30 May 2022
medical facility cleaning


medical facility cleaning

As a medical practitioner, you understand the importance of cleaning and disinfection. As a business owner, you understand the importance of patient perception and first impressions. You know that when it comes to the success of your health care practice a clean waiting room is essential. 

Most respectable medical clinics make every effort to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for their staff and patients and they have cleaning protocols in place to achieve this goal. Still, according to Halifax health-care consultant Mary Jane Hampton, “The doctor’s waiting room is a sea of pestilence”.

Despite their good intentions and honest effort, the fact remains that patient waiting rooms are a hotbed for bacteria. Everything from doorknobs and coffee machines to furniture and magazines has the potential to spread germs. And in an environment that is frequented by individuals who are often sick, the viral load in a doctor’s waiting room can be immense.

So, how do you as a medical practitioner help ensure a clean and sanitary waiting room for your patients? Here are some helpful tips:

Enforce a Continuous Cleaning Regimen

Whether you employ the services of a day porter or assign a staff member, enforcing a continuous cleaning regimen can greatly reduce the spread of germs in your practice. A day porter or cleaning personnel should be on hand to regularly sanitize high-touch surfaces throughout the waiting room including doorknobs, furniture, restrooms, and reception areas.

Encourage Good Hygiene

Providing touchless hand sanitizer dispensers and masks allows patients the opportunity to manage their own hygiene and reduces the spread of germs. Posting signage reminding people to social distance and cough into the crook of their arm helps to encourage good hygiene as well.

Give Your Patients Room To Social Distance

A waiting room with rows of chairs placed side by side forces patients to congregate. If space allows, you should provide seating options that encourage social distancing. You may even consider limiting occupancy to a few patients at a time or offering a call-back system to contact patients when they are ready to be seen.

Limit Shared Items

Children’s toys, magazines, books, and other shared items are a great way to spread germs and should be removed from the waiting area. Consider placing a couple of televisions in the waiting room to keep patients occupied or offering semi-secluded work areas with wi-fi and charging stations. 

Daily Deep Cleaning

Employing the services of a medical facility cleaning service is one of the best ways to ensure a clean and sanitary medical practice. Daily deep cleanings by a team of professionals will ensure that your practice starts each day fully cleaned and sanitized. In addition, a professional cleaning service can also ensure that supplies like hand sanitizers, bath tissues, and paper towels are fully stocked each day.

20 May 2022
Dust Mites


Dust Mites

You can not see dust mites. They are microscopic, insect-like pests that are responsible for some of the most common indoor allergens. Dust mites are not parasites; they do not sting, bite, or feed on our bodies. Instead, dust mites lurk unnoticed in bedding, upholstery, carpets, and ductwork silently triggering allergic reactions and reducing the quality of the air we breathe.

Up to 2000 dust mites can live in one ounce of carpet and the average office can harbor hundreds of thousands or even millions of these microscopic pests. Because dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and generally non-intrusive, it is very difficult to determine if you have a dust mite problem. The only real sign of dust mites is the allergic reactions that they cause.

This is why it is important to try and prevent dust mites and to assume that they are there. 


Preventing dust mites is no easy task but there are steps that you can take to make your home or office less appealing to them. Dust mites thrive in carpets, upholstery, bedding, and other fabrics so reducing the number of soft fabrics in your home or office is a good place to start. Removing or limiting the amount of carpet and rugs in your office, selecting leather or fake leather furniture as opposed to cloth, and replacing curtains with hard-surface blinds will make your office less appealing to dust mites.

In addition, ensuring that your air ducts are cleaned regularly and using high-quality air filters in your ventilation system can go a long way toward eliminating dust mites. Be sure to change your air filters regularly. Dust mites thrive in humid environments so keeping the humidity levels in your office below fifty percent will help as well.


If your office does have carpeting and/or fabric upholstery, there are still steps that you can take to eliminate dust mites. The most effective weapon against dust mites is regular cleaning and dusting. Carpets are one of the most likely places where dust mites will thrive. Daily vacuuming of carpets will help reduce the number of dust mites. Be sure to pay particular attention to the edges and corners of your carpet as these are the areas most likely to accumulate dust. It is also a great idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice per year.

Upholstered furniture is also a place where dust mites will hide. Vacuuming your upholstered furniture every day will help to control the dust mite population. As with carpets, having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice per year can have a huge impact.

Curtains and draperies harbor dust mites as well. The best course of action is to replace these fabrics with hard-surface blinds. However, if that is not an option, be sure to launder your curtains on a regular basis.

