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20 Feb 2024
Matron services near me

Exceptional Porter and Matron Services Near You

Matron services near me

The importance of a clean, organized, and well-maintained space cannot be overstated. Complete Care Maintenance stands out as a beacon of excellence. We offer unparalleled Porter and Matron services that go beyond the ordinary. If you’re searching for top-notch services to enhance your facility, look no further — our commitment is to bring exceptional care right to your doorstep.

Understanding Porter and Matron Services:

Porter and Matron services play a vital role in creating a seamless and welcoming environment in various facilities. Whether you’re managing an office building, a retail space, or a medical facility, the services offered by Complete Care Maintenance are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Personalized Service Near You:

The importance of having reliable services nearby cannot be emphasized enough. Searching for “porter and matron services near me” brings you to a team that understands the local context, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns with the unique requirements of your facility. Proximity matters, and we pride ourselves on being accessible to cater to your needs promptly.

Professional Facility Management:

Our Porter and Matron services extend beyond traditional janitorial tasks. We focus on comprehensive facility management, covering a spectrum of responsibilities to ensure your space is not only clean but also efficiently managed. From handling deliveries to ensuring common areas are pristine, our professionals are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Facilities:

Complete Care Maintenance recognizes that every facility is unique. Whether you manage a corporate office, a shopping center, or a healthcare facility, our services are adaptable to suit your distinct requirements. Our experienced team collaborates with you to create a customized plan that addresses the specific needs of your facility.

Elevating Safety and Hygiene:

In today’s world, emphasis on safety and hygiene is paramount. Our Porter and Matron services include regular sanitation routines, ensuring that high-touch areas are thoroughly disinfected. By prioritizing cleanliness and safety, we contribute to creating a space that not only looks welcoming but also fosters a healthy environment for everyone.

Community-Centric Approach:

Beyond providing services, we believe in building a sense of community within the facilities we serve. Our team becomes an integral part of your environment, fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere. This community-centric approach sets Complete Care Maintenance apart, creating lasting partnerships that extend beyond the realm of conventional services.

Sustainable Practices:

Environmental responsibility is at the core of our operations. Complete Care Maintenance is committed to incorporating sustainable practices into our services, utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products, and promoting energy-efficient solutions. By choosing our Porter and Matron services, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Elevate Your Facility Today!

In conclusion, if you’re seeking “porter and matron services near me,” Complete Care Maintenance is your trusted partner in elevating your facility management experience. Our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and community-centric values make us the ideal choice for those who understand the importance of a well-maintained and efficiently managed space. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a cleaner, safer, and more welcoming facility with Complete Care Maintenance. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to redefine the standards of Porter and Matron services in your community.


20 Apr 2023
day porter services


day porter services

Day porter services are an essential component of maintaining clean and functional commercial properties. Day porters are responsible for a wide range of tasks that keep properties running smoothly, including cleaning, maintenance, and customer service. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of day porter services for property managers and commercial property owners.


One of the most significant advantages of day porter services is the convenience they offer. Day porters work during regular business hours, ensuring that the property is clean and well-maintained throughout the day. This is particularly important for high-traffic properties, such as shopping centers and office buildings, where cleanliness and functionality are critical to creating a positive experience for tenants and visitors.

Tailored Services

Day porters can also provide a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of the property. For example, they can perform regular cleaning tasks such as trash removal, floor cleaning, and restroom maintenance. They can also handle maintenance tasks such as light bulb replacement, minor repairs, and landscaping. Additionally, day porters can provide customer service, such as greeting visitors, directing traffic, and providing information.

Prompt Response

Another advantage of day porter services is their ability to respond quickly to unexpected events. Whether it’s a spill in a common area, a broken fixture, or a malfunctioning HVAC system, day porters can address the issue promptly, minimizing downtime and inconvenience for tenants and visitors. This is particularly important for properties that operate 24/7 or have a high level of activity, as even minor disruptions can have a significant impact on the property’s operations.


