Post Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning Services

Construction cleaning services are a much needed service to clean out any space after deploying various contractors and subs to have a building or structure built or fit out, to the required specifications of a landlord or tenant. The hard work that was put into the design and construction process will not be appreciated until the mess on the site is removed and the overall site is cleaned and detailed.

General garbage and discarded construction materials are usually the only items that are removed from a construction site during the construction process. In other words, it is during the construction cycle that all the dust, dirt and overall filth is built up as well.

Specialized construction cleaning services are required in order to have the best outcome after major and even minor alterations have been done.


New Building Construction Cleaning Services

When a new build is completed, it will mean that the final stage of finishing will be needed, and this is usually the cleaning process. Dust will literally be on every horizontal and vertical surface throughout the entire structure. The restrooms will generally look like a war zone (even though it is brand new) and the flooring, windows and kitchen areas will be filthy. Before a CO will be requested the cleaning company is usually called in to get everything spotless and turn key.

Tenant Fit Out Construction Cleaning Services

A fit out is equally challenging for a janitorial service. An example of this would be the cleanup after a painting contractor who did not tape off or leave a drop cloth over laminate or wood floors or who leaves debris on the flooring that needs to be well taken care of in order not to further damage the appearance. Some latex paint manufacturers require the use of the right mix of stain removal, and this is where some finesse comes to play. Not all cleaning agents can be used across the board when tidying up flooring surfaces, which is also crucial in order to not further damage the new installations. Whatever the outcome, a tenant fit out is just as challenging as a new build cleanup.

Residential Construction Cleaning | Renovation Cleanup

Believe it or not, residential construction cleaning can be more time consuming than an office building on a psf (per square foot) basis. The entire space will need to be absolutely perfect for the homeowner and general contractor inspection. Flooring surfaces will need to be dust mopped, damp mopped and/or vacuumed. The type of flooring will determine the type of service and equipment choice that is needed. Backpack vacuums come in handy with this type of cleaning. Garages and basements will need to be compound swept and machine scrubbed. Windows will need to be scraped, washed and detailed so they are streak free and crystal clear. This is really just a condensed version of the overall job functions that goes into all of the above examples.

When it time to get bids for a post construction cleaning project, please let us know and we will be happy to provide a free, no obligation estimate for your overall requirements and expectations. We can also provide warehouse floor cleaning services if your project require it.