Cubicle walls in some offices are covered with a carpet-like fabric. If that is the case in your office building be sure that these are vacuumed every day.

Finally, you can utilize a dust mite spray on carpets, upholsteries, and other fabrics throughout your office space. To reduce or eliminate the potential for dust mite infestation.


If you need help in the prevention or removal of dust mites in your office, Complete Care Maintenance can help. Call or contact us today to learn how we can manage your dust mite problems and help your staff to breathe easier.

10 May 2022
commercial cleaning company


commercial cleaning company

Commercial cleaning services provide many benefits to their clients that go far beyond cleaning. While the number one goal of a commercial cleaning company is to ensure a clean and sanitary environment, they also provide additional services that are often overlooked. Here are five key services that your commercial cleaning company provides that you may not be aware of:

1) Restocking

Many commercial cleaning companies provide restocking services that will help ensure that your restroom, kitchen, and break room supplies are always stocked. They make certain that there is plenty of toilet paper, sanitary napkins, paper towels, soap, and other essentials in the areas where they are needed. A quality commercial cleaning service means that you’ll never have to deal with an empty soap dispenser or a lack of essential paper products.

2) Porter And Matron Services

Porter and matron services are something that few companies consider when evaluating commercial cleaning companies. But if you manage a large office building or complex, porter and matron services may be something that you would find very beneficial. 

Unlike janitorial services which are typically performed after hours, day porters work to maintain your facility throughout the workday. They provide essential cleaning and maintenance services during working hours and can become an integral member of your staff.

3) Preservation Of Assets

Believe it or not, the cleaning services provided by your commercial cleaning company help to preserve your assets. Floors, carpets, restroom fixtures, and even office equipment benefit from regular cleaning. Regular cleaning helps reduce dust which can impact the useful lifespan of electronic equipment and proper cleaning and maintenance of hard floors and carpets can make them last much longer than anticipated.

4) Health And Safety

A cleaner facility is a safer and healthier facility. Regular cleaning and disinfecting mitigates the spread of germs and improves indoor air quality. This means that you, your staff, and your customers are less likely to get sick or suffer from allergies. For the business owner, this translates to fewer sick days, more productive staff, and improved customer perceptions. In addition, regular cleaning can make your facility safer by eliminating clutter and reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents.

5) Building Maintenance

While your commercial cleaning company may not fix your leaking faucets or repair the potholes in your parking lot, they often are the first to notice these things. Because they are trained to find and eliminate dust and dirt, cleaning crews are getting into areas of your facility that you and your staff may overlook. They will be the first to notice pest control issues, water leaks, and other potential problems. A well-trained commercial cleaning crew will make note of any maintenance issues and bring them to your attention. This can help prevent further damage and mitigate maintenance costs.

If you are interested in learning more about the commercial cleaning services provided by Complete Care Maintenance, we would love to speak with you. Feel free to contact us to take advantage of our free consultations and facility walk-throughs. We can advise you on the cleaning and maintenance services that would benefit you the most and create a personalized solution for your facility.

02 May 2022
day porter services


day porter services

Unlike janitorial services that are typically performed after hours, day porters work to maintain your building throughout the workday. They provide essential cleaning and maintenance services during operating hours and can become an integral part of your staff.

In addition, day porters can often provide other services that may potentially interrupt your workflow. Signing for and receiving packages, facilitating third-party contract workers, or replacing a burned-out lightbulb are just a few of the tasks a day porter can help with. 

While you may not think that you need the services of a day porter, if you have ever had the pleasure of working with one, you know the advantages their services provide. If you have never worked with a day porter but are considering hiring one, here are some advantages to keep in mind:

Day Porters Provide A Visible Cleaning Presence

Maintaining a clean work environment has never been more important. With the onset of the Covid pandemic attitudes toward cleanliness have changed dramatically. Customers and staff are much more concerned about the cleanliness of your business than ever before.

Having a day porter on duty helps to reassure both customers and staff that you take their health and safety seriously. While thorough after-hours cleaning by qualified janitorial staff is essential, these cleaning protocols may go unnoticed. Day porters are present during business hours when your customers and staff can see the cleaning being performed.

In addition, the fact that the day porter is on duty during work hours means that they can address unexpected cleaning requirements like spills and bathroom accidents.

Ongoing Maintenance

With a day porter on duty, you can rest assured that essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, and hand sanitizers are always full. They can also manage other maintenance tasks like changing light bulbs, sweeping entryways or clearing snow, and even event set-up and post-event cleaning.