Day porter services can also improve the overall appearance of the property. A well-maintained property not only looks better but can also create a positive image for the property and its management. This can lead to increased tenant satisfaction, higher occupancy rates, and increased rental income. Additionally, a clean and well-maintained property can improve safety and reduce liability, as hazards and potential dangers are addressed promptly.

Saving Time and Money

Day porter services can also help property managers and commercial property owners save time and money. By outsourcing cleaning and maintenance tasks to day porters, property managers can focus on other important aspects of their job, such as tenant relations and financial management. Additionally, day porters can provide regular updates on the condition of the property, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. This can help property owners and managers feel more confident in their ability to maintain a safe, clean, and well-maintained property.

Improved Safety

Day porter services can also help improve safety and security on the property. Day porters can perform tasks such as monitoring entrances and exits, checking for potential hazards, and reporting any suspicious activity to property management or security personnel. By maintaining a safe and secure environment, day porters can help prevent accidents and deter criminal activity, which can improve the overall well-being of tenants and visitors.


In conclusion, day porter services offer a variety of advantages for commercial property owners and managers. From maintaining a professional and welcoming environment to improving safety and security, day porters play a crucial role in ensuring that properties are clean, safe, and well-maintained throughout the day. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the appearance and functionality of your commercial property, consider the advantages of day porter services from Complete Care Maintenance.

02 May 2022
day porter services


day porter services

Unlike janitorial services that are typically performed after hours, day porters work to maintain your building throughout the workday. They provide essential cleaning and maintenance services during operating hours and can become an integral part of your staff.

In addition, day porters can often provide other services that may potentially interrupt your workflow. Signing for and receiving packages, facilitating third-party contract workers, or replacing a burned-out lightbulb are just a few of the tasks a day porter can help with. 

While you may not think that you need the services of a day porter, if you have ever had the pleasure of working with one, you know the advantages their services provide. If you have never worked with a day porter but are considering hiring one, here are some advantages to keep in mind:

Day Porters Provide A Visible Cleaning Presence

Maintaining a clean work environment has never been more important. With the onset of the Covid pandemic attitudes toward cleanliness have changed dramatically. Customers and staff are much more concerned about the cleanliness of your business than ever before.

Having a day porter on duty helps to reassure both customers and staff that you take their health and safety seriously. While thorough after-hours cleaning by qualified janitorial staff is essential, these cleaning protocols may go unnoticed. Day porters are present during business hours when your customers and staff can see the cleaning being performed.

In addition, the fact that the day porter is on duty during work hours means that they can address unexpected cleaning requirements like spills and bathroom accidents.

Ongoing Maintenance

With a day porter on duty, you can rest assured that essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, and hand sanitizers are always full. They can also manage other maintenance tasks like changing light bulbs, sweeping entryways or clearing snow, and even event set-up and post-event cleaning.

Day porters can also act as liaisons for third-party contractors by directing them to the appropriate work areas, ensuring they understand the project scope, and supervising their work.

Customized Services

Because day porters work with you and your staff on a daily basis, they become acquainted with your building’s workflow. Professional day porters use this knowledge to customize their services to better meet your unique needs. 

You may suddenly find that the office break room is always stocked with your favorite blend, or that a fresh pot is brewing when you arrive in the morning. You may notice that the copier machine never runs out of paper, or that the reception desk is always well-organized.

These are the types of personal services that a day porter can bring. Over time you will begin to wonder how you ever lived without one.

A Safer Work Environment

The occasional spill or breaking of glass in a common area in your facility can be a hazard for your staff and customers. With a day porter on duty, these hazards can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

The same is true for slippery sidewalks or tracked in rain and snow. Day porters will ensure that these areas are kept clean and safe for everyone who enters your facility.

Professional day porters are also very aware of their environment. They know when something is out of place and will work to ensure that there are no trip hazards or obstructions.

Of course, day porters also provide ongoing cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces to mitigate the spread of germs.

