administrative details that make your operation run smoothly and profitably.

You need your employees to be as productive as possible. Two of the biggest drivers of employee productivity are employee engagement and employee morale.

Facility janitorial services actually play a critical role in boosting employee engagement and morale.

Nobody likes working in a dirty facility. Seemingly small things like full trash cans, carpet stains, and unclean bathrooms take a big toll on employees over time. Studies have shown that cleaner facilities lead to reduced absenteeism and greater employee morale.

When you invest in quality facility janitorial services you are sending the message to your employees that you value them and their contributions. You also remove an irritant that many employees waste time complaining about.

Having a clean workspace will make your employees happier and more productive. This increased productivity makes you more profitable.

Janitorial Services and Your Risk Management Practices

While every business faces different risks, if you have a physical building you have to contend with:


  • Risks from customer slips and falls
  • Employee injuries
  • Spread of airborne illnesses


The cleaner and more organized your facilities are, the less risk there is of a customer or employee getting injured. Accidental injuries are most common in the entryways and restrooms of your building.

A proactive janitorial service will keep these areas clean and free from obstructions. They will also promptly notify your maintenance team of any issues with doors or flooring that could lead to injuries.

Your janitorial service not only works to keep your building clean, they also work to help identify and eliminate issues that could lead to injuries. If you have the right janitorial service, they function as your first line of defense when it comes to risk mitigation.

Cleaner buildings are also healthier buildings. When a building is not regularly cleaned with effective disinfectants, it allows bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms to multiply. Left unchecked, these colonies can cause widespread health issues throughout the building, leading to an increase in absenteeism.

Corporate janitorial services are about more than just the appearance of your building and business. They also help keep your customers and employees safer and healthier.

Janitorial Services Protect Your Building investments

You have a lot of money invested in your facilities. Using a janitorial service can help protect your investments. Everything from your flooring to your bathroom fixtures will last longer and need less maintenance work if they are kept clean.

When your janitorial service performs routine cleaning tasks, they are also lengthening the lifespan of your building fixtures. They are also in the best position to notice minor issues that can easily, and cheaply be repaired before they become a more expensive and extensive problem.

Key Corporate Janitorial Services

Corporate janitorial companies offer a wide range of different services. When it comes to making the best investment for your business, you want a corporate janitorial service that offers:

  • Office cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Common area cleaning
  • Lobby cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Break area cleaning
  • Cafeteria cleaning
  • Deep building cleaning


Your corporate janitorial service should be more than an afterthought. When you make the right choice, your janitorial service will become a key part of your team. They will help you make sure that your business not only makes a great first impression, but they will also help you make sure everything in your business is running smoothly.

When your janitorial service does an excellent job, you will barely notice they are there. But, everyone will be affected when your building and facilities are not getting cleaned the way they should be.

The next time you are looking for another way to get a competitive edge in your industry, invest in a high-quality janitorial service.