Day porters can also act as liaisons for third-party contractors by directing them to the appropriate work areas, ensuring they understand the project scope, and supervising their work.

Customized Services

Because day porters work with you and your staff on a daily basis, they become acquainted with your building’s workflow. Professional day porters use this knowledge to customize their services to better meet your unique needs. 

You may suddenly find that the office break room is always stocked with your favorite blend, or that a fresh pot is brewing when you arrive in the morning. You may notice that the copier machine never runs out of paper, or that the reception desk is always well-organized.

These are the types of personal services that a day porter can bring. Over time you will begin to wonder how you ever lived without one.

A Safer Work Environment

The occasional spill or breaking of glass in a common area in your facility can be a hazard for your staff and customers. With a day porter on duty, these hazards can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

The same is true for slippery sidewalks or tracked in rain and snow. Day porters will ensure that these areas are kept clean and safe for everyone who enters your facility.

Professional day porters are also very aware of their environment. They know when something is out of place and will work to ensure that there are no trip hazards or obstructions.

Of course, day porters also provide ongoing cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces to mitigate the spread of germs.

Day Porters Are Team Players

Day porters work with you and your staff on a regular basis. They will quickly become part of your team. They are trained to integrate themselves with an organization’s culture and are always willing to assist when asked.

Need some copies made for an upcoming meeting? No problem. Need help rearranging the furniture in the conference room? Got you covered. Need someone e to vet contractors to repair a leaky roof? You get the point.

A day porter can quickly become an indispensable asset to your and your staff, making your life easier and providing a clean and safe work environment.

Want to enjoy the advantages of day porter services? Complete Care Maintenance can help. Call or contact us today for a free consultation.

20 Apr 2022
post-construction cleaning

Essential Considerations for Post Construction Cleaning

post-construction cleaning

Whether you are completing a new office building or an ambitious remodeling project, cleaning up a construction site can be an arduous task. Construction is a messy business and post-construction cleaning requires a thoughtful and thorough approach.

There are often large amounts of dust, heavy and bulky debris, paint drippings, tape residue, nails, and screws – the list goes on and on. The idea of cleaning up a construction site can be so overwhelming you might not even know where to start.

Knowing the essentials of the post-construction cleaning will go a long way toward getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Here are a few essential considerations when approaching a post-construction cleaning project:

Safety First

Construction sites present many hazards. Broken glass, stray nails, and other post-construction debris can cause some pretty serious injuries. Not to mention dust and chemical fumes which can be hazardous to the respiratory system.

It is important to take safety into consideration when attempting to clean a construction site. Proper personal protective equipment like dust masks and eye protection are a must, as are hard-soled work boots and a sturdy pair of gloves.

Perhaps the best safety tool is situational awareness. Know your surroundings and be aware of any hazards that may exist. 

The Right Equipment

Your household vacuum cleaner is likely not up to the task of cleaning a construction site and those flimsy kitchen garbage bags won’t cut it either. Post-construction cleaning will require professional-grade supplies and equipment. Industrial vacuums, contractor-grade garbage bags, dumpsters, utility carts, ladders, and professional-grade cleaning supplies will help ensure an efficient cleaning process.

Top-Down Dusting

If there is one thing that every construction project produces it is dust – and lots of it. Dust has an incredible ability to float through the air and settle in some pretty hard-to-reach places. In order to remove dust effectively, you need to start at the top and work your way down. Having a ladder or scaffolding and a backpack vacuum to reach high ceilings, door and window frames, and rafters makes the project much easier.

Once you have removed the dust from the top area of the site, you can work your way down to the lower walls, window sills, baseboards, and floors. An industrial vacuum is essential for the floors where you may encounter larger debris like nails and screws or pieces of drywall or plaster.

Once the dust is removed from the interior spaces it is important to check for dust and debris in the air vents. Cleaning these out will help prevent dust from accumulating in your newly cleaned space. 

Thorough dust removal is a time-consuming but essential aspect of post-construction cleaning.

Professional Expertise

Likely the most important consideration when it comes to post-construction cleaning is hiring a professional construction cleaning service. Professional post-construction cleaners know how to get the job done. They have all the safety equipment and protocols in place, possess the specialized skills and equipment required for the job, and are bonded and insured. If you want the job done right, hiring a professional is the way to go.

Complete Care Maintenance has performed post-construction cleaning for construction projects large and small. We can help you with your post-construction cleaning as well. Call or contact us today!