Day Porters Are Team Players

Day porters work with you and your staff on a regular basis. They will quickly become part of your team. They are trained to integrate themselves with an organization’s culture and are always willing to assist when asked.

Need some copies made for an upcoming meeting? No problem. Need help rearranging the furniture in the conference room? Got you covered. Need someone e to vet contractors to repair a leaky roof? You get the point.

A day porter can quickly become an indispensable asset to your and your staff, making your life easier and providing a clean and safe work environment.

Want to enjoy the advantages of day porter services? Complete Care Maintenance can help. Call or contact us today for a free consultation.

20 Jan 2021
day porter services

How Day Porter Services Can Improve Your Business

day porter services

Do you find that as the workday unfolds your facility begins showing the wear and tear of everyday activities? Does your entryway get dirtier every time someone comes through the door? Do your restroom supplies run low by noon? Is your breakroom a mess at the end of the day? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you should consider day porter services.

Many businesses rely on a commercial cleaning service to manage their facility cleaning after hours. This ensures your facility is clean and fresh when you walk in the door every morning, but is that enough? Day porter services are designed to ensure that your facility remains clean throughout the day. Here are five ways that day porter services can improve your business:

1) Ongoing Cleaning And Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas is not a one-and-done proposition. Disinfection should be performed regularly throughout the day to minimize the spread of germs and viruses. Hiring a day porter service will ensure that these surfaces are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day making your facility safer for you, your staff, and your customers.

It’s not just high-touch areas that require ongoing cleaning. Restrooms, breakrooms, and entryways are all areas that tend to get dirty as the day progresses. Having a day porter at the ready helps to ensure that these problem areas are addressed throughout the day.

2) Restocking Of Restroom Supplies

Keeping your restrooms clean is just one part of a day porter’s restroom maintenance protocol. They also take responsibility for ensuring that your restroom supplies like hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels are always restocked.

Restocking services can go beyond the restroom as well. For instance, it may include restocking breakroom and kitchen supplies, filling hand sanitizer dispensers, and even changing lightbulbs and HVAC filters.

3) Maintaining A Safe Environment

Day porters also help enhance workplace safety for both staff and guests. In addition to the ongoing cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, they will ensure that entryways and parking lots are free of clutter and slip hazards. Furthermore, they are ready to address spills and wet floors and will even place hazard signs for damaged walkways and wet areas.

4) Liaison Services

Day porters can also provide liaison services for third-party vendors that you hire to perform more specialized tasks. Having your carpets and/or furnishings professionally cleaned? Having your building’s exterior power washed or a landscaping crew working outside? All of these tasks become much easier with a day porter on hand. Your day porter can coordinate with them, supervise their work, and ensure that they do a thorough job, leaving you to attend to the business of the day.

5) Improved Facility Appearance

Likely the greatest advantage of having a day porter on staff is the overall appearance of your facility. Your entryway and reception areas always look clean, your restrooms and breakrooms are always well maintained and supplies never run out. Maintaining a clean, safe, and functional workplace enhances customer perceptions, improves employee satisfaction, and boosts morale and productivity.

Is Hiring A Day Porter The Right Decision For Your Business?

While day porter services may not be right for every business, they can improve day-to-day business operations when you hire the right service provider. Complete Care Maintenance can help to evaluate your business needs and provide you with a customized day porter service plan that will address all areas of concern.


23 Jan 2017
day porter services

Advantages of Porter and Matron Services for Your Business

day porter services

Up to this point, your employees may have taken turns tackling the trash and restroom duties. Alternatively, you might have relied on a cleaning service that swoops in after hours to manage these tasks. However, with your business expanding, it’s time to consider a more comprehensive solution: full-time, on-site janitorial staff, often referred to as porter/matron services. The term “porter” typically applies to male staff, while “matron” is commonly associated with female staff.

Let’s explore the advantages to help you make an informed decision.

Customer Impression and Safety

Cleanliness invariably forms the first impression when clients, vendors, or visitors step into your office, building, or warehouse facility. Overflowing trash cans, smudged glass doors, scattered debris, and unsightly fingerprints on furniture all influence the quality of the visitor’s surroundings. Foot traffic, particularly in adverse weather, introduces rain and snow, leaving behind not just an unsightly mess but also potential safety hazards due to slippery floors. Imagine the occasional cleaning emergencies, like spilled drinks or restroom accidents. Employees can’t always drop their work to manage these tasks.

Moreover, they’ll understandably feel resentment if they’re repeatedly asked to perform these menial and non-core tasks that fall outside their job descriptions. Why risk losing a dedicated staff member who excels at their primary tasks because they’re unwilling to empty the garbage cans? Nighttime cleaning companies can’t address these issues during the day. This is where a day porter or matron steps in, ensuring these everyday challenges are handled within your regular working hours.

Cost & Convenience

Hiring your porter, matron, or janitorial staff can indeed become costly. If you find yourself at a stage where a porter/matron service combined with nighttime janitorial services is necessary, but you’re hesitant about the administrative burden and expenses associated with employing your cleaning team, Complete Care Maintenance offers a solution. We provide experienced personnel to allow you to focus on running your business. As a full-service commercial janitorial service provider, we deliver quality, professionalism, and consistency.

Our well-trained and bonded professionals, along with uniformed porter/matron staff, execute your customized cleaning plan daily. They not only maintain a high standard of cleanliness with a continuous presence but also respond promptly to cleaning emergencies. We use sustainable, environmentally friendly products and approved cleaning methods to prioritize the safety and well-being of your staff, visitors, and vendors, irrespective of the type of facility.

Our team arrives prepared, trained, and pre-screened. While you weigh the pros and cons of hiring porter, matron, or janitorial services, take the time to explore the websites of potential janitorial service providers, peruse customer reviews, and review references. We invite you to reach out to our professional representatives with your queries and even visit some of our current clients’ establishments to witness the quality of our work firsthand. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation survey and learn more about how we can elevate your facility’s cleanliness and overall impression.

20 Dec 2022



Is Cleanliness On Your List Of Priorities? 

As a business owner, you know that you need to prioritize in order to succeed. In particular, you need to prioritize your limited resources to generate maximum profits. For most businesses, money is the most limited resource and it must be spent in ways that maximize income.

Generally speaking, most companies prioritize their expenditures based on a perceived return on investment. Things like marketing, productivity enhancing tools and technology, recruitment, training, and retention of employees, and customer service initiatives are often where the bulk of the money is spent.

While these are all tried and true methods for generating business income, there is another list item that many companies overlook – and it is costing them in more ways than they realize. Interestingly, the missing item invariably contributes to the return on investment realized from nearly every other priority on the list.

What Is Missing From Your List Of Business Priorities?

In a word – cleanliness. 

Good old-fashioned cleanliness is the one item that most businesses do not place on their list of priorities and it is the one item that directly impacts nearly every other item on their list of priorities. Let’s take a look at how cleanliness impacts the other priorities on your list:

How Cleanliness Impacts Marketing

Even before the pandemic of recent years came into play, studies showed that cleanliness was an important consideration for consumers. A new awareness and higher standards of cleanliness emerged from the pandemic and businesses that failed to make cleanliness a priority began losing customers.

By making cleanliness a priority businesses can add another arrow to their marketing quiver. Smart businesses are using upgraded cleaning protocols to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Employing on-site day porters or asking employees to clean high-touch surfaces throughout the business day allows customers to see your business’s commitment to providing a clean and safe environment.

How Cleanliness Impacts Recruitment And Retention Of Staff

Like the customers that your business serves, the staff that your business employs are hyper-aware of cleanliness. They want to work in a safe and clean environment. In fact, studies show that 72% of employees are reluctant to recommend a business with poor office hygiene to job seekers and 70% of employees feel that poor office hygiene genuinely affects their overall job satisfaction. As many as 71% of employees expect their employer to provide extra cleaning to ensure hygiene.