10 Apr 2022
office cleaning

Office Cleaning – 4 Overlooked Areas That Professionals Never Miss

office cleaning


Office Cleaning Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Office cleaning seems like an easy task and many office managers don’t see a need for professional office cleaning. After all, in-house staff can manage a simple thing like cleaning. Right?

It is true that in-house staff can manage your office cleaning, but are they getting your office really clean? Are they getting into all the little nooks and crannies to ensure a thorough clean? Probably not.

With years of office cleaning experience under their belts, Complete Care Maintenance has learned that most in-house cleaning staff tend to make the same mistakes when cleaning and there are four areas that are often overlooked.

Thorough Vacuuming 

While your in-house staff may be running the vacuum every day, they are likely missing a significant portion of your carpeting. There is a good chance that they are not moving office equipment and tangled cords to reach the edges of the carpet. Getting under and behind desks is difficult and time-consuming, but it is important.

Dust and dirt are attracted to electronics and cords have a tendency to capture dust bunnies and debris. Failure to remove this accumulated dust can lead to poor indoor air quality and lost productivity. Over time it can even cause office equipment to fail prematurely.

Professional cleaning staff recognizes that dust accumulates in these areas and they take the time to move machinery and cords. They use high-quality vacuums to remove dust and dirt from every inch of your carpet.

Window Blinds

It seems that everyone forgets about the window blinds. Window blinds are another area where dust can accumulate and they are often overlooked by in-house cleaning staff. Like the dust accumulating behind your desks and office machines, dust from the window blinds can lead to poor air quality and lost productivity. In addition, dust window blinds are much more noticeable to clients and other visitors to your office.

Professional office cleaners will take the time to dust and wipe down the window blinds helping your office staff breathe easier and helping you make a good impression on your visitors. 

Cleaning Office Furniture

Office furniture is another area that is commonly overlooked. Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed regularly and hard-surface furniture needs to be wiped down with appropriate cleaning solutions. Cushions should be removed when possible to remove any dust or debris that has accumulated behind and beneath them.

A competent and thorough office cleaning company will ensure that your office furniture is thoroughly cleaned on every visit.

Cleaning Office Equipment

Office equipment like printers, computer keyboards, and computer monitors are another area that is often overlooked. These items are high-tech surfaces that are often shared by multiple staff members throughout the day. It is important that these items get cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis to prevent the spread of germs.

Cleaning sensitive office equipment requires the right cleaning solutions and supplies so as not to damage the equipment. Professional office cleaning staff will come equipped with the appropriate cleaning supplies and the knowledge to clean your office equipment safely and thoroughly.

If you want to see and feel the difference that professional office cleaning can make for your office, Complete Care Maintenance can help. We have decades of experience cleaning offices of all shapes and sizes. Our professional staff are thoroughly trained in office cleaning protocols and will leave your office space spotless. The difference will amaze you!

30 Mar 2022
spring cleaning


spring cleaning

Spring is here! It is a time for renewal, fresh air, and cleaning! 

Most of us look forward to the longer days of Spring and the warmer weather, but very few of us look forward to Spring cleaning. The whole idea of it can seem overwhelming and for commercial businesses, it can be downright intimidating. Where do you even start? Do I have to clean everything? What should I focus on? And where will I find the time?

Spring cleaning your commercial space doesn’t have to be a monumental task. You just need to prioritize, organize, and find a place to start. Here are a few tips to help you get over the hump and get your commercial space ready for Spring.

1) Look Around

Sounds like a step towards procrastination as opposed to getting started, but looking closely at your commercial space can help you prioritize your Spring cleaning needs. Consider a walkthrough with a commercial cleaning company representative. They are skilled at noticing areas of concern and can help you identify problems.

2) Inspect The Outside

Start on the outside paying particular attention to the parking lot, sidewalks, and entryway. These are the areas that your customers see first and you want to ensure that your business is making a good first impression.

You may find that your parking lot could use a good sweeping or that the sidewalks need to be pressure washed. Look for smudges and grime on the windows and doors and cobwebs in the entryway. Making your entryway clean and inviting is a great first step in your Spring cleaning program.

3) Don’t Overlook The Floors

Winter is hard on floors. Road salt, water, dirt, and grime can build up over the winter months and cause your floors to look dull and dingy. In addition, the buildup of dirt and grime can increase wear and tear on floors and carpets which reduces their useful life. Having your carpets and floors professionally cleaned can have a huge impact on your business and Spring is a great time to address this important cleaning task.