How Cleanliness Enhances Productivity

Businesses spend a lot of money on tools and technology in an effort to enhance productivity. In general, this is money well spent as these tools and technologies often make employees more efficient. Research shows that adding cleanliness to this equation promotes even greater productivity.

In a clean and organized work environment employees are healthier, less stressed, and better able to focus on their work. According to data collected by the International Data Corporation, untidy workplaces lose an estimated $2.5 million dollars per year due to lost productivity.

It should also be noted that unclean conditions promote the spread of harmful bacteria, resulting in increased sick days for employees. One study found that employees missing work due to illness or injury cost employers $225 billion annually. 

Cleaning Is Customer Service

Believe it or not, customers equate cleanliness with your level of customer service. Providing a visibly clean and safe environment for your customers is a service that you must provide if you are serious about customer service. 99% of U.S. customers recently surveyed said they would not return to a business if it had poor hygiene and levels of cleanliness. Ninety-nine percent!

Providing a clean and safe environment with visible cleaning and sanitizing protocols shows customers that you take their heath and safety seriously. It shows that you are conscientious of your employees health and safety as well and ensures a good first impression for your business.

Make Cleaning A Priority In 2023

It is rather amazing how a simple thing like cleanliness can impact almost every aspect of your business. When you are making a list of priorities for the new year, or setting your annual budget, be sure to add cleaning and sanitation to the top of your list. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to take your cleaning to the next level. After all, it will impact every other line item on the list.

30 Nov 2022
business goals


business goals

If you own or manage a business you have undoubtedly seen the recent shifts in employee and consumer expectations. Consumers are much more conscious of cleanliness and sanitation protocols and employees

have become much more willing to seek greener pastures.

The ‘Great Resignation’ saw employees leaving workplaces at unprecedented rates in 2022 and employers struggling to staff their organizations. The COVID scare that began early in 2021 continues to this day and has shifted consumer expectations with regard to where and with whom they will do business.

While these economic shifts have caused some hardships for businesses and organizations, they also present opportunities. With the new year right around the corner now is the time to consider what policies and procedures you can implement to ensure success in 2023. Here are a few suggestions:


Take a serious look around your place of business. Is it optimizing your workflow or inhibiting your workflow? If the design of your workspace promotes chaos it is likely hurting your bottom line and aggravating your staff. 

Consider holding a staff meeting to brainstorm ideas on how to make your workplace more efficient. You may find that your employees are a great source of inspiration. They work within the environment every day and are sure to have suggestions that will make their jobs easier.

Consider all suggestions and implement new policies and procedures that help promote efficiency and reduce chaos. Your staff will appreciate the fact that you value their opinions and you will likely realize greater efficiency.


Over the last couple of years, consumers’ expectations for cleanliness have grown exponentially. The same is true of employees. Both groups expect to see visible cleaning and sanitizing efforts as well as personal hygiene practices.

Establish a cleaning and disinfecting protocol that addresses these expectations. Whether you decide to utilize in-house staff or hire a commercial cleaning provider, establishing and enforcing cleaning protocols in the workplace is a win-win-win situation. It provides a safe place for you and your staff, is proven to increase productivity, and assures your customers that you take their health and safety seriously.

Be sure to offer and encourage the use of personal hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizers, face masks, and tissues. Also, be sure that soap dispensers, paper towels, and hand dryers are regularly stocked and operational.


Implementing environmental policies in the workplace can be as easy as adding recycle bins and utilizing green cleaning products. If you have the resources you might consider reducing paper waste by bringing your entire workflow online. Either way, going green not only benefits the environment but can benefit your bottom line as well.

Environmental friendliness is something that is almost universally appreciated. Your customers will respect the fact that you are doing your part to protect the environment and your employees will take pride in doing their part.