4) Clear Out The Dust Bunnies

During the winter months, we naturally use our heating systems on a regular basis. Dust from your ductwork and vents ends up inside your commercial space. Also during the colder months, the air tends to be dry which contributes to dry skin. Believe it or not, dead skin cells are a major contributor to indoor dust. Of course, dust also forms when dirt and debris are brought in from outside and then dries in the artificially heated air.

A thorough dusting of your commercial space should definitely be included in your Spring cleaning program. It will not only make your property look and feel cleaner but can also improve indoor air quality which is good for everyone.

5) Declutter

Spring is the perfect time to declutter desks, closets, warehouse space, and storage areas. Go through these areas and get rid of anything that is not needed or is beyond its expiration date. If it was there the last time you decluttered, you probably do not need it. 

Decluttering often turns up useful items that you had forgotten were there. Decluttering also can provide additional storage space and better organization.

Finally, the easiest way to manage your Spring cleaning is to hire a commercial cleaning company. They can provide a deep cleaning that will check all of your Spring cleaning boxes and you don’t need to lift a finger. If you would like some help with your Spring cleaning this year, call on Complete Care Maintenance for a free consultation.

20 Mar 2022
medical facility cleaning


medical facility cleaning

Medical facility cleaning is not something that can be delegated to an office cleaning staff. Medical facility environments require a much more focused and procedural approach to cleaning and disinfecting. Commercial cleaning companies that offer medical facility cleaning services are held to much higher standards than your typical commercial cleaning company and they should have definitive policies and procedures in place to ensure that the needs of the facility are met.

When hiring a medical facility cleaning contractor it is important to ensure that they have experience with medical environments, that they understand the unique requirements of these environments, and that they have the staff, equipment, and expertise to meet the unique needs of the facility.

Here are five key areas to consider when developing a medical facility cleaning program:

1) Organization and Administration

A qualified medical facility cleaning contractor should be able to provide you with an organizational chart that clearly defines the chain of command with regard to your cleaning staff. This should include a primary and secondary contact person, clearly defined onsite supervisors, and job descriptions for all staff involved in the cleaning of the facility.

In addition, a communications policy should be clearly defined which outlines contact persons, preferred methods of communication, emergency communications protocols, and frequency of meetings such as facility walkthroughs, feedback meetings, and service reviews.

2) Staffing and Training

The size of your facility, the amount of traffic it receives, and its unique cleaning requirements are all important factors in determining the appropriate number of staff. Your provider should be able to review the unique requirements of your facility and ensure that staffing levels are adequate.

Even more important than staffing levels is the training that the staff receives. A qualified medical facility cleaning contractor should have mandatory, ongoing training programs in place for all cleaning staff. Training for medical facility cleaning staff should be based on national or facility level cleaning guidelines and should include:

  • Training in infection control and cross-contamination mitigation
  • Understanding of CDC and CMS recommendations
  • Procedures for the management of biological, chemical, and radioactive waste
  • Proper handling, use, and storage of chemicals
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • OSHA training
  • HIPPA regulations
  • Orientation to the facility layout and key areas of concern
  • Policy and procedure reviews

3) Equipment and Supplies

One of the advantages of hiring a medical facility cleaning contractor is that they will typically provide all necessary cleaning equipment and supplies. Whether these items are stored at your facility or brought to and from the facility by the service provider should be stipulated in the cleaning contract. 

Regardless, it is important that your cleaning services provider have all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies required to effectively clean and maintain your facility.

4) Policies and Procedures

Medical facilities typically have cleaning and disinfecting policies in place. These should be discussed with your cleaning services provider to ensure that those policies are followed. In addition, policies regarding facility-specific safety protocols, security, and patient interactions should be communicated to the cleaning contractor. These policies can then be communicated to the cleaning staff through their regularly scheduled training program.

In addition to facility-level policies and procedures, it is important for medical facility staff to understand the policies and procedures of the cleaning contractor. Your provider should be able to provide written policies and procedures that their cleaning staff is required to adhere to.

5) Monitoring and Feedback

Monitoring of cleaning staff should be performed both by the cleaning contractor and the facility level staff to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed and that the terms of the contract are being met.

All facility staff should be encouraged to provide feedback with regard to the effectiveness of the cleaning contractor and their staff. A formal process should be in place that allows staff to easily communicate feedback whether positive or negative.

In addition, there should be regularly scheduled meetings between facility management and the cleaning contractor’s supervisory team to review feedback and act upon it.