You should promote your cleaning and disinfecting protocols so that your customers feel safe in your establishment. Let them know with signage, flyers, and visible cleaning and disinfecting practices. Consider hiring a day porter or janitorial staff to maintain your facility during business hours.

You should also continue to promote the sharing of ideas among staff members with regard to optimizing your organization’s workflow. Consider asking employees to evaluate the changes that were made to see if they need tweaking and to ask for additional suggestions on how you can help them work smarter.

Keep your recycling bins clean and visible so that they get used and be sure to offer recycling options to your clients. Use recycled receipt paper and other green initiatives that consumers will take notice of.


While the business landscape has changed in recent years, there are steps that you can take to turn these changes into opportunities. Making small changes like those suggested here can help you to retain and attract staff, impress clients, and improve productivity.

If you would like to learn more about cleaning and sanitation protocols and the options that are available to you, feel free to contact Complete Care Maintenance.

30 Oct 2022
holiday shopping


holiday shopping



The holiday season is fast approaching and retailers are gearing up for the inevitable rush of consumers. It is estimated that U.S. consumers will spend nearly 1.5 trillion dollars this holiday season. That accounts for 20% of total annual retail spending. It is no wonder that retailers are making every effort to claim a slice of the pie.

With more and more customers choosing to spend their dollars online, twenty-first-century brick-and-mortar retailers will need to plan ahead to take advantage of any and all in-store foot traffic. In order to make your retail operation stand out you will need to meet the needs and expectations of the ever-fickle U.S. consumer.

Providing exceptional customer service and offering holiday promotions are tried and true approaches to increased holiday sales. But in a post-pandemic world, cleanliness is still high on the list of consumer expectations. In fact, a whopping 93% of U.S. consumers state that they would not return to a dirty store.

So, how can you meet consumer expectations for store cleanliness? We are glad you asked! Here are a few tips for maintaining a clean and sanitary retail environment for your staff and customers this holiday season:


Ensuring that the entryway to your retail store is clean and inviting is the best way to draw consumers into your establishment. Make sure that sidewalks and parking lots are cleared of snow and debris and consider pressure washing your storefront prior to the holidays.

Display windows are often the consumer’s first impression of your storefront. They are a tried and true method of highlighting your wares and can often make a passerby a customer. Windows and doors on your storefront should be cleaned thoroughly every day and spot-cleaned regularly during business hours. Be sure that displays featured at the storefront are always stocked and clean.


If you operate in a northern or mountain state the holiday season is sure to bring rain, leaves, snow, and slush. These elements – along with deicing agents and salt – can wreak havoc on your floors and create potential hazards for your staff and customers.

Utilizing high-quality entry mats reduces the potential for slip-and-fall accidents and protects your floors from the dirt, grime, and salt being tracked in from the outdoors. According to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) six feet of matting at a facility’s entrance will remove 40% of tracked-in soil, 12 feet of matting will remove 80% of tracked-in soil, and 36 feet of matting will remove almost all of it.


It is important to ensure that entry mats are vacuumed at least once per day and that they are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Likewise, carpets and hard-surface floors should be regularly vacuumed throughout the day. 

Keep additional floor cleaning equipment like mops, dust brooms, and wet floor signage at the ready to address wet floors, spills, and any tracked-in debris. Also, consider keeping a commercial cleaning company on retainer to regularly buff your hard-surface flooring and deep clean your carpets to help minimize damage from tracked-in soils. 


In a post-pandemic world, after-hours cleaning is no longer enough. Customers want to see that you are committed to their health and safety. This means regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces, restrooms, and flooring. Consider hiring a day porter or matron service to manage these tasks for you or add additional staff.

Keep in mind that display fixtures and the items that they hold are being touched throughout the day. Be sure to include these in your high-touch cleaning and disinfecting protocol.

Even though most restrictions have been lifted with regard to public gatherings, people still expect to have access to hand sanitizer and face masks. Make certain that you are making these items readily available to your staff and